Costa Brava Apartments

Gothic-Renaissance style, it has undergone numerous transformations with the passage of time. Basically you can visit the following rooms: Hall of the coats of arms, piano salon, Gala room, Gala bath, library, guest room, the attic, the dealer, dining room, output, crypt (delme), garage, garden and pool. The House of the genius Dali in 1969, Salvador Dali promised his beloved Gala the purchase of a castle, and ended up buying of Pubol after he could not get the Castle d Emporda, or the castle of Foixa. However, the castle of Pubol was not in very good condition, so the great artists ordered restoration, with the created interior decoration works will commence entirely by the painter, so the whole castle became his works that gave to Gala, who was buried in 1982 in a mausoleum of the underground designed by her husband. As incident at home, in 1984 Salvador Dali wounded are seriously in a fire that caused to lose parts of the Castle. There is a magnificent thing within this castle, and is that inside you can see paintings and drawings Dali gave Gala to exhibit in the Castle, in addition to the sculptures of elephants of long legs that decorate the garden, a collection of Couture Gala costumes, swimming pool with busts of Richard Wagner and the furniture and numerous objects which decorated the Castleas well as the mausoleum of Gala. NP hesitate to also visit other towns of the Costa Brava, such as Cadaques and Figueres, with which you completarias the path of the Dali triangle. You can search accommodation on this page of the Costa Brava Apartments, if you’re interested. Original author and source of the article.

Denzel Washington

Thirty years ago, solar radiation way through the protective layers of the atmosphere, destroying the entire fauna and flora. Survivors of disaster are almost primitive way of life, dreaming of one thing: clean water. Through the endless desert of destruction and decay walks a lonely wanderer Eli (Denzel Washington). He goes to the West, where, as he once said, waiting for his main value – the imposing expensive hardcover book with a cross on cover. It was her whole life looking for the ringleader of a gang of bandits Carnegie (thunderous Gary Oldman), who believes that only it has a key to the hearts of all people. When one meets another, the struggle to turn into a book deadly duel … a vague suspicion that the "Book of Eli 'is not a movie for which she posed as a trailer, the creeps from the very first minute – when a long and painful silence sloumo spent on something that shoot the white cat-sphinx huge boom. Discarded from the ranks of spectators ailurophile, Hughes brothers set about methodically destroying the hopes of all those who believe in Eli as a new mad Max.

"The Book of Eli" – a tedious unconvincing spectacle stretched to two hours, after which it will remember something special would be almost impossible. 2 short melee, siege at home of cannibals – on the larger action and eighty million dollars postapokaliptike with Denzel Washington was not enough, and this at a time when science fiction with aliens, spaceships and robots take off and over thirty. But in each of the characters is stylish sunglasses. Frustrating "Book of Eli" and what the creators of the idea was to impress and inspire. Promotion of Christian values, thin, perhaps, was even CS Lewis, and performance in this difficult matter film "Book Eli "is compared with the volume of blows both Testaments. Denzel Washington perfect fences – two minutes in total, Gary Oldman picturesque curve and lame, but the timing and the film and Eli travel from East to West the same cause only the question "Why?" and not shock the depth of thought.

Housing Mortgage Lending

Mortgage bank Uralsib now actively advertised on television and in pechanoy press consists of four main proposals – a mortgage on the finished housing, credit for housing under construction, the credit for the improvement of housing conditions, as well as a federal program jointly with the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. Terms of the mortgage bank Uralsib Uralsib not practice a mortgage with no down payment, so the maximum amount of credit in most cases can not exceed 90% of the cost of housing. Uralsib may issue a credit to 100% of property value only if you already have an apartment or house that can provide as collateral – this applies to credit to improve their living conditions. Mortgage Uralsiba provides maximum loan term – up to 30 years. The interest rate varies from 10.8% to 14% in rubles and from 9.5% to 12% in U.S. dollars or euros.

When considering an application for a mortgage loan Uralsib bank does not charge a commission. Mortgage Uralsib: Costs So when you make a mortgage loan at the bank Uralsib you wait for the following: the Commission for opening the loan account (other than the program with HMLA): 1% of the loan, minimum amount of commissions 3,000 rubles. or 100 U.S. dollars / euro, the maximum fee amount is 20,000 rubles. or 700 U.S. dollars / euros loan fees to the state registration of ownership of purchased housing: 5000 rub. or 200 USD / EUR fee for opening an account on the program AHML: 1.50% of the loan amount and the Commission for cashing money if the settlement of the purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault; Rent deposit box, if the calculations for the transaction of purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault, opening letters of credit, if the calculations for the purchase and sale of apartments will be made with using credit.

Proprietary Claim

The lawsuit – this remedy is a subjective right. In case of violation of the rights of property owner may require restoration of the violated property rights and the suppression of acts that endanger the right or violate it. In the event of default under the loan agreement the lender may ask the court to award the debtor to the enforcement of its duties in nature, as well as for damages. Person who concludes transaction under the influence of fraud, may seek recognition suing the transaction invalid. Face. Victims of a fundamental breach of contract by the other party is entitled to demand in court its termination.

The need for protection occurs in the case of a breach or threat thereof, due to the uncertainty of legal relations between the parties or their needs change. Therefore, the law says about protecting the rights violated or contested or a legally protected interest. Most often, the protection of a protected interest is carried out together with the protection of violated rights. However, the legal interest may be an independent object of protection. Thus, in the general section of marital property, the court may depart from the beginning of equity shares in their joint property on the basis of interests deserving attention of one spouse or the interests of minor children (Part 2 of Art. 39 RF IC) shall be protected interest person depicted in a work of art (Art. 514 CC RF), etc.

Types of claims Proprietary claims. Private suits. Mixed complaint. Previously guaranteed meropriyatiyIski relating to property. Filing iskPredvaritelnye claims. Explanatory iskiOsnovnye claims. Additional iskiIski relatively movable or immovable imuschestvIski arising out of civil law: The statement of claim to recover dolga.Iskovoe statement improper performance obyazatelstv.Iskovoe statement on forced termination dogovora.Iskovoe declaration of acceptance of contract nedeystvitelnym.Iskovoe application for a penalty claim for dogovoru.Prochie statements relating to civil pravom.Iski arising out of family relationships: The statement of claim on the dissolution of braka.Iskovoe statement of termination of parental rights / restoration of parental pravah.Iskovoe a statement of division of joint statement on the definition of imuschestva.Iskovoe about participation in the education of children living apart from them roditeley.Iskovoe statement on recovery alimentov.Inye writs, associated with impaired family pravootnosheniyIski arising from housing relations: The statement of claim on the recognition of the right to use residential pomescheniem.Iskovoe declaration recognizing illegal alterations. Claim statement to invalidate the transfer of premises in non-residential premises. Other statements of claim, arising out of legal housing.

Bathroom Tiles

Bath like a rusty tub, toilet and taps operate on the nerves of its drippings, water from the pipe color is similar to apricot juice, and the walls are crumbling right before our eyes? "Maybe it was time to start a big renovation in the bathroom room? If you have decided on this a desperate move (agree that the current tap its annoying drips will bring to the despair of every optimist), then, first of all, determine what would be specifically and how much you planned to fix it. The calculation will certainly take their funds to repair is not fading in the middle of the deficit of funds, and became a good opportunity to make a more comfortable room, the whole family uses constantly. In the case where a bathroom repair professionals, they carry it in several stages. It may be, or redevelopment, or complex work. If you wish to make overhaul, it is done in several stages.

For starters, you need to say goodbye to your tiles on the walls. Then experts trowel walls, preparing them for subsequent studies. Next, completely done all acceptable work in transforming bathrooms, and only after that the wall trim tile. The most careful attention is paid to the ceiling due to a stable humidity in the bathroom. In order for electrical appliances future work properly, it is important to correctly install them. Lined with ceramic tiles are obliged to engage competent professionals, as it is quite complicated and laborious process. Should be carefully aligned surface prepared for subsequent tiling, it is more convenient to use a special waterproof mastic. Please ensure that the surface on which the future will be putting tiles were not wet and dirty.

First, put the tile on the floor, and only then – on the wall. Careful attention must also be given technical and seams, they must be cleaned of glue, and then grouting process. Today the most pressing question remains Interior bathrooms. Bathroom has acquired enormous significance for today's man, and everyone would like to add there something of their own, private and exclusive. In truth, in the bathroom to the presence of sinks and bathroom itself, but This does not imply that your imagination is limited only by them. So what tiles you will discover for your bathroom, a strong effect on what will be its design. Given that the quality of the goods the majority of producers at the height enjoy a better looking enamel. If you're willing to take care of tile, it is best to choose a high-gloss enamel, since it looks much more colorful and attractive standard.

Housing Construction

For any construction of the most serious attention must be electric. And the wiring in the house during its construction or repair requires serious attention in two ways. If you plan so that the wiring in house made of wood should be laid directly on a wall or ceiling, you can use several methods. If the wiring is made of conventional cables directly on the wall or ceiling, it must be: Lay at the basis of non-flammable. For example, on a strip of asbestos board, etc. It is also necessary that this ground was in favor of the edge of the cable is not less than 1 cm; Plot conventional wires and cables in non-combustible cable channels; Lay cables in the usual non-combustible pipes and gofrotrubah, run wire and cables on insulators. If you plan so that the wiring in a house made of wood should be hidden in the tree or under a false wall and ceilings, one of the parties is the fuel (for example, in the void between the wood surface and the gypsum board), then you will only use metal pipes and metal distribution boxes, having localized properties. Any electrical wiring in the house, which passes through the wooden structure, should be carried out in a metal pipe.

Electrical wiring in the house is laid with several types of fittings: flush and open wiring, in common parlance they are called cut-and overhead. For hardware, the same rules that apply to electrical wiring. If the outdoor furniture of noncombustible material, it can be installed directly on the tree. If the wiring is laid with the use of outdoor furniture made from flammable material, it is necessary to use non-combustible materials for the strip between the tree and accessories. And finally, we recall: "The diameter of contact holes in eur socket strip more than the domestic ones. If the wiring in the house has , remember that to include in such usual outlets plugs insecure! "

Property Tax

The State Duma is not the first year of drafting a law "On Property Tax". For the first time to the fore as far back as 2007, but was postponed for unknown reasons in the box, now the introduction of the law was again disturbed minds Russians. The new law replaced by a new tax on real estate, the two existing land and property. Under the new law the real estate tax will be charged with a market value of the property. Why is this done? Just the cost of apartments and houses on the property market as secondary and primary varies greatly when it comes to facilities in the city center. "Thanks," a new tax, property owners in the heart of Russian towns will pay more than now. While, in general, benefit from the tax may well get those who live far from the elite urban areas, because there the cost of housing, will be significantly lower than in the center.

Under the new law basic rate will be determined at the federal level, according to preliminary data of approximately 0.1% of property value. Assess the facilities will be employed by professional appraisers regions. According to the officials – from the introduction of the new law the total tax burden should not rise. However, at this point in the bill a lot of controversial issues. After the new tax should be paid specifically by each individual, the owner or any property. And here is not important or that oligarch old – gather for the funeral of his pension. The basis of calculation of property tax that we pay today laid the so-called inventory value of the property.

Buying Property Abroad

Features of the acquisition of property abroad Source: Everyone at least once in life, wondering – how to save money accumulated depreciation of that purchase and what to invest money? And here comes a lot of us thought – what if invest in real estate? We all know the phrase – the money must work! If before Russian citizens (out of ignorance specific foreign market) acquired real estate only in their country, but now more and more of our compatriots to invest in property abroad. To date, such investment funds is not only reliable but also very profitable enterprise. Grown in recent years the material welfare of Russians can buy land and property abroad, even ordinary the average citizen. Particularly active Russians acquire real estate on the Mediterranean coast. It's no secret that prices for apartments in Moscow are high. For example, the average price of regular 1-room apartment, which requires a fairly serious repairs in the area of art. Metro 'Novoslobodskaya' averages hundred and seventy thousand euro. For this price you can buy a beautiful villa with garage and swimming pool on the beach Bulgaria in the resort of Varna.

In all, over fifty five thousand U.S. dollars to acquire an excellent villa with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Egypt in the resort town of Hurghada. Acquisition of real estate in Europe was very popular, especially in recent years. If we turn to official statistics, this picture is very well seen. Since 2004, demand for European real estate acquisition increased by 4.5 times. A percentage of Russian citizens increased to five. The most active Russian citizens to buy property in Bulgaria, Spain, and Montenegro.

Acquisition of real estate in Europe has its own distinct advantages. However, there are several difficulties that arise from our countrymen when buying overseas property. Try to examine in more detail, both advantages and problems. Thus, the main problems: 1. Lack of knowledge of the mentality country. 2. Poor knowledge, or ignorance of foreign languages. 3. Legal, economic ignorance. 4. Distance. 5. The visa regime. All these problems are solved elementarily. Benefits you receive when purchasing real estate in Europe, do not go to any comparison with these small inconveniences. Here are just a few of them: 1. Low prices. 2. Preservation and increase (in event of a sale, lease) investment. 3. The wonderful climate, fabulous leisure facilities and accommodation. Source: