Issimo Home

Luxury bedding Issimo – the perfect gift. Elegant linens Issimo least expensive decorated. Here you can see how the clothes made out Issimo. Bedding is sold in a dense pack of glossy cardboard. The design is executed in corporate style. In each set as a gift a small piece of soap. The color solution is performed in three types: white, red, black (for the expensive models).

Today in the range produced by the company Issimo Home bedding, linens have all the basic popular types of tissues. However, in the collections of Issimo Home, you can find bed linen and from a fairly unusual, exclusive fabrics. In this review, we will tell you about all kinds of fabrics used in the manufacture of linen, marketed under the brand Issimo Home. Let's start. Satine. Satin – glossy and dense fabric is made of twisted cotton yarn double weave. It is very pleasant to the touch, it durable linen and maintains a large number of washings (about 200-300), and only after a long time the material starts to fade a little.

Satin bed linen is a "golden mean", because of its quality was only slightly inferior to silk. It is cheaper than silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. One major advantage of tissue in that it practically does not crumple. Satin dyed yarns. The range of bed linen is Issimo sets of satin fabric with dyed string textures to create a bespoke fabric. In addition, the dyed thread is used for the application of jacquard pattern on the fabric.

Home Ownership

What a huge difference in a person's life has a home. House in the lives of everyone – not just a place where we relax after a busy working day and to recruit new, and much more. Your own home – it's a way of life is its own traditions and habits. This event and the event that we, after many years, unable to forget and move to memory, this meeting and parting, which fills us with memory and to which we all, as to the life-giving streams, pripadaet in his memoirs. And the man who does not own the house, not able to experience these feelings and to create for each family member their own world, in where all the warm, cozy and comfortable.

You might also like all normal people dream about such a happy world, in the form of your own home? At a time when the dream of your own home ownership begins to intersect with sufficient funds, there is not a simple matter to build a house on their own to build a house on their own or buy ready-made or home, so as not to spoil their nerves organization construction, purchase of land, choice of technologies and building materials? This question is only able to answer yourself, so much depends on how much money you have, the availability of free time and desire to head immersed in the construction process, monitor the quality of work done, do you buy construction materials, etc. Many future owners of your own home, with a large hunting plunge into the stage construction, they like to create everything in its sole discretion, to know exactly the material that is used in construction, quality and environmental cleanliness. As they say to each his own, but the construction quality safe and comfortable home – a rather long period during which you day and night will be at the construction site, putting in a few years, an opportunity to rest outside the city in its own landscaped home. In addition to all of the above, a man built a house of his hand still waiting for a whole bunch of issues related to the design was that built the house, a decision which will have to spend a lot of nerves, time and money. Yes, what can I say, and list all the problems that arise necessarily in that such a tangled maze of amateur construction, one way out – buy your own home in the cottage, the cost of which may be lower than the price of self-built home. This is for a reason: Inflation, the desire to exploit new technologies and ensure that the house was modern and comfortable, and much more. In short, why fool your head if you can take ownership of your own home any kind of expensive or not, not far from the forest or near a lake or stream, having bought it in the cottage, which has a total necessary for a happy life and all centralized infrastructure utilities such as sewer, gas, water and electricity. So what do buy a vacation home ready to cottage and turn it into a place where you want to go back to whatever you do, wherever you are, a place where happiness reigns, warmth and comfort.