State Registration

This entails an inevitable return to its original position things and the return of all parties to each other resulting in the transaction. In the case of the preliminary agreement of all these problems can be avoided and obtain the desired result without fear for the fate of the future property. Finally, all steps are passed, and the parties need to come to the signing of the contract – the sale. As it is better to do? For most the answer is obvious – you need to go to a notary public. This is correct, but not the only possibility.

After the entry into force July 21, 1997 Federal Law 'On State Registration of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions' in addition to the notary is possible to formalize a deal agreement in writing. A leading source for info: Elie Rieder. Create it can both independently and with the help of a lawyer, referring to any law firm. The contract you provide passport details of seller and buyer, the object-sale (Land), legal documents (certificate of ownership of land and buildings, if any, and cadastral passport), the price for which the land is sold and payment arrangements. This treaty, after signed by the parties to the transaction, shall be a department of the Federal Registration Service of the district in which is sold by the object. Using this type of contract you save money on state fees to be charged notary, and have the opportunity to formalize a deal with less documentation provided. As can be seen from all of the above, there are many opportunities to minimize costs while various land issues.

By raising its own legal literacy and speaking to professionals working in this market you can actually not only save money, but also to avoid the negative aspects associated with the deficiency their own knowledge. It remains to wish all of us not to make mistakes, so it was not necessary in the future as they learn. And do not believe the myths, living in the real world in which information is expensive, and correct information – is priceless. Head of department of land and property relations of the "Regional Project" Dmitriy Ivanov. Our website:

Housing Mortgage Lending

Mortgage bank Uralsib now actively advertised on television and in pechanoy press consists of four main proposals – a mortgage on the finished housing, credit for housing under construction, the credit for the improvement of housing conditions, as well as a federal program jointly with the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. Terms of the mortgage bank Uralsib Uralsib not practice a mortgage with no down payment, so the maximum amount of credit in most cases can not exceed 90% of the cost of housing. Uralsib may issue a credit to 100% of property value only if you already have an apartment or house that can provide as collateral – this applies to credit to improve their living conditions. Mortgage Uralsiba provides maximum loan term – up to 30 years. The interest rate varies from 10.8% to 14% in rubles and from 9.5% to 12% in U.S. dollars or euros.

When considering an application for a mortgage loan Uralsib bank does not charge a commission. Mortgage Uralsib: Costs So when you make a mortgage loan at the bank Uralsib you wait for the following: the Commission for opening the loan account (other than the program with HMLA): 1% of the loan, minimum amount of commissions 3,000 rubles. or 100 U.S. dollars / euro, the maximum fee amount is 20,000 rubles. or 700 U.S. dollars / euros loan fees to the state registration of ownership of purchased housing: 5000 rub. or 200 USD / EUR fee for opening an account on the program AHML: 1.50% of the loan amount and the Commission for cashing money if the settlement of the purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault; Rent deposit box, if the calculations for the transaction of purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault, opening letters of credit, if the calculations for the purchase and sale of apartments will be made with using credit.

Buying Property Abroad

Features of the acquisition of property abroad Source: Everyone at least once in life, wondering – how to save money accumulated depreciation of that purchase and what to invest money? And here comes a lot of us thought – what if invest in real estate? We all know the phrase – the money must work! If before Russian citizens (out of ignorance specific foreign market) acquired real estate only in their country, but now more and more of our compatriots to invest in property abroad. To date, such investment funds is not only reliable but also very profitable enterprise. Grown in recent years the material welfare of Russians can buy land and property abroad, even ordinary the average citizen. Particularly active Russians acquire real estate on the Mediterranean coast. It's no secret that prices for apartments in Moscow are high. For example, the average price of regular 1-room apartment, which requires a fairly serious repairs in the area of art. Metro 'Novoslobodskaya' averages hundred and seventy thousand euro. For this price you can buy a beautiful villa with garage and swimming pool on the beach Bulgaria in the resort of Varna.

In all, over fifty five thousand U.S. dollars to acquire an excellent villa with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Egypt in the resort town of Hurghada. Acquisition of real estate in Europe was very popular, especially in recent years. If we turn to official statistics, this picture is very well seen. Since 2004, demand for European real estate acquisition increased by 4.5 times. A percentage of Russian citizens increased to five. The most active Russian citizens to buy property in Bulgaria, Spain, and Montenegro.

Acquisition of real estate in Europe has its own distinct advantages. However, there are several difficulties that arise from our countrymen when buying overseas property. Try to examine in more detail, both advantages and problems. Thus, the main problems: 1. Lack of knowledge of the mentality country. 2. Poor knowledge, or ignorance of foreign languages. 3. Legal, economic ignorance. 4. Distance. 5. The visa regime. All these problems are solved elementarily. Benefits you receive when purchasing real estate in Europe, do not go to any comparison with these small inconveniences. Here are just a few of them: 1. Low prices. 2. Preservation and increase (in event of a sale, lease) investment. 3. The wonderful climate, fabulous leisure facilities and accommodation. Source:

Real Estate

"Buying a house or apartment in Turkey you must pay tax on the purchase – says Christina Tuzova, company EstateService – which amounts to 3% of the appraised value of your chosen property in Turkey. In addition, remember cost of registration – which is about 500 euros (notary, translator. Filing, etc. "In addition, about $ 230 worth obtaining residence permit is required to purchase a house or apartment in Turkey. But in addition to taxes, payable when buying property in Turkey, it is necessary to mention the content of the villas or homes in Turkey after the purchase.

Annual property tax is 0.3% of the appraised value of the property (house, villa, apartment – there is no difference in taxes). Ie buying an apartment, the official estimate of 50 000 Euros in Turkey, you will need to annually pay a tax of 150 euros. In addition to paying taxes and utility costs, the amount varies Depending on the complex in which you are buying property in Turkey and on – this apartment or house. The average figure the cost of utilities is only 500 – 600 Euro per year.

Mortgage Insurance

Social mortgage Moscow – one of the few initiatives in the Russian Federation, which can bring real benefits to the population. It is understandable, Moscow has long been one of European cities, therefore, and approach should be appropriate. In Russia the situation is different – much growth in housing under construction in most areas is not planned, as a result of problems with housing are maturing more and more. Despite the fact that mortgage agencies exist in any city of Russia, and the level of service to them is high enough, you should pay attention to the contract, which with them is, as well as some consumer rights to know and even mortgage legislation. Or at least consult with a knowledgeable lawyer. During a recent trial in the Amur region revealed a huge amount of problems that nobody had even thought to cover. Now the mortgage system in Russia could easily stand up to the threat of a new crisis, accompanied by a rise in mortgage rates and the introduction of new toughen rules for borrowers. After all, practice shows that banks can not tolerate the risk, if they can be avoided in some way.

Profiting from the Real Estate Market

One of the main advantages of the exchange is that it allows you to fix problems in its investment portfolio. For example, I once gave a loan to purchase a residential house and land in an area of four acres. But the borrower is bankrupt, and I had to start the procedure to withdraw any property for debts. It turned out that it hangs another debt. I bought it from a lender, received ownership of the property, and only then discovered that the house is in very poor condition. If I was going to sell it at a profit, it required large repair costs. Thus, in my arms was "sour lemon".

Before proceeding to repair to One of the meetings ekscheyndzherov I suggested that house with the land exchange in the state in which he was appointed to the price of $ 225 thousand dollars. It is unlikely that I would get that kind of money simply putting the house up for sale, even after repair. One of the attendees came up to me and said that this property may be interested in his daughter and son in law. As a partial exchange he offered me two plots of land. The first site was located in a very picturesque area fifty miles north of my house.

On it there was a building permit, but the problem was that it was located on a steep slope and down the road to defeat the only mountain sheep. To learn the site was required for a set of complex engineering works. I already had experience of this building, and the terrain I was not too worried, but the seller has serious concerns. I'm much more nervous about their property, which still hung redeemed me a loan of 150 thousand dollars. But the customer is quite happy circumstance, because his daughter and his family were going to use the house for personal residence. The second proposed site was originally intended to build a house for two families and was located not far from me, but it had some technical difficulties, and authorization construction stalled. Therefore, until all the circumstances of this area had only a very minor commercial value. I thought that this problem can be solved over time by holding it some of which can convince city officials that the border area, a supply of communications and drainage system meet local standards. Thus, and this site made me less concern than my own real estate. We have agreed to exchange. My partner gave me for the exchange of two plots of land worth 75 thousand dollars, and his son took over the loan of $ 150 thousand, which is in line with the amount claimed by me real estate value of $ 225,000. Thus, the operation was to exchange sugar, which turned sour lemon in my sweet lemonade. Shortly thereafter, I was approached by a young couple who needed a land for construction of houses for two families. My husband worked in the urban planning department and was able to obtain all necessary permits. As a result, his wife bought me this site for 50 thousand dollars. In the meantime, I were sold and the second section of 70 000. As a result, the exchange transaction has allowed me to get 120 thousand dollars, while sales running at home is unlikely to be brought more than 75 thousand. That's lemons into lemonade turn!

Brand New Housing

Now when buying real estate should be reserved as a patient, and some of my knowledge. There is a lot of nuances that are like invisible at first sight seem insignificant. But then in the course of acquisition buyers are reaping the benefits of such ignorance and inattention. This is especially true of registration papers. Sometimes it seems that after signing the papers becomes your apartment – and no problems. But in reality, it is important to know under what You subscribe.

After all cases, when the apartment is sold to many customers at once – quite common. So many people believe that it apply to real estate in Moscow, although the agency itself is be tested. Suppose you have made the right choice with a good reputation. Coming to a meeting with an agent, you should clearly realize what kind of accommodation you need. Let's say you decide to buy apartment. Speaking candidly Richard LeFrak told us the story. In this case, there are two options – a secondary market for housing or new. What's the difference? The relative cheapness of new building – well-known fact.

But it must take into account certain peculiarities. Think about it, if the cost less, then have to sacrifice something. And in this case, your sacrifice will be as follows: time, place, choice. Let's start with the time – to invest in such an apartment is less cost to sign a contract at the stage of laying foundation. Under this option, the lowest price (as well as the erection of a building cost of apartments will grow steadily). As for the place, then perhaps you might have guessed that in the city center you will not find a new building. Most likely, your future apartment will be located in any new area with poorly developed infrastructure. However, there are places and quite comfortable. And the last negative – almost nothing from which to choose. It is not necessary rely on a variety of proposals. As a general rule, municipal buildings, constructed in the same time a little, so the proposals, accordingly, not so much. But on the secondary housing market situation is radically different. In this If buying an apartment without any problems, just have to shell out far more than a new building, but there are obvious advantages – the minimum time and a great choice. Perhaps the single but significant (and above) minus such housing – the price of its much higher than for housing in new buildings. Choosing the best option for you is yours.

Black Sea

Even the most popular apartments in Bulgaria on the Black Sea reported a decline in prices by an average of 10 percent. In the third quarter of 2009, you can buy property in Bulgaria within 500 meters from the beach at a price of 700-900 euros per square meter. For example, very small studio apartments in the seaside resort of Sunny Beach are 20-30 thousand euros. Of course, the closer the apartment to the sea, the better the infrastructure of the area, the higher the price. Learn more about this with John Savignano. Many builders offer real estate fees in installments for a period of 1 to 3 years in equal installments of 20 or 25 percent. Contact information is here: Richard LeFrak. There is no doubt that in a few months or a year, when most countries will emerge from the crisis, real estate prices begin to return to its previous level.

So, now the real estate market, there were long-term players who buy housing at the lowest prices to get profit 10/08/12 percent after recovery in prices. Embassy of Bulgaria has noted a dramatic increase of Bulgarian visas issued in Russia in the first half of 2009. For the first six months of 2009, only Moscow Embassy in Bulgaria issued 82 thousand visas, an increase of 19 percent compared with the first half of 2008. The flow of Russian citizens increased by individual journeys of those who bought property in Bulgaria. At the same time there was reduction in the number of tourists from Britain and Russia.

Point is that Many residents of these states are coming to Bulgaria as a homeowner, and not as tourists. It is necessary to remember that first July 2008 Russian citizens who have purchased property in Bulgaria are entitled to receive returnable entry visa for Bulgaria for 3 years. This visa entitles to stay in Bulgaria, 180 days a year, ie year and a half in three years. Bulgaria continues to operate a ban on the purchase of land and forests by foreign individuals. To become an owner of forest or land, the foreigner must register a company in Bulgaria (legal entity) and then purchase the land on behalf of the entity.

High Living Standards

Primorye really want to live in countries with high living standards statistics show an increase in the number of Primorye (7%), which leave a permanent residence abroad. On this occasion, experts portal was composed of rating, which would leave Russian citizens. In the first place in Australia, where a square meter of real estate valued at $ 2000-3000. Australia for the Russians is the most prestigious country. Leave for permanent residence here want a lot of Primorye. Among the several reasons for this move include social security, the economic advancement of the country, a high level of quality of life and pleasant climate. A special role is played by the fact that in Australia, provided the program for immigration, as well as programs for professionals. Second place goes to Germany.

One square meter in a given country is the cost about $ 1500-2500. The second place in the ranking given by the number of state who want to live in it and is seven percent of the citizens of the Russian Federation. They are attracted by economic stability, a reliable social protection of citizens. Most Germany occupy part of our compatriots, and it is for many potential immigrants can serve as an important aspect. Third Place – Italy is the average cost of square meter of housing around $ 1200-2000.

Exactly Italy dream to live about 6.5% of Russians. Primorye, unlike other countries where the level of living is high, it is like living in Italy, its climate and extraordinary beauty. The disadvantage of such a country is its not in the interest of migrants. This state does not offer immigration program, but will stay on the program, business immigration. Fourth place is taken by the United States. Square meter here cost 1500-2000 dollars. As it turned out, our citizens to live and dream in the United States. The number of these dreamers is six percent. This involves the number of Russians living in the country and great opportunities. Many believe the U.S. incarnation of his dreams and his life are there in ideal conditions. And in recent years in the states of the real estate prices have fallen, and the government has nothing to against immigrants. Well, at last, fifth place is the United Kingdom, a square meter of real estate which is $ 4500-5500. Approximately five percent of the economically active population of our wish to go here for permanent residence. Education there has deserved popularity. As you know, many Russians consider their second home in London.

The Seven “deadly Sins” Of Mortgage Borrower

1. Careless When buying an apartment make sure its legal purity. If after two or three years, a happy "living loan" from the apartment to light "rightful owners" – it will not bring you joy. With banks in this If you pay off for an insurer, but the search for an apartment have to start from scratch, but the money invested will not return. 2. FALSE Do not lukavte interviews at the credit committee – you still will be on clean water. Members the credit committee are experienced and fully aware – that how much in real life. If you would like to know more about Stephen M. Ross, then click here. Do not forget that the restrictions on the share of income allocated to repayment of the loan established banks, often justified.

Payments overstated by the amount of credit you can inflict a severe blow to family budgets. 3. Complacency is your confidence that the "warm" relationship with his superiors and family happiness will last forever, can not be justified. If your spouse acts as a co-borrower, prior to making a mortgage loan Apply for a marriage contract, negotiate on shore "- the section of property which is subject to mortgage, rather troublesome procedure. Worth think about how quickly you can find a new job with an acceptable to repay the loan income. Speaking candidly Stephen M. Ross told us the story.

Nor should we hope that you will quickly find an apartment that you are completely satisfied with. Options offered on the mortgage, usually worse than an apartment for real money. Good apartments realtors prefer to sell directly, without engaging in mortgage trouble.

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