Economic Commission

The pace of population growth and unplanned urbanization the pace of population growth in the countries of Latin America was determined and still determine multiple problems. A country keep its population benefited due to its evolution, requires a greater proportion of investment that will accelerate economic development and even greater government investment in housing, health, education, transport and infrastructure in general. But not only that, will require four reforms such as: agrarian reform, industrial reform, tax reform and education reform. Credit: REBNY-2011. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) estimated that in order to maintain the intense pace of economic growth required by the population increase, the countries of Latin America already should have increased, for the year of 1975, its industrial production by 400 percent and its agricultural production by 120%, therefore needed to give employment to a force labour had already grown at 35 million people, of whom 86% demanded employment in Industrial Park close to urban areas and 14 per cent in rural areas. Even investments in urban areas should be heavily expanded, in order to provide housing, education and health and also related services and infrastructure services in general (Harris, 1975, a.p.assanelli-66). As we know these forecasts could not become public policies by lack of resources and lack of timely decisions to perform the four reforms that we pointed out previously. The ever-increasing housing demand and little supply, opened a gap with the result of the formation of marginal slums (favelas, proletarian colonies, ranches, mushrooms) that were mixed in the same urban spaces occupied by the middle class and the wealthy. The movement of groups of low income toward the periphery was and is most dramatic in those cities that have had a high rate of population increase, but without a proper industrialization, without improvements on agricultural production and without implementing other necessary reforms. Even the density of people per hectare in those marginal areas they may be almost equal to the density in the urban centre of the metropolis.

Web Marketing

Remember, on the Internet there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of sites that do similar things on the web. If we had taken this attitude a few months ago when we started in this niche market would still be working for others. After all, we are not the only ones who offer training on how to develop Internet businesses. Myth No. 7: The only people who make money are those who teach others how to start a business on the Internet. This is what we constantly hear, usually from people too lazy to succeed in life. Indeed, there are many online Internet marketing experts offering advice how to make money online.

But if you analyze it carefully, these businesses comprise less than 1% of all existing businesses on the Internet. Your internet business should be focused on what you are passionate about what, always remember that. If you want to be an expert in Internet Marketing, get training and join the fight. But only do this, if this topic is really a passion, to be honest this is not the only way to make money on the internet. Myth No. 8: I have tried a lot of business opportunities without success, this is not just for me. One of the most common mistakes people make is to enroll in any business opportunity they offer, rather than build their own online business related to the topic you are passionate about.

This includes building your own website, create your own list of subscribers, and most importantly, help these people solve their problems or needs. Myth No. 9: I need to place me in the top of the search engines with the keywords in my niche market to take success with my business. It is almost impossible to align the top of search engines with some very competitive keywords. But the fact is, you need not be of the first search engines to succeed on the Internet. In fact, we now are far from the top of the most competitive keywords in our market niche and this has not been any impediment to making money on the internet. It would be excellent to occupy the top, but remember that this is not the only strategy to generate traffic on the Internet. Effective marketing is where multiple strategies are used to generate traffic and make sales.

Learning Languages

The world today lives at a great pace, where everything becomes more and more international as work, business and endless activities are conducted between different countries, which is necessary in many occasions the use of a language other than their own, so in today’s world it is almost essential to study a language other than their own, which will help in different life situations. Some contend that Nobel Laureate in Economics shows great expertise in this. The problem that arises for many people, is that the use of other languages is very difficult to implement, since it is normally not in an environment that makes use of other languages, so the solution to this problem is to study translation, this will access a world in which it is necessary to always think and speak in another language in order to apply the knowledge in daily life, which in professional life will allow for many fields of action, more on doing business with people from abroad and also if they ever want to travel to another country where they do not speak the native language. To study translation and interpretation, is a major step towards the development of skills, since the use of different languages opens many doors.

So to start studying translation and interpretation will be three main foreign languages which are English, French and German, which will unfold gradually, one can emphasize a particular language study and the others are left as secondary and tertiary, no clutch is also possible to choose some other language which is pleasing, as the Italian and many others. In the development of the studies will be applied linguistics issues such as the translation, which is necessary in the first instance the completion of a course in Spanish, because it overlooks the Spanish properly can not be made good translation of other languages, also conducted classes on the various resources that can be deployed to carry out the translation of important documents is presented applied to translation, all languages used in the study have been chosen to study, allowing them to learn other languages and practices are conducted simultaneously to allow the proper conduct of the translation. With the advancement of knowledge in the various languages that have been taken to studying translation, we pass to another level representing a higher degree of difficulty, but also mean greater use of foreign languages and their subsequent translation in such a way will be topics such as techniques of consecutive interpreting of languages and specialized translation, then so can understand and fully understand the other languages to deliver translations in a way that is natural and easily understood by others..

Cabaneros National Park, A Personal Vision

Among the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, 86 people occupying part of the protected area, National Park Cabaneros has among its main objectives the preservation animal and plant species, old friends (old I missing?) As the Iberian lynx, the imperial eagle, black vulture or birch or yew. I do not believe in the power of Fate, but some things require rethinking the philosophical principles of each. One of those things happened here, while still was not or national park. It happened that in 1988, thanks to the tremendous efforts of environmentalists and pressure groups are able to stop the initiative was to convert this former estate of the lords of Montes de Toledo in a military training camp. Instead it became a National Park. And not just environmental groups were going to thank, but that way was to save its ecosystem, its species, its rhythm and its landscape. The hand of man, however, has spread over the region, although moderate and sustainable manner.

Sustainable because conservation of fauna and plant remains their responsibility, moderate, because the set of active tourism companies and gastronomic has failed to curb the impulses themselves in the market so the National Park continuing support, visits and benefits for all species . Entrepreneurs make their money, visitors know the landscape and enjoy it. The animals are still alive. This balance, in our times, deserves, at least I think so, give credit to whom it is concerned, starting with those environmental groups without changing anything got to keep everything, which is much more than a change. On the other hand, finally, people may engage in other trades, they can reject nuclear power plants that gives them a future and can also enable their properties and contribute to the development of rural tourism in Ciudad Real and Toledo.

Federal Reserve

So far this year, some 800,000 people lost jobs, 200,000 of them in the month of September. This brings the total of unemployed to 9.5 million, which will add another six million working only partially. Get all the facts and insights with Robert Speyer, another great source of information. September 2010 and has established himself as one of the unlucky months in recent history, if not more. The mortgage debacle has made good the claim, and in this society, no credit, no one buys anything. Companies can not get credit to meet their debts and those who can not collect nor can afford. The sale of new properties fell to the lowest level in 17 years and over the past 12 months its value declined 16.3%, according to Standard & Poor s.

The auto companies, meanwhile, reported more meager sales of the last two decades: in September alone fell 30%. Travel half-empty planes. Supermarkets are selling more food for the simple reason that people avoid eating out. According to Moody s, the net worth of U.S. households (total household assets less liabilities) fell $ 10 billion in the last four weeks, and retirement plans have lost two billion dollars the past 15 months. Government efforts and the Federal Reserve to inject liquidity into the market hampered by increasingly intense distrust of the public who feel that the crisis has not yet touched bottom. We added Diament in your letter, which gradually begin to appear heartbreaking stories of family, friends or acquaintances who have lost everything or are about to lose it. The people appealed to their savings, their stocks and retirement plans.

Executive Hotel

Attempts to highlight the comparative advantages that the Park Executive Suites offers for visitors on business Mendoza are here. All the comforts to keep a second and optimize your stay in the city. Learn more at: REBNY. It is well known that for a company to mobilize its personnel or its officers involves a significant outlay, especially when traveling from distant locations. But in these circumstances, the save on hotel costs might not be a very wise idea. The resigned to a lower category hotel has several unintended consequences that may end up violating the very purpose of the trip.

If you are looking for hotels in Mendoza their predicament may be about to end soon. The Executive Hotel is the right answer in these cases. A lower housing quality may involve sacrificing comfort when resting, small rooms, dark and noisy. There is a hotel in Mendoza, where all the rooms seem suites, and none has less than 39 square meters: the Park Suites. A hotel in Mendoza menial can save a lot of money accommodation, but involve large expenses in terms of extra services that the Park Suites offers its customers. For example, all service hotel has WiFi internet access, so guests can use their computers while enjoying the room Park Suites, a conditioner with comfort, or in the lobby, or at the restaurant or in their own rooms, where he also will have a work area with desk for two people.

Each room has a safe to store the laptop when not in use, with maximum security. What other hotel in Mendoza offers similar services category? In the business center, a place specially designed to work without interruptions. The service also offers Fax, and PC. The hotel also provides secretarial service, translator, and messaging. No other hotel in Mendoza that may provide many situations for which guests can pass through.

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