House Hygiene

This section will describe the basic sanitary – hygienic requirements for the accommodation and private homes. Appointment of old house was to save lives of its owner from a variety of hazards. An important question in life everyone is living in a house that is itself a not pose a threat to being in nem.Eto only possible under certain construction standards for each individual region and climate. What is a safe home in the Krasnodar region? Read about it further. Often, moving to Krasnodar region to live in a private home for a long time before that lived in apartments in which many economic questions lay on the shoulders of utilities and developers. In a private home is not so.

Many technical issues unit of the private homes will have to realize yourself. You can start with those of sanitary standards for residential premises, which are designed by scientists, and neglect that in a private home would not be reasonable and it is dangerous to health. Houses are different: large and small, beautiful and not so old and new, cheap and expensive. But whatever the Your home, and wherever he was, in the Kuban region, or far north, in any case, he should have the most important feature – safe for living. Without this, any home can not be called a 'fortress' for the man, because living in the house causing damage to the owner, 'fortress' is grave. Designed hygiene requirements were moved to the building regulations, in all sorts of construction regulations and SanPiN.

Building Production Project

Construction – this is a complex process requiring the participation of a large number of specialists in different oblastey.Prichem understand who is a professional, a person does not have the specialized experience and education, only a very superficial level. Often, such attempts are “” lead to unsatisfactory results. Practice shows that 80% of success in translating the project into life in the competent management. Formed the practice in building relationships in which the customer as the owner of the property, requiring some improvement in the form of construction, reconstruction or major repairs seeks to involve him manage the construction of the organization. Management of investment construction process involves planning, coordination, organization and control project from start to completion, with the aim of quality customer satisfaction as defined in the specifications to goals set during construction of all three, namely:

to ensure that actual costs of the planned budget of the project, or to determine the optimal value of works was in fact, 2) providing input object in accordance with the schedule of works to a specified period; 3) ensuring a certain quality of performance abort Dopolnitelno can be performed as the economic and financial activities, providing bigness monitoring construction and financing of the construction. In some cases, the amount of work may be added to the duty to maintain the construction site, including problem-solving to ensure energy, water conservation, as well as providing the customer with large management organization from the beginning is especially important. Because of how skillfully will formulate the initial data, specifications, permits, and negotiated documents, job design in general – that is the foundation began work on the project, will depend not only indicators of the project, the success of construction, but most importantly – the maximum agreement of the results of the project criteria, laid down in the specifications for construction as a whole. Last but not least, a well implemented project is the efficiency of the subsequent operation of the facility.

Safety Precautions When Using Fireworks

Safety precautions when using petard. pyrotechnic industry produces fireworks and a bunch of firecrackers, which produce from one to a hundred shots in a row. They quickly became popular, despite the the fact that their whole effect is a loud bang. Firecrackers are distinguished by the amount of cotton, volume, size (size) and by the presence of additional effects. Additional effects may be – buzzing, whistling, scattering sparks, sparks and smoke. Classic firecracker has a wick for burning, modern – scratch wire head and set on fire, like a normal match, the movement of the grating head boxes.

Ignition fuse before the explosion firecrackers goes from about 3 to 10 seconds, this time enough for that person would have time to drop it or move to a safe distance. Blast radius allowed in the free sale of firecrackers is a few centimeters. If we talk about a man that does not respect the safety instructions can cause damage to hands and fingers. Therefore, strictly forbidden to keep burning firecrackers in their hands and throw them away after arson people or animals. Fireworks are pretty safe product, if you observe certain rules of safety when using them. – Do not carry fireworks in your pockets and loose without packaging. – Do not disassemble fireworks. – With firecrackers grating not hold his head in his hands.

– After arson throw away about 5 meters. – Wick firecrackers put (put) in the snow (land), and after a quick burning need to quickly retreat to a distance of 5-6 meters. – Do not buy firecrackers from the hands, would be correct to apply store fireworks in Moscow and buy fireworks fireworks there. Also, there can be purchased wholesale fireworks. – Carefully read the instructions before starting. – Do not let children run by firecrackers. -Do not run the firecrackers in the flats near the houses, yards wells. – If the fuse blows, but the fireworks did not work, you should wait at least 2-3 minutes. Just do not forget about the distance. – Not more than 0,5 meters. For this type include firecrackers, tabletop fountains, sparklers. – 5 feet – ground fireworks, firecrackers. – 20 meters – the festival lights, fireworks. – More than 20 meters – the product belongs to a class of professional fireworks. Therefore, if you want to arrange a show with fireworks, make sure that viewers are at a safe distance, but not near flammable objects. Check the condition of the fireworks (if there are defects detached type of wick or stuffing firecrackers sleep, then use a petard is very dangerous), the victim may not only you, but standing next to people. If you want to work with pirofontanami (poi pyro, pyro-stuff, pyro-fan, etc.), then in order to protect the eyes and head wear glasses cost and bandanna. Fireworks can be used effectively on any grounds other than those that are next to the overpass, a high-voltage lines transmission, highways, childcare facilities, hospitals, cultural and historic monuments, national parks. Sell and store fireworks should only be in original packaging. Do not use products with Expired godnosti.Pomeschenie for storing fireworks must be dry, the temperature does not exceed 30C. Dispose of fireworks by placing them in water for several days. Then you can throw them in the garbage.

Moscow Set

For the Moscow housing market is from a few thousand to tens of thousands of apartments, depending on the selected databases and calculation step (weekly, monthly, quarterly). This is the number of equations is multiplied by another number of periods (eg weeks) during which the model is considered. In other words, the formulated problem is quite complicated and almost not be solved exactly. Therefore, its solution requires the use of various approximations. There are two main approaches to the construction of approximations. The first is the construction of approximate dependency Ak (pi) and Bk (pi) for each individual parameter on the basis of statistics for the period. Such as the function decline sales price of the distance to the subway or the value function of the kitchen area, etc.

As a result of knowing these functions and a set of prices Apartments for Ck (t, pi) at a given time can be calculated set of Gk (t), for a given time. Ideally, all Gk (t), calculated in this way must match. In practice, the observed scatter of these values for the different apartments, which is a consequence of the approximation. If the resulting spread is not very large, it serves as an indicator of adequacy of selection functions Ak (pi) and Bk (pi). As a result, the value of the function G (t) – cost index for the current date – we can calculate, for example, by averaging: G (t) = k (t)> where the symbols denote the averaging operation over all flats of the current period.

Advance Payment For An Apartment

Despite the fact that the number of real estate agents today is very impressive, and the list of services is rather broad and acceptable, some people prefer to buy their own apartments. Blame them in this impossible, because the process of buying an apartment is quite simple. Indeed, it suffices to find the media needed an apartment to go see it, make a small amount as advance payment and the seller an apartment or representing his estate agency, will prepare all the documents will make a deal and hand over the keys to the apartment. Does not aim to dissuade anyone from buying an independent apartment, but as professionals with years of experience, I would like to give some tips that will greatly facilitate your life. So, you've found your dream apartment. Examined her up and down, talked with owners and realtors representing their interests, and said its weighty: "I'll take>>. Let us not forget that 99% of apartments in Moscow are sold through real estate agencies.

And here's where you have come to specify on paper all the conditions buying an apartment. What do you think? Only on paper and not otherwise. Paper, this all real estate agents called in different ways, but essentially it's "Contract advance Apartments>>. You pass a certain portion of the money and agree to buy chosen apartment for some money in a certain period and under certain conditions, and the agency agreed to sell the apartment only for you. And as the price of the apartment except you know nothing and do not want to know (which, in general, normal), then the seller offers Realtors an impressive space for maneuvering. No, God forbid, nobody is going to deceive you, or somehow oppressed.

Looking For An Apartment In Tula ?

Uninterrupted growth in property prices in Tula scares many. Buy an apartment or Tula Tula region has become increasingly difficult. But what about, for example, young families? We consider several variants of purchase. The first is that need to do – it will define you search for properties on their own or contact one of the real estate agencies in Tula. Second, of course, more reliable, but can also run into a deception – a firm-by-night. Most suitable option – is to find housing on their own, and for legal support to see a specialist. This method has two advantages – cheaper and more reliable. If the way defined, now define some opportunities.

Few people are able to find the necessary amount to buy a home immediately. There is an excellent way out – the mortgage. Mortgage – a long-term loan for the purchase of housing. Feature of the mortgage in that it is provided in mortgage purchased or already owned the property. In a loan to buy any real estate: villas, apartments, commercial real estate. This method of home purchase has a big advantage – you can immediately become the owner of the property. Tula Real Estate buy, not only to secure a roof over your head. Sharks businesses understand that it is also a good investment. You can buy an apartment and sell it through some time more, and you can receive a lifetime income from the lease.