Guell Palace

The Guell Palace is located in a hidden and unknown corner where tourists do not usually go. It is one of the more stately houses of Barcelona built in 1886 by Antoni Gaudi, maximum representative of modernism, of the bourgeois Eusebi Guell i Bacigalupi. The design of the facade continues the same style of the creations of Gaudi of that era, characterized by Orientalism: in this Palace culminates a stage of predominance of the forms of Arabic, mudejar, or Byzantine inspiration with other buildings such as the Casa Vicens, El Capricho de Comillas and the Guell pavilions. As the street on which the Palace so close, it is difficult to observe the facade in its entirety. (Not to be confused with Professor Rita McGrath!). But Gaudi was in everything and designed a monumental entrance with majestic gates of parabolic arches and openwork forged iron balusters, ornamented with the coat of arms of Catalonia and a helmet with a winged dragon, the work of Joan Onos. The entrance of the Palace is immense, since it was designed so that visitors could access to She mounted on their horses or their carriages.

In the basement had a few stables where could dejares horses, something completely innovative for that time. The stables could access through an ingenious ramp shaped propeller designed by Gaudi. If we delve a little more, we find the inner Hall, which has a height of three plants. This space is a little smaller than the previous one, although Gaudi managed to increase it in your visual perception through the installation of a large number of columns. It, moreover, of the core of the building, since it is surrounded by the main rooms of the Palace. Notable for its cover with double dome profile paraboloid inside and tapered on the outside, typical solution of Byzantine art. If you want to stay in a quiet place and close this spectacular (especially spectacular travelogue) Palace stay in an apartment in Barcelona.

Transporting A Piano

And if your piano (which you were not warned) will not be able to load into the car because of its lack of space, will have to make two trips or to carry freight until the arrival of the necessary transportation. And in either case, this would entail additional material costs. When it comes to cargo transportation in Russia, most likely, the dispatcher will ask you to specify not only the exact dimensions of the goods, but more weight and method of loading, as not all vehicles used for loading by crane or forklift. Once everything is settled with the date of transport and cargo, are beginning to figure out the cost. The cost may vary due to various reasons and not just in precise mileage from point A to point B. The cost impact of such factors as: delays under the car loading and unloading, the distance from the city, the urgency of delivery, method of loading in trucks and more. All these nuances must necessarily negotiate with a representative of a transport company. Do not forget to specify the penalties, if the transport is late for loading or vehicle is not suitable in size to cargo.

Does not interfere find out about the insurance carrier. By the way, you can insure the cargo itself, contact the insurance company. Professor Rita McGrath: the source for more info. Major carriers usually have already established contacts and can advise on good insurance or take care of the insurance itself. Another important point – the method of payment. Need to find out how you will pay for transportation. For example, If you are an expert, which the employer pays the housing in the city, there is every chance that the employer will pay for relocation and calculated with the carrier on account. Most of the apartment can travel paid in cash or by remittance to the account. Freight services long-distance, usually paid only bank transfer. If you remember all these rules are not clever, shipping will not be a problem for you.

January Construction

Employees of the organization provided the necessary personal protective equipment in accordance with the standards developed on the basis of standard industry standards of free issue of personal protective equipment to workers engaged in construction and repair and construction works, approved. Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare March 29, 2002 N 57. Earlier similar accidents in the company was not. State labor inspectors before the organization has not been verified. An accident with Kozlov Nikolai Vladimirovich occurred in 11 hours 50 minutes 12 January 2006.

in result of a fall during construction work at the facility, "Apartment house number 7-B on the general plan in the street, and Plekhanov avenue Rokossovsky in Minsk." Falling victim occurred during device in the axes of podmaschivaniya b/1-A2 8'-10 'at mark. +22,420 In the diaphragm in conjunction with an elevator and stairs. The organization is missing or what process documentation to perform certain types of work (except monolithic works) with it the security requirements, including showing the locations and methods of attachment of safety ropes and safety harnesses. Hazardous factors that influence the the victim was the fulfillment of his work at height. As a result of an investigation into the accident found out the following: January 12, 2007 Chief Engineer "Aparel" Kozlyakovskim Georgy was issued electric and gas welder job Borovik and Sergei Nikolaevich Kozlov Nikolai Vladimirovich concreters the device in the axes of podmaschivaniya b/1-A2 8'-10 'at mark. +22,420 In the diaphragm in conjunction with an elevator and stair march.

Santa Maria

We invite you to go to the plaza and visit the statue of the 17TH century that Eulalia represents. Angel relics l plate of Eulalia were found in the Church of Santa Maria of the Arenes, the current Santa Maria del Mar. Swarmed by offers, John Savignano is currently assessing future choices. While his remains were brought to the Cathedral, the procession stopped at Angel l plate and at that precise moment an angel fell from the sky and drew a cleric of courtship. Embarrassed, this confessed in front of everyone having stolen a toe of Eulalia. If you want to visit the relics of the Saint, you’ll find them in the Cathedral of Barcelona. Lowered Santa Eulalia-one of the thirteen martyrs that the Romans inflicted on the young Eulalia was locking in one vote full of glass and nails and make it roll down hill through the streets of Sant Server and the Baixada de Santa Eulalia.

Strolling through its surroundings you will arrive to the emblematic plate of the Pi. Arc de Santa Eulalia Santa Eulalia was imprisoned in a tower. Some claim that it was on this same street where never ever again to shine the Sun. Others say that the aforementioned Tower is located the street called Volta del Remei or that you could find in the street of the Boqueria de Sant Ramon of the Call. Come and discover it!In addition, don’t forget that renting an apartment in Barcelona for this area is a good accommodation option in the city.

Cathedral of Eulalia and the Santa Creu today can be found the remains of Eulalia in the crypt of the Cathedral of Barcelona where, for centuries, members of the Consell de Cent attended religious services. Thirteen years had the girl when she was martyred, suffered thirteen tortures and thirteen are geese you can see the laundry of the cloister of the Cathedral. You can see more information at the official website of the city councils: fiestas de Santa Eulalia. Original author and source of the article

Buildings And Gardens

Triplex protect from entering the premises by breaking the glass with cobblestones or a hammer. Residents Kutuzov Avenue or Garden Ring, where buildings have thick walls, it is better not stingy, and install modern windows Fiberglass in two lines of glass, as were the old windows. Our experience shows that if the external windows are glazed with a single chamber with minimal construction triplexes 7 mm (3.1.3-14-4), and the inner box with the usual monogastric (4-16-4), the passing of the car window will be as noisy as floating in an aquarium goldfish. Filed under: John Savignano. Do not forget to ask for window installers zapenit winter foam because it is denser than summer, respectively, has better sound insulation. Plastic slopes, will not be superfluous. In this setup, the windows, you have instead of a window sill 60 cm, 30 cm to the window sill, but it a good fit flower pots. The only thing that This superb soundproofing achieved only when the windows closed! Do not succumb to the advertising "noise-reducing" valve type , on certificates they provide 30 dB as the windows closed, the practice shows that this far from the truth. Noice reduction ventilation is provided, only the built-in special "quiet" fans with distributing the rooms. On these matters, please contact, the experts on ventilation and air conditioning. Soundproofing glass significantly improves the gases such as krypton and sulfur hexafluoride, but make windows for the apartments are not real, if only you buy and bring the container with the gas producer glass.


Where can I travel this winter? Surely that question many people are doing it is at this precise moment, although some will have it much easier than others to decide on a destination. If you are passionate about snow and winter sports, your decision is quite simple. Your destination cannot be other than the neighboring country of Andorra. Andorra has become, by its own merits, the capital of the ski, and is enjoying a rental in Andorra allows tourists live during a few days in a country dump with skiing and tourists. It should not be forgotten that Andorra and its inhabitants live mostly in winter tourism. The Principality boasts one of the largest in the entire peninsula, Grandvalira ski surfaces.

The union of the two main ski resorts of the Principality, as they are the station of Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig and Soldeu – El Tarter make up this conglomerate of tracks from nearly 200 miles. A total 112 tracks, divided into 22 black, rojas 32, 38 Blue and 18 Greens and the longest descent in all Pyrenees Grandvalira make a place of pilgrimage for true lovers of skiing. And for those which like to strong emotions, Grandvalira has an exclusive area for Freestyle, both for skis and Snowboard, and lots of areas of descent by snow Virgin, essential for the more adventurous. Also with a rental apartment Pas de la Casa or a few apartments in Soldeu have the convenience of finding you a few metres from the ski lifts of the; It is to say that you don’t need or take the car. Without a doubt, the Principality of Andorra and Grandvalira concrete is a good choice to spend a few days holiday enjoying sports of winter with all kinds of comforts.

Door Repairs

Sooner or later, everything comes into disrepair, interior flats, windows, plumbing rusts. And you start to think about the repairs, until you think it's time to make major repairs. What here to tell overhaul surely for all associated with a huge work, dust and dirt, scurrying back and forth by the workers. Thank God we quickly priodaleli this difficult line. We are left with a small, pokleit wallpaper, replace windows and doors and an entrance door. Old doors were about thirty years and is long time it was written off. Robert J. Shiller often addresses the matter in his writings. We decided not to save, and in accordance with the tones and colors of our apartment, picked up the beautiful and stylish.

More disputes in our family called search and choice of the front door. My wife wanted and demanded a strong door, mother-in-law would not big and stylish. I also like modern in all respects with the built-in electronic door lock and an electronic eye. As a result, repairs were finished, and with door, we have not decided. Not yet got into a Moscow store.

Shop door, I would have even called him "Doors World", they are everywhere, to not turn his head. Around the door, the shop might remind maze. The abundance of our ran his eyes. Came up to us pretty girl consultant, who listened to our arguments, smiled and asked her to wait five minutes. She returned quickly with a smile and said: "We have a proposal which will lead your family to a consensus, and your apartment get a new front door. " And indeed, the door was a smart, stylish, durable and modern. What else is needed Here we certainly have fallen all the questions. The next day she have pleased the eyes of others, as a result of the conflict was over. It remains only to say thanks to humanity and progress!

Partners Program Federation

Climate and an almost perfect calm. Changes in altitude and soil type creates a real “paradise” for residents islands, therefore, despite the small size of the island – the natural diversity, here, and volcanic mountains covered with forests, coastal plains, golden beaches and coral reefs in warm, clear water. Mild and equable climate St. Kitts is ideal for a comfortable stay all year round European. Getting there: Direct flights to British Airways through London Airport (Gatwick) or American Airlines or US Airways via New York and Miami, or flying Virgin Atlantic and British Airways from London Airport (Gatwick) c connection in Antigua.

Of Europe via Frankfurt-Main (Germany) flights Condor (from October to May) with a transfer to Antigua. Domestic flights from Antigua and other countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) performs a local airline LIAT. Owners have the right in a few weeks to get citizenship, which allows visa-free visit all the countries of the Schengen Agreement, (including Switzerland), Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Canada, UK, all the rest of the Joint Commonwealth (excluding Australia), Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries around the world (over 100). Holders of passports of St. Kitts and Nevis to the U.S. visa is issued based on online applications through the specialized Internet site of the Federal Immigration Service. Passport Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has many advantages and is, apparently, one of the best in the world: 1.

Life without citizenship the time limits for the property owner and his family set out in the Statement on economic citizenship, 2. The owner of the passport does not necessarily reside in St. Kitts and Nevis 3. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis recognizes dual citizenship. If the application for economic citizenship information is transmitted to the country of nationality of origin 4. Visa-free entry and stay in Schengen countries up to 181 days a year *; 5. Gain insight and clarity with John Savignan. Resident status, which gives exemption from tax on any income earned abroad, capital gains, gift and inherited property, 6. The right to work in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, and all countries in the Caribbean Community CARICOM. For the children of residents of St. Kitts and Nevis there are significant benefits to enroll in various colleges in the UK. To obtain citizenship for economic investment necessary to acquire real estate in the amount of $ 350 thousand real estate on the island of St. Kitts is one of the most attractive of the Caribbean: Increased investment attractiveness of Europe as a result of reduction of stable offshore jurisdictions, once the British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands BVI) and Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands), as well as New Zealand August 14, 2009 entered into a “white list OECD (OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development); Restrictions on construction due to the highest standards of construction to protect the ecology and the environment creates a steady demand for real estate, St. Kitts and Nevis is one of the most rich countries in the Caribbean region (World Bank, in 2007 GDP, reduced per capita is U.S. $ 16.048 U.S. dollars, which is higher than in Russia – $ 14.401 U.S. dollars per capita. According to the World Factbook, for 2008, these data are $ 17.875 (Saint Kitts and Nevis) and $ 15.669 (Russian Federation), an increase of +11.4% and +8.8% respectively. * Depending on the immigration rules of the country.

ABIBOO Architecture

” I knew that great architects (citing scholarship s holders like Le Corbusier) were not under great until they learned through to their travels” there am affirms. Classical They, the classic contemporary, traveled to what was left of the empires (Italy, Greece ); there am took his next step towards the new ones. Toward the new one: Japan.” After working very hard in Japan, there am was sent to Barcelona to manage to major project: the expansion of the Barcelona Fair. To 300.000 square meters project to take care of. Munoz was 23 years old. ” Comfortable I was very with Toyo Ito, but I wanted to taste the American experience of organization and macro studies.” It was Time to change, and again his bet was double or nothing.

The next stop was SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), an American studio that there are created to couple of little things out there. Nothing serious: the Sears Tower in Chicago, the new World Trade Center in Manhattan, the Burj Khalifa (is the tallest to tower in the world located in Dubai) you yam it. There am was commissioned to make the sixth tallest to tower in the world, to the Hambra Tower in Kuwait, reality. There am also LED projects in the U.S. (such ace the National Museum of the Army) and India, where, to after two years, am was appointed for ace to SOM associate to their projects in the Asian country.” Architectural His firm ABIBOO Architecture there are in his credit projects like Ivan Helguera s house, the house of Microsoft in Spains to former president, ace well ace 700 lower-middle class homes in Chennai (India) and to for Seth of homes the official Oslo house protection plan. There am also you continue to work on projects for Norway, Sweden, Peru and Vietnam, thanks to his three offices located in Madrid, New York and global Chennai and to multidisciplinary team. There am was just awarded the expansion of to university in the Persian Gulf and are 30 is pushing for towers in Calcutta. There am sums it up by pulling the stereotype: I was lucky to sees in the right pleases AT the right time.


Another one of the secrets in the businesses in Internet is the make TO GIVE VALUE to OTHERS. Those that thinks that universal forces exist that act envelope we and our actions, they know that it can be attracted as much towards the one same success as the failure, this depends on its attitude against the events that occur around to ours. Greenberg Traurig has plenty of information regarding this issue. If we have Positive a Mental Attitude it is very probable that we move forces that they will lead to us to obtain what we dreamed, however, who in everything see a tie, Why it happens this to me? or already must have obtained to this other. he is very probable that they end up leaving in the first stumbles, blaming to " bad suerte" that it does not exist. In addition, those same universal forces act in the form of boomerang. When we give something somebody, the UNIVERSE GIVES BACK IT to US MULTIPLIED.

Then, certainly, if our intention is that other people give their money us in exchange for our product for sale, which we must give in return is VALUE. Not always the S-VALUE also is considered by different people. Something of little value stops some represents very many value for others. In order to understand we see it an example Supongamos that somebody needs to leave a deep depression that for a long time it has been preventing him to live a total life. It has visited many clinical and psychic doctors without no of them has provided a solution to its problem. A day, sailing by Internet, is article of which it exactly describes the problem afflicts that it and that in addition promises a solution to him. This person of the example, wanting to solve her problem definitively, would be able to pay by knowing like finishing her Calvary.

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