Holiday Accommodation

Discover the mountains and lakes in Carinthia in the holiday. Carinthia as a holiday destination has a lot to offer. First and foremost, there are the Carinthian Lakes, providing a diverse range of recreation. After all, Carinthia boasts 1270 standing waters and in a very small space. In hardly another area you will a big variety of Lake and that a fantastic mountain panorama with appealing accommodation for the holiday. Ranging from the large, warm Lake to the small, ice-cold, but idyllic Lake, in Carinthia, the selection is huge. And everywhere you will find fantastic accommodation which complete the holiday and like to return again one.

The Great Lakes in Carinthia as the Worthersee, Faaker See, Ossiacher See, the Millstatter Lake load in the summer to swim and relax. In the spring and in the autumn the mountain scenery around the Lakes offers wonderful hiking trails. The Carinthian lakes offer countless opportunities to make the holiday for young and old and young and old. Who is advance want to inform what he can do in the Carinthia holiday takes excursions on this Carinthia portal. Whether you prefer a Hotel am Worthersee vibrant or if you prefer the atmosphere of a small lake like the Magdalenensee all Lakes there are accommodations in every price range. Plenty of variety in the holiday for everyone.

Carinthia is also known as a paradise for hikers and desires for the cyclists. From your accommodation in Carinthia can go also, not just for swimming and cycling tours are offered. Movement receives and strengthens the vitality for the everyday life. And many a movement person comes in the almost Mediterranean climate of Carinthia on the taste. And what can a year-round in Carinthia is excellent food! The hearty Carinthian fare offered year-round and tastes great. Apple Strudel with curd cheese pasta up to the hearty pork roast with dumplings and sauerkraut, we find the delights for the palate. The Carinthian Kitchen also has a very Mediterranean influence due to the proximity to Italy. Carinthia offers wonderful natural landscapes for the soul and the Carinthian home cooking for the physical well-being here can switch off and forget your everyday cares. Throughout the year numerous events take place in Carinthia, which are worth a visit. The bacon Festival in Hermagor, the Villacher Kirchtag, the St. Veiter meadow market, as well as large events held Harley or the GTI in Carinthia as the meetings which attract many guests from near and far. When you are thinking of visiting Carinthia Carinthia is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Chairman Manfred Nagaraj

All AG builds 78 units of food in the University District of Essen, 04 April 2011. The ground-breaking ceremony in the inner-city University District food was in the presence of the Essen City Director Hans-Jurgen Best on April 4, 2011. Koschany developed for the largest apartment provider in the city, the AG construction of all, + room architects Nagaraj 2010 a design concept for a total of 78 energy-efficient units. PIER 78 do you mean the project in the future. It develops until end of 2012 in Central Essen’s inner city area. “I am pleased that all construction here makes the first step”, said Hans-Jurgen Best. Further details can be found at John Savignano, an internet resource.

The housing market in food was tense and most likely quickly settled in the area. Reimer and all construction CEO Dirk Miklikowski had invited all construction Chairman Manfred to the traditional kick-off event. Around 100 guests accepted the invitation and attended the first symbolic construction activities. The project was an absolute showcase project for the development of an urban wasteland to a high-quality The construction of all stressed residential location, already in advance. One was happy to be able to give a strong boost this project as a first housing investor and shareholder of the University District food development company mbH. PIER 78 is the new label of this project”, said Dirk Miklikowski in welcoming the guests.

As ships land and bring new in the city, people in these 78 units to land in the future.” At about 7500 m m is it next year give room for individual and urban living. We have designed different types of houses with living space of between 60 and 160 m square”, said Axel Koschany, architect and managing partner of Nagaraj. They are sometimes directly on a waterfront, the part they wrap well landscaped courtyards. Some have high-quality housing in the middle of the city just roof terraces and Loggias. And even for rent.” Nagaraj stands for creativity, quality and innovation. 1959 in Essen founded and today in the second Continued generation of Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer, is the strength of the Office is always back at ease and open to new challenges to address and find solutions. The experiences of around 50-strong team go far beyond the region of food to Ireland, Russia, Georgia and Dubai. For his clients, the Office is always a reliable partner: in architecture, construction management tasks and consulting services, a generalist such as specialist. Since 2005, Nagaraj maintains an Office in Dubai. 2009, the architects there opened their Office Nagaraj Middle East. The new, founded in September 2010 as an independent GmbH KZP Koschany + room project development represents another addition of the entire performance spectrum.

Premium Housing

“information day on March 5, 2010 at Berlin’s Hotel Adlon KWA Board member Dr. Stefan Arend presents new concepts for living and housing for the elderly: independence and the fulfillment of individual Wohnwunsche are today critical consumer.” Unterhaching/Berlin, March 4, 2011. The market for retirement and nursing homes experienced currently more confident and informed that their demands are increasing a paradigm shift which are residents. The target group of senior citizens has changed in the last few years”, Dr. Stefan Arend, Director of KWA White Board of housing for the elderly and senior real estate specialist. Today we not only longer lives, but senior citizens are also much more active and place great importance on independence and self-determination. The design of a standardized, uniform facilities on the green meadow ‘ therefore no longer sufficient to meet the needs of modern living. Today, it is a variety of offerings to develop the individuality almost 17 million senior citizens in Germany to meet.

KWA KWA Club offer and corresponding concepts geared to the life situation of the individual.” The company KWA presents himself and his concept for a new generation of the senior institution to March 5, 2011 from 10 am to 5 pm at the information day premium living in old age “at Berlin’s Hotel Adlon. Top provider of senior residences are interested here one day answer to all questions relating to the housing for the elderly. The diversity of approaches, every man for himself must find out and check fit which body to him. “At the information day premium housing for the elderly ‘, we offer not only a dialogue for this purpose, but also invite those interested to test us and our facilities with a per dwelling and to contact inhabitants on the spot in an exchange of experience”, so Arend.

Office Percent

For years the situation in the housing market has been as tense, high rents are the order of the day. Young families struggling with children. The Internet portal reveals what should change in the future. Real estate in Hamburg are sought after, finally the city is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

Average, the Hamburger is more than the citizens ten euros per square meter from 61 percent! Bargains are here without hardly find broker error display and attractive locations. The SPD Senate has deals with the perennial problem in the last year. The result: It 2011 almost two-thirds could be approved more homes than in the previous year. For this purpose, a housing contract was negotiated with the districts of Hamburg in July 2011. So 6,000 new apartments should be guaranteed each year.

In reality that was not the case 2011 but still, the number is to be increased but steadily. The city has Mayor Olaf Scholz according to many investors in commercial, Office and residential real estate sector. Also could be expected in many residential areas instead of so far only two-storey, with up to four floors. Even skyscrapers are no no-go, unless you can change the image of the old town. The district received the most permits North. The plan was exceeded here even 101 percent. Only 297 apartments (42 percent) of 700 homes, however, were built in Altona.

Brazilian Patrimony

As each food can bring information associates the two different approaches, biological /natural and economic/the cultural one (SHEEP, 2005). With sensorial experiences, in set with the cultural patrimony of each pupil, it can be recognized information that had identified the food, in accordance with the concepts of good and bad. From this good and bad concept of, explanations had been passed to understand the meaning of flavor and taste. Flavor is classified by purely physiological processes, result of the palativa association of papilas gustativas, the aroma, and the chemical sensations tteis, not being able to be classified as good or bad. Taste is the set of flavors, in a collective conception, influenced for the cultural standards of this society, not being able to be individual, reproduced mainly in the familiar scope (DRIA 2009a). ' ' The definition of the taste is part of the cultural patrimony of the societies human beings. More information is housed here: The LeFrak Organization. As well as it has gostos and diverse predilections in different peoples and regions of the world, thus the gostos and the predilections move in elapsing of sculos' '. (MONTANARI, 2008, P.

95) the final part of the experience sheltered the lecture of the Brazilian anthropologist Paula Young chicken and Hisses, as invited special. In other words, and also described in its book, Paula it exemplificou a proper culinrio language, ' ' on the basis of the foods, utensils and ways to eat of the different cultures of brasileiro' ' (2005, p.26). Thus it showed, with a national antropolgico content, the described approaches already above for Sheep. Paula defended that the ways of the anthropology, together with the kitchen of the colonial society, with aboriginal ingredients, of blacks and whites, had consolidated the cultural patrimony and biological Brazilian. With the second experience, Tables, cardpios and slap-ups meal, meals of time had been staged with intention to recriarem the cultural, social and gastronmico patrimony of different times.

Federal Ministry

Exhibition “Energy plus building” at the RENEXPO 2012 emphasis Austria in Austria since the year 1999 as part of House of the future with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, innovation and technology (BMVIT) to the energy efficiency of buildings-research the and the use of renewable energy sources. Since 2008 the project is committed House of the future plus to the target, to create technological conditions that make building from consumers to producers of energy. Innovative building dekonzepten such as the so-called House of the future plus, or differently named, the future belongs to the energy plus building – therefore considered the 4. International trade fair and Congress for renewable energy & energy efficiency RENEXPO Austria this reinforced in exhibition and Congress of 29.11 to 01.12.2012 in the fair of Salzburg. Enormous potential for innovation is in the area of energy efficiency of buildings. In the last few years back in Austria increased “energy plus” Building”or so called House of the future plus ‘ solutions in focus, making the House to the power station: they produce more energy than its people consume.” The energy required for heating or hot water is in the or even produced at the House, mostly by solar systems. Building can provide then other buildings with excess energy, which are dependent on a supply.

In the course of the renovation of the TU Vienna is currently as a sub project of the core project “Plus energy Office plus energy office building of the future” in Austria built the biggest plus-energy office building. The plus-energy concept is achieved by far beyond the passive house standard optimization, in particular power consumption and Austria’s largest building-integrated photovoltaic system. The object stands out among others by an efficient building envelope, an intelligent energy management system, highest lighting optimization, core venting, thermal coupling and high heat capacity of the individual rooms, a Building integrated solar shading, the heating/cooling of the rooms over component activation, a highly efficient cooling system, as well as the server waste heat recycling.

Transactional Analysis

People who take their personality development important are right in the three-year course in transactional analysis St. Gall, 11th 2013: by Eric Berne founded transactional analysis is a doctrine, which deals with the human psyche. Stephen M. Ross recognizes the significance of this. Especially between human communication is an essential component, which will be trained within the training in transactional analysis. Transactional analysis is a psychology which deals with the hidden patterns of the people inside and sees each person as their own responsibility for his thinking, Act, and feel. A 3-year basic training in transactional analysis is therefore particularly suitable are located in professions, interested in where other people professional psychological help offering. It doesn’t matter whether the assistants or helpers work in stationary or in open institutions. It’s also clients undergoing gall, at the Institute of ASTA for example a partner consulting in St., to recommend on a three-day introductory course in Transactional analysis to take part. Interested candidates for a 3-year training in transactional analysis, participation in a three-day introductory course is prerequisite,”explains Institute Director of the Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis Jurg Grundlehner ASTA.

By means of theoretical examples, one can recognize limitations in daily life and obtain changes step by step. Using transactional analysis, it is possible to implement the theory of the behavior of the people among themselves in the Act. Greenberg Traurig contains valuable tech resources. This happens at practical examples between two individuals or smaller groups, at the direct level of interpersonal relations. With the self-awareness exercises several possibilities each, to meet itself, but also its partner and to assess. The transactional analysis is therefore also essential part of partner consulting in St. Gallen and helps to understand what in himself and in his partner, or in the common relationship expires”, explains Grundlehner, also expert in the topic of team development in St. Gallen. In a three-day introductory seminar, the main theories of the TA are passed.

Hamburger Construction

Mobile alarm system SmartAlarm gold with video verification prevents theft thanks to professional construction site monitoring with the mobile video alarm system SmartAlarm gold by VPSitex was it possible 2012 three suspects with false entry passes, which were entered in the still-uninhabited apartment new building at the Hamburger grind mountain, to arrest on the day of German unity. The mobile alert system was to protect the new construction project “Hamburger Pearl” on the grind mountain during the final expansion phase against theft and vandalism, SmartAlarm gold with video verification of VPSitex installed. The flexible use of components, consisting of motion detectors and wireless cameras in indoor and outdoor applications, enabled a round-the-clock protection of the site. Still uninhabited new residential construction on the Hamburger grind mountain offered an attractive opportunity for the theft of valuable equipment, as well as bearing materials and construction machinery. For this reason it was estimated the risk of damage of the modern interior pages of the client possible vandalism and theft relatively high.

This potential threat should be minimized through an effective assurance of the construction site. Construction Manager Bjorn Dohrmann of the Builder Hochtief solutions explains: we were very far in interior design and had to find an appropriate solution for this object in order to avoid construction sites vandalism and damage to property related and consequential damages. Experience shows that construction sites, which are not sufficiently protected, are exposed to increasingly costly risks. We are confronted with this problem always.” Now the independent VPSitex alarm system could prove themselves successfully: on October 3, 2012 a video sequence to the emergency call service centre alarm was transmitted by the SmartAlarm gold plant. Because there were identified persons as a trigger, the control center immediately alerted police and security service. Three suspects were arrested. The mobile, media-independent alarm system SmartAlarm gold from VPSitex is ideal for use on construction sites, vacant homes, on fairs as well as Solar park construction site facilities and everywhere where a temporary protection against vandalism, burglary and theft is required. Read the full success story “Building site at the Hamburger grind mountain by VPSitex SmartAlarm gold with video verification successfully secured and monitored” on our Web site at VPSitex_SuccessStory_Baustellensicherung_SmartAlarm Gold_Hochtief_Hamburg.pdf to VPSitex: VPSitex is a worldwide specialist for technical backup concepts and solutions around the property.

With over 30 years of experience, customers and experts estimate the solutions of VPSitex. The range of the vacancy management about the site backup to object support. Since 2010, new innovations through the expansion in vertical markets have been added. These include, for example, technical assurance schemes for schools and public administrations, who encounter great interest due to the topicality public decision makers.

Sick Building Syndrome

The continuing absence of the ion can easily lead to lack of concentration, headache, migraine, or general fatigue in the episode. These symptoms are noticeable especially in the so-called Sick Building Syndrome. In designing of modern residential buildings, the energetic quality of the living environment should be noted far more than in the past. Builders can no longer rely on a high biological quality solely through the use of construction biologically certified building materials. “Our ancestors needed only the radiation geo active attraction zones like water veins or faults in the election of the subsoil to take into account.” explained summer. “The introduction of new building materials and construction methods, as well as the increase of radiation as a result of technical progress in the living environment, lead to a whole range of other factors, which can deprive the people valuable life energy in his own home.” Technical mode shapes, like for example hard pulsed frequencies of mobile communications are exactly in the same range as the biological signals that control our lives.

With increase in the number of frequencies by technical waves of all kinds, which radiate to every day in our Habitat, communication of human cells, organs and systems is increasingly impaired. Many important processes of life are affected. Each of the above fields of interference can be seen through its special frequency, which can constitute themselves in constant exposure permanently in the body of the person concerned. “The consequence is how take care on your life force with the results of their own bio-feedback study in the ebook” documented an increased expenditure of the cardiovascular system to maintain the balance. This is associated mostly with disturbances of the heart rhythm regulation and permanent loads can cause diseases. Higher biological space quality home and company bio feedback logs from own studies of space-vital evidence that the organism at low biological quality of housing in the regulation process consumes more energy, as is generally required. “In addition to the checking and repair of natural and technical interference fields healthy living spaces are restored, if wavelengths in the region of the infrared spectrum are created and thus improves the physical order in rooms.”, as Dipl.-ing.

Paul Sommer. This service of vital space can be used both in private residential homes, but also in corporate buildings conducive. “In addition to the General increase of vitality and well-being of the employees can themselves reduce accident and sick-leave, customer attraction and retention increase and promote the creativity, the joy and the team cohesion. In the bio feedback protocols of the new quality of life is reflected in the increase in the heart rate variability (HRV) of subjects room vital. He stands for a higher adaptability of the organism in the coping with the demands of daily life. Detailed information and study material at: or in the eBook give attention to your Vitality – a way to healthy living”.

Setaside Buildings

An example is a bunker, another a normal building. Conception to the subsequent use of set-aside structures (example objects: see attached photos and drawing) a bunker, another is an example of a normal building. These buildings serve as architectural structure and cover one hand for a multiple power station of renewable energy for electricity and heat. These energies can be partially saved and transformed demand. The other part will be set up for special, corresponding to their natural energy-intensive production processes. These productions use only the self-generated energies. Multiple power plant is installed a PV plant for the production of electricity on the roof of the building. These can be firmly elevated in an angle and in order or to run also the Sun.

Optional: The roof is additionally equipped also with a small wind turbine for generating electricity. One is on a side of the facade to be determined according to optimal aspects (South-facing) the vertical mounting Solar thermal (tubular collectors) to heat. Optional: the multiple power station with a heat pump for the use of the geothermal energy near-surface can be completed last. The basement of the building is used preferably for the accommodation of further technical equipment of the power plant. So: Switching and control devices as well as batteries / power storage for power management. Heat pumps, domestic hot water and buffer storage / heat storage systems for thermal management. Cooling and refrigeration, storage, productions set up or built various productions with energy-intensive technologies in the above-ground storeys of the building.

Wlko as an example to the application of the well-known VERTICAL / CITY FARMING here: only with artificial lighting and artificial heat without direct connections to the external ventilation. In the subsequent selection offers: commercial vegetable production, commercial production of high-priced exotic spice, supervisory authority and authorized production of high-priced pharmaceutically interesting plants, authorised and supervisory authority breeding research gene-modified plants, the outer appearance of the sample: Bunker receives an entirely different character by the new construction and additions to the origin. That, due to the design, non-affected building surfaces offer for artistic appreciation (such as: graffiti, painting, light installation, city advertising), oriented to the overall theme and round this. A further synergy would be the possibility of an additional offer of electric fuel pump / parking to the recharge of the battery electric vehicle in the immediate vicinity of the property. There are unused for years, statically fully intact buildings in mass. Only use ideas are missing. These buildings are used for very low costs. The Bundesanstalt fur immobilienaufgaben wants to bring 150 bunker on the man in the next few years.

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