Private House Building

If recently you do not leave the idea of building a private house, you're tired of the hustle and dream to watch the children, just looking out the window, then perhaps you are one step away from making a decision about creating your own housing project. Extremely wide range of construction technologies and building materials used today allow you to create environmentally friendly housing with a high level of comfort and low maintenance costs. But there is another side to the coin. Such a saturation of the market often leads to the fact that the future owner of a private house can not decide what should be his family "nest": brick, wood or carcass, what materials to choose for the roof and insulation, heating system which is optimal. Before turning directly to the selection of materials to determine what qualities should an modern family house, to bring joy to owners from year to year.

First, the choice of materials should pay attention to their environmental friendliness. According to environmentalists, the air in our homes many times dirtier than in municipal streets. The main reason – is to use materials that do not meet environmental standards. Therefore, the choice of materials, be sure to ask for the conclusion of the SPP in the absence of harmful substances in the material. Second, low operating costs are an essential criterion for modern living. This applies primarily to energy costs on heating water, space heating in winter and cool in hot weather years in the future determine the size of utility bills.

Moscow Design

In Paris, at the entrance to the arch of the world famous "area of the future, La Defence, tourist meets a strange 25-storey building, its windows – round, square, triangular, arched – literally spread between floors: at the very ceiling, floor, near the edge of the wall and where only the architect did not want to! It is difficult to imagine how Parisians live in the house if he spent all his life in the panel – with the standard layout of an apartment in the 33 meters. But such people experts as a "housing problem" and "School of repair, from the transmission to the transfer of experimenting with the design of apartments in Moscow, prove – any fantasies are attainable. Even if we do not live in Paris – it does not mean that our destiny – Standard! We already have learned to choose the wallpaper and change the floor. But have you ever thought about the fact that the dramatic changes in the apartment may suffer not only the walls? That modern windows can not only be rectangular in shape? By According to Leonov Yuri Yurevich, director of sales at "Build Master", the modern Russian buyers really know much about the properties of plastic windows and virtually nothing about the possibilities of the experimental window design. Bright scenery of your life Window – one of the most important architectural elements of any residential building and can tell a lot about the owners! It reflects the tastes, habits, attitudes toward order, welfare and even nature of the holder.