Executive Hotel

Attempts to highlight the comparative advantages that the Park Executive Suites offers for visitors on business Mendoza are here. All the comforts to keep a second and optimize your stay in the city. Learn more at: REBNY. It is well known that for a company to mobilize its personnel or its officers involves a significant outlay, especially when traveling from distant locations. But in these circumstances, the save on hotel costs might not be a very wise idea. The resigned to a lower category hotel has several unintended consequences that may end up violating the very purpose of the trip.

If you are looking for hotels in Mendoza their predicament may be about to end soon. The Executive Hotel is the right answer in these cases. A lower housing quality may involve sacrificing comfort when resting, small rooms, dark and noisy. There is a hotel in Mendoza, where all the rooms seem suites, and none has less than 39 square meters: the Park Suites. A hotel in Mendoza menial can save a lot of money accommodation, but involve large expenses in terms of extra services that the Park Suites offers its customers. For example, all service hotel has WiFi internet access, so guests can use their computers while enjoying the room Park Suites, a conditioner with comfort, or in the lobby, or at the restaurant or in their own rooms, where he also will have a work area with desk for two people.

Each room has a safe to store the laptop when not in use, with maximum security. What other hotel in Mendoza offers similar services category? In the business center, a place specially designed to work without interruptions. The service also offers Fax, and PC. The hotel also provides secretarial service, translator, and messaging. No other hotel in Mendoza that may provide many situations for which guests can pass through.

If there is need of transportation, this hotel in Mendoza provides all the options: cars without a driver, shuttle service and transportation for excursions and outings. Regarding the organization of events, no other hotel in Mendoza that can give so many options. Since meetings of up to 170 guests, to intimate gatherings of eight people, all options are viable at this hotel in Mendoza. Catering service, multimedia equipment, specialized personnel in the hospitality industry, what more could you want? Undoubtedly a hotel in Mendoza has a comprehensive proposal to optimize time, with all the comfort that only the Park Suites can provide.