How To Sell Apartment In Moscow

The first step is for sale apartments – is to determine its market value. All come in different ways. Who is watching popular newspapers with advertisements for the sale of apartments. Someone will hold a day online, on specialized portals. Someone will ring a dozen real estate agencies to assess the apartment. And all this is correct. Especially if you do not be lazy and go through all the stages. But what would be your surprise when, as a result of all these actions, you get more questions than answers! Of course, within reasonable limits the price of an apartment you decide.

But to determine the exact market price, chances are you will not succeed. Do you think it will make specialists? With a greater degree of likely – yes. Here they come to the aid of experience selling apartments and specialized database of apartments sold (which, unfortunately, you can not be). But professionals are always left a small error in the assessment of flats. Why? The answer is simple: The market price of the apartment determined by the market. In other words, to understand the exact price of the apartment can be used only when the buyer will tell you: "I take it>> But to reach this happy moment, and not disappointed, it is necessary to pinpoint the possible price limits. How to do it, written above.

The second step is no less important – to determine their capabilities. These may include: Advertising apartment. In what sources, how manner and with what budget you will be able to offer it the greatest possible number of potential buyers. Shows apartments to potential buyers – how, when and to whom to show it. Ability to negotiate with potential buyers to your financial expectations for the sale of an apartment come true. Knowledge and experience in the design of the initial relationship with the buyer, or 90% of cases, its members (this will be the realtors, attorneys or lawyers), with to translate them onto the rails of financial obligations (because your goal – guaranteed to get the money for the sale of apartments). Ability and knowledge to prepare a complete package of documents necessary for the transaction sale of apartments. It must be said that buyers for their safety net, they ask a completely irrelevant documents that you'll collect throughout Moscow. Or vice versa, sometimes quite appropriate. But you know about them hear for the first time, and refusing to provide them, will lose a good customer. Experience in developing and implementing a safe and legally correct scheme deal to sell the apartment. Here come into play, banks, notaries, registration authorities, passport offices and accounting. Step three – implement all of the above!

Protect Apartment

Tip 1. Set a good iron door with a durable steel frame type 'Guardian' on the locks do not save if you want to get resistant to unauthorized entry door. Better to put two locks, and different systems (cylinder and lever) – opening various types of locks requires a specialist higher qualifications, the more turns the key to a better lock. It is strongly recommended that you install special additional protection to the locks – armored plating for cylinders and armored for the lever (available for sale with a built-bullet). Remember: any lock can be opened, so if you think that your apartment may attract the attention of highly skilled professionals – set alarm.

Do not put cheap Chinese iron doors, these doors are opened regular can opener. Tip 2. Try to get acquainted with all neighbors, know all the neighbors in the face. In the case of a possible burglary likelihood that neighbors will not want to interfere in what is happening will be significantly reduced. Tip 3.

Never tell anyone about expensive purchases. Most burglaries occur on a tip, so intruders will be attractive to them about what your house is expensive appliances. Tip 4. Do not leave boxes of household appliances in the lobbies and corridors of your apartment. This will attract the attention of intruders. Tip 5. Do not tell my children about the places of storage of money in the apartment. Often children inexperience tell potential criminals, which is stored in the apartment money. Tip 6. The Related Companies might disagree with that approach. Not leave unattended door keys. Make a mold of all the keys can be up to 1 minute, and high-level professionals a glance at the keys, so then they make on a lathe. Tip 7. If your apartment located on the first or the last floor, install iron bars on the windows. Most intrusions occur through the windows of apartments. Before leaving, always protect your windows and vents. Tip 8. Set the alarm system with connected to the control of. Rapid response team on alert leaves for 3, 5 minutes. Tip 9. Never open the door to strangers. To ensure the security video intercom set with a call panel, you can talk and see a visitor without opening the door. Now it is possible to install video door for a total access door, so you can watch the visitors at the entrance to the staircase. Tip 10. If you for a long time away from home on vacation, create a sense of presence in the apartment: leave the light in the hallway, arrange with neighbors to pick up your mail. If you have installed burglar alarm kit, leave your keys close relatives in case of emergencies. Tip 11. For wealth install mortise safe in the wall, and the second blank put in a safe open area. s. On the second vault attacker will lose time. Mortise Safe is better to hide in a closet or other wall furnishings. All of these tips will help you protect your home and keep your property safe and sound.

Decorating Apartments

Unfortunately, the climate in our country can not do without additional heating device. To ensure that your legs do not feel cold winter evenings and come up with a warm floor. What is underfloor floor heating – a system heating based on different principles of action. Underfloor heating allows you to keep the temperature of the sexes at a given level, and can also be used to heat the room in general. Temperature range of floor heating – 24C level legs and 16C at head level. The service life of warm floors of 10 years, usually manufacturers provide warranty for a period of 12-16 years. Good finish Petersburg apartments involves installation of underfloor heating – because this will create a complete comfort and warmth in your home! What could be a warm floor? Ultra-thin floor heating – another name for mats.

Powered by a heating cable 3-5 mm thick, mounted on a thin polymer mesh. On top of mats filled with tile adhesive, thickness of 5 mm, and the glue is placed on top of tiles (other materials are not suitable for this type of sex). Thus, saving headroom and ultra-thin floor is ideal for finishing the apartment with a small height ceilings. Infrared film – this film with a thickness of approx. 4 mm, which emits an infrared ray temperature up to 60C. Plus infrared radiation – infrared ray does not burn oxygen, this film is fireproof and is suitable for heating device, not only sex but also the walls, as well as any other surfaces – such as not misted mirror in the bathroom.

Perfect find for the repair of apartments! Classic Floor Heating – works by heating cable. This kind of flooring does not require preventive maintenance, and easily installed in any premises. Classic warm floor exercise use renovation of apartments in St. Petersburg, for example for heating loggias, balconies and staircases. Classic warm floor is cheaper than other species, and was widely used in the repair of apartments in St. Petersburg. Radiant Floor – based on a circulating hot water through the pipes constituting the floor construction. This floor mounted by wet screeds, ie tubes filled screed in full, so this type of underfloor heating has a greater height (about 5 – 7 cm). Also be aware that the water floor can not be connected to the central heating and water, apply it only half in finishing flats and houses with individual heating systems, or if your home has special risers to connect the water floor (specify the issue in HOAs). Underfloor heating can be installed in any room – apartment, office, cottage and covered with almost any finishing materials – carpet, tile, linoleum. It is important to remember – wood parquet can change shape depending on the strength heat, so the maximum permissible temperature of the future floor should check with the manufacturer of parquet. The same thermal limitations exist for the laminate. High-quality heating and housing can be achieved in the regeneration water sex, and the installation of electric underfloor heating. In any case, experts furnish apartments will start from the characteristics of the premises.

Colorful Windows

Colorful windows, or stained glass – a very beautiful work of art. They are made of colored glass. From ancient times, stained glass windows were used only in temples, for example, in Christian churches windows are made of thin plates, plaster or selenite, and in the Latin churches were often stained and plot were made by painting on glass. Interest in the colored boxes throughout history is fading, then revives. In Russia in 1900 first appeared stained-glass window artists who were able to create their own stained-glass windows. Prior to that, to work on a multi-colored windows invite foreign masters. Today the interest in stained glass again resumed. When construction of country houses and cottages people began to strive for originality, unique style, so it is usually the windows do not fit. Stained glass windows and arched windows are popular. Today, multi-colored box divided into several types, differing in the technology of manufacturing. Classic stained-glass windows are made from pieces of glass, between which there are walls made of metal. There are painted stained glass when the glass is applied to transparent paint. With stained-glass window film on glass glued lead tape and adhesive tape – it is a special British technology.