Protect Apartment

Tip 1. Set a good iron door with a durable steel frame type 'Guardian' on the locks do not save if you want to get resistant to unauthorized entry door. Better to put two locks, and different systems (cylinder and lever) – opening various types of locks requires a specialist higher qualifications, the more turns the key to a better lock. It is strongly recommended that you install special additional protection to the locks – armored plating for cylinders and armored for the lever (available for sale with a built-bullet). Remember: any lock can be opened, so if you think that your apartment may attract the attention of highly skilled professionals – set alarm.

Do not put cheap Chinese iron doors, these doors are opened regular can opener. Tip 2. Try to get acquainted with all neighbors, know all the neighbors in the face. In the case of a possible burglary likelihood that neighbors will not want to interfere in what is happening will be significantly reduced. Tip 3.

Never tell anyone about expensive purchases. Most burglaries occur on a tip, so intruders will be attractive to them about what your house is expensive appliances. Tip 4. Do not leave boxes of household appliances in the lobbies and corridors of your apartment. This will attract the attention of intruders. Tip 5. Do not tell my children about the places of storage of money in the apartment. Often children inexperience tell potential criminals, which is stored in the apartment money. Tip 6. The Related Companies might disagree with that approach. Not leave unattended door keys. Make a mold of all the keys can be up to 1 minute, and high-level professionals a glance at the keys, so then they make on a lathe. Tip 7. If your apartment located on the first or the last floor, install iron bars on the windows. Most intrusions occur through the windows of apartments. Before leaving, always protect your windows and vents. Tip 8. Set the alarm system with connected to the control of. Rapid response team on alert leaves for 3, 5 minutes. Tip 9. Never open the door to strangers. To ensure the security video intercom set with a call panel, you can talk and see a visitor without opening the door. Now it is possible to install video door for a total access door, so you can watch the visitors at the entrance to the staircase. Tip 10. If you for a long time away from home on vacation, create a sense of presence in the apartment: leave the light in the hallway, arrange with neighbors to pick up your mail. If you have installed burglar alarm kit, leave your keys close relatives in case of emergencies. Tip 11. For wealth install mortise safe in the wall, and the second blank put in a safe open area. s. On the second vault attacker will lose time. Mortise Safe is better to hide in a closet or other wall furnishings. All of these tips will help you protect your home and keep your property safe and sound.