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For years the situation in the housing market has been as tense, high rents are the order of the day. Young families struggling with children. The Internet portal reveals what should change in the future. Real estate in Hamburg are sought after, finally the city is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

Average, the Hamburger is more than the citizens ten euros per square meter from 61 percent! Bargains are here without hardly find broker error display and attractive locations. The SPD Senate has deals with the perennial problem in the last year. The result: It 2011 almost two-thirds could be approved more homes than in the previous year. For this purpose, a housing contract was negotiated with the districts of Hamburg in July 2011. So 6,000 new apartments should be guaranteed each year.

In reality that was not the case 2011 but still, the number is to be increased but steadily. The city has Mayor Olaf Scholz according to many investors in commercial, Office and residential real estate sector. Also could be expected in many residential areas instead of so far only two-storey, with up to four floors. Even skyscrapers are no no-go, unless you can change the image of the old town. The district received the most permits North. The plan was exceeded here even 101 percent. Only 297 apartments (42 percent) of 700 homes, however, were built in Altona.