Health Fan

Although the heater requires far less maintenance work, service and care, compared with traditional fireplaces, some things still do better. Manufacturers of electric fireplaces are generally recommend to carry out electrical service centers at least once a year. The easiest option for you is to call the representative of the service, the company where you bought the electric heater, or simply specialist to work with electrical and household appliances. But if you want a practical person and independently monitor the technical condition of electric fireplaces, you will not encounter any difficulties, if you know what what to do. The first thing you should do before you start to clean the electric heater is make sure that electrical power is off, and the current in the electric heater is not supplied, to avoid accidents.

As you make sure that security measures are met, the heater and heating elements are heated, you do not want to burn your hands, you can start cleaning the hearth. Rinse the electric heater you can use a damp cloth with a thin paint brush bristles and vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust in electric fireplaces. Click Bizzi & Partners for additional related pages. Further, if your model of the electric fireplace provides design, decorative safety glass, wipe it off. Attention! Do not use glass cleaner or other parts of the heater with glass cleaner, as in the fluid are flammable chemicals. Flushing the heater is best conventional liquid soap and a damp cloth for cleaning ware. Do not use hard cloths or a brush, they can easily leave scratches and stains on the body of the heater or the glass. After wet cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth or a fire with paper towels, in a circular motion, this will remove the remains of a fireplace on the surface of liquid soap and get rid of the streaks.

After cleaning, electric fireplace, check for the need to replace the bulb. In order to find out whether you want to replace lamps turn on the electric heater on full power, we have in mind, the flame fireplace, do not include heater. If you notice that the coals or flame the heater itself on the one hand burns brighter than the other, then it's time to light bulbs replaced. In most contemporary models of electric fireplaces are standard 40 watt bulbs, they can be purchased at any hardware store. Just in case, bring to the store one of the lamps, for that would accurately make sure you buy the right size bulb. Lamps have a standard base, perhaps the only difference in diameter. Replace the heater lamp is simple, you drive the old and twisted in its place a new bulb. Finally, make sure that the heater fan is not left dust, check to see whether freely spinning fan blades, it can be done off the heater fan just pushed to one side. If you have any any suspicion of Health Fan, contact the board to the heater manufacturer or consult with qualified professionals before their own replacement or repair the fan.

Better Polypropylene

January 10 in Rostov-on-Don, opened a new web project – all of konalizatsionnyh systems. Read more from Nobel Laureate in Economics to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Decision on the issue in light of the site taken in early 2008 with the aim of strengthening and establishing new business relationships. The aim of the project – a new level development of the company. “Deciding it was caused by high consumer demand and the need to provide detailed information about the products our partners and customers – Explains Sales Director, Anatoliy Kostyukov. – The site not only calling card company, but one universal control lever in business.

“The company has successfully engaged in manufacturing pvc pipes sewer, for all time has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner. By using the latest technology to compete successfully with similar products, both domestic and imported proizvodstva.Kompaniya represents a wide range of PVC pipe, both for internal and for the underground installation of sewer kommunikatsiy.Kompaniya manufactures and sells pvc pipes. Huge range, expert advice specialists will help you make the best decision in choosing the pvc pipes. Long-term partnership, a huge selection of pvc pipes guarantee the special conditions of work organization and allow individual approach to each customer. Plastic PVC pipe right choice for a reliable interior and exterior sewage system.

The advantages of using plastic PVC pipe in the third quarter of last century in the construction of sewage systems used cast iron pipes, but because of the difficulties mount, expensive, small life, cast in many countries have changed to plastic pipes. In the manufacture of plastic pipes commonly used polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). We should also be said about this property of plastic PVC pipe as insulation. All who live in apartments; sign strong unpleasant noise sanitation. If your drain is of plastic pipe, the noise level is much lower. Plastic PVC pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride from the solid has a low . and other benefits the use of plastic sewer pipe pvc: Thermal resistance – when temperature differences are small plastic tubes carry the strain, with pvc pipes have high strength. A strain that occur with the pipes, add some flexibility to them, has saved from breaking; Durability – life of the plastic pipe is 50 years under normal conditions. The service life of steel pipes is 2-3 times smaller, and Sealed convenience of connecting plastic pipes and fittings, with different designs you can create a plastic pipe. This provides tight-tight connection, smoothness and stiffness of PVC sewer pipe – at the expense of the first plastic pipes better throughput garbage and waste, and correspondingly, less build up of dirt and eventually pvc pipes are polished and have become even more smooth. Rigidity and allows the use plastic pipe of large diameter; Transportation – weight plastic pipe is less than the steel several times. As a result, saving labor time for loading and unloading, plus the fuel economy on request about free transport.; Installation – To install a plastic pipe inside and outside of sanitation is not necessary to use special equipment. And due to the small weight of the installation is significantly reduced, resistance to chemical erosion – Plastic pipes do not interact with fats, salt solutions, organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and other means. Also, no effect on the plastic pipe neokazyvayut technical liquid, free from corrosion – plastic pipes can not be exposed to water, bacteria and fungi; Versatile PVC pipes – pipes are used not only to create an internal, external and rainwater drainage, as well as for pipelines for various purposes – to move corrosive fluids, drinking water (use pipes of refined edible plastic).

Classic Fireplace

On the classical mantelpiece and his congregation with a closed firebox construction principles of classical fireplace, inscribed into the interior of the house, namely the fireplace with open fires remain unchanged for hundreds of years, and the same, there are mistakes, which sometimes make even experienced potters. Because the fireplace – not an ordinary product, which, to put it either, everywhere will be in place. Fireplace – one individual. But its effectiveness depends largely on the characteristics of room in which it is located. And since every living room also has its own individual characteristics, to properly combine them.

How is the idle fireplace? Like any other engineering design, has a fireplace some reference point. This is the simplest version of demonstrating the principle of system construction. Finalization of the simplest design possible to utilize a more economical energy otaplivaya her room. Other improvements made fire safe. But the foundation of all models is one. Having decided to install a fireplace, do not look at what it will be the main heating elements of the room. Of course, a fireplace – a type of furnace.

But the oven closed furnace, it heats the room with all his "body", which is heated during firing. The fireplace is a large open hole and the firing line the chimney. Heat during firing quickly goes through these two holes, no time to warm up the design itself. Only heated wall of the fire, but it certainly is not enough. The main fireplace, heat is transferred by radiation from the burning fuel.

Overhaul Apartments

Recall how this story began: in our first paper () we were told that our boss for several years engaged in the construction of the sluggish own home. And one has asked us to offer real, not too expensive and effective ways of saving. With a reasonable prospect of recovery and high efficiency. Since our company – "BashkirEnergoAudit" – has long and successfully engaged in this energy audits and thermal imaging diagnosis, the question as they say, in color. Experts have diversified: and heat, and electricians, and builders.

And training in all not weak. Only here we sat, and thought … it was that we know a lot, but in practice apply their knowledge haphazardly. Each according to their characteristics. We decided to make a measurement tool at home, and generalizing the results to develop a list of recommendations that would allow anyone without high costs and a reasonable time to obtain the result of saving heat and electricity. The first article "1,000 rubles each. Gift, and let no one leave offended.

"Focused on saving energy in your own apartment. Ways low-cost but effective. In it, we were promised that in future "BashkirEnergoAudit" will present two articles about events in the overhaul of the apartment and in designing and building a house. Here is the repair Apartments we are with you and talk. Say at once: we take into account only those methods and techniques that bring real savings for you. Money, or significantly improve the comfort of living. Because invest in energy efficiency, provided that the entire effect appear only in obschedomovom heat meter and will meet the housing department, we believe stupid. They have their own methods and ways to save. So let them learn save and not to write off their shortcomings at our expense. Some questions we consider in the future, but we do know is talking about. Speaking candidly Expert on growth strategy told us the story.

Apartment Renovations

In deciding whether to help design the project. It is a specific set of documents by which any construction company or technically competent team of builders can bring designs to life. 1. Obmerochny drawing (for a detailed floor plan before the commencement of operations). 2. Planning decisions and identification of functional areas, then there is a future plan and a breakdown of the room into zones, here is the arrangement of furniture and other interior.

Before starting to work, must be properly divided into rooms and areas available at your disposal space. It must take into account a lot of nuances, such as age, preference and lifestyle each family member. For example, imagine a flat owners – a married couple with a baby. It is necessary to plan everything before any repairs are flat. The head of the family works hard and mostly on the computer. However, it is not forget about the rest, and on weekends the family loves to host guests. In this case allows the footage can be split to offer an apartment for four rooms: bedroom, child's room, living room combined with kitchen, and study. The joint kitchen and living room will easily and quickly organize large banquet table, and the presence of the cabinet will allow the head of household to work without being distracted by extraneous things like TV, and if he zasiditsya late, it does not hurt to rest his wife and child.

Baby room in our example, also must be given of course a lot of attention. Because children at an early age like to play on the floor, the material of which it is made, must be clean, warm and easy to wash. Also for the development of the child in the room needed a sports area, which can be easily removed when the child grows up. And if he goes to school, it is necessary will take care of his job – it must be comfortable and well lit. 3.Reshenie light on the organization of the environment.


Ventilation. You will work jigsaw and circular saw, while, in addition to sawdust, will produce fine dust as if an atomic explosion. A small tree – and the metal, by the way, the dust (and still – flour, powdered sugar, etc.) has an unexpected and unpleasant property to explode – so need ventilation. AND welding gives the smoke that without ventilation you there soon zdohnesh. Holes in the wall with the inserted fan (and closing the valve) to extract nearly enough. Turn off the fan should be accompanied by the closure valve – otherwise the mosquitoes in summer, winter, mice and rats will climb. Air inlet should be fine metal mesh – for the same reasons. Well to make such suspension a corrugated pipe that would pull the smoke from where he forms – from soldering, grinding machine, etc.

Cook for you – as luck would have) – have in the winter, so that the outdoor air is no hope but in the summer that would enjoy – the window should be, and that would have opened (and then there will want to save a couple of bucks and put a 'blind' windows). Once the window – hence, the mosquito nets. Paul. Linoleum on the floor is not suitable. Do you there will spill oil (do not argue – at least once so will spill, and even once in life you will do), slippery will be long and you'll have fun. The same garbage with the tile. And the wooden floor is better not to do fly – wood oiled and become very good fuel. Cement does not become slippery: water, gasoline and oil it will absorb in 10 minutes no fire hazard.

Private House Building

If recently you do not leave the idea of building a private house, you're tired of the hustle and dream to watch the children, just looking out the window, then perhaps you are one step away from making a decision about creating your own housing project. Extremely wide range of construction technologies and building materials used today allow you to create environmentally friendly housing with a high level of comfort and low maintenance costs. But there is another side to the coin. Such a saturation of the market often leads to the fact that the future owner of a private house can not decide what should be his family "nest": brick, wood or carcass, what materials to choose for the roof and insulation, heating system which is optimal. Before turning directly to the selection of materials to determine what qualities should an modern family house, to bring joy to owners from year to year.

First, the choice of materials should pay attention to their environmental friendliness. According to environmentalists, the air in our homes many times dirtier than in municipal streets. The main reason – is to use materials that do not meet environmental standards. Therefore, the choice of materials, be sure to ask for the conclusion of the SPP in the absence of harmful substances in the material. Second, low operating costs are an essential criterion for modern living. This applies primarily to energy costs on heating water, space heating in winter and cool in hot weather years in the future determine the size of utility bills.

Moscow Design

In Paris, at the entrance to the arch of the world famous "area of the future, La Defence, tourist meets a strange 25-storey building, its windows – round, square, triangular, arched – literally spread between floors: at the very ceiling, floor, near the edge of the wall and where only the architect did not want to! It is difficult to imagine how Parisians live in the house if he spent all his life in the panel – with the standard layout of an apartment in the 33 meters. But such people experts as a "housing problem" and "School of repair, from the transmission to the transfer of experimenting with the design of apartments in Moscow, prove – any fantasies are attainable. Even if we do not live in Paris – it does not mean that our destiny – Standard! We already have learned to choose the wallpaper and change the floor. But have you ever thought about the fact that the dramatic changes in the apartment may suffer not only the walls? That modern windows can not only be rectangular in shape? By According to Leonov Yuri Yurevich, director of sales at "Build Master", the modern Russian buyers really know much about the properties of plastic windows and virtually nothing about the possibilities of the experimental window design. Bright scenery of your life Window – one of the most important architectural elements of any residential building and can tell a lot about the owners! It reflects the tastes, habits, attitudes toward order, welfare and even nature of the holder.

Interior Design

Creating a conducive atmosphere in the house is a science which is practiced by artists and interior designers, in addition to this, they should still be good psychologists, and to be able to feel the mood and character of the host, because above all it must feel to create an environment comfortable. Everyone is engaged in registration of their housing, wants to do everything so that live in it was not only comfortable, but pleasantly so best in the selection of furniture and various stylish decor elements to seek assistance from competent interior designer. In our time, the choice of upholstered furniture is very great, and opt for a particular model nearly impossible. Many furniture manufacturers are retrained for the manufacture of interior not only on a wooden base, but from others as natural and synthetic materials. Despite the this is furniture made traditionally from wood, are still popular.

With the development of the industries began to develop and furniture industry to continually increase the range and thus attract new customers, had to invent something radically new. Perhaps for this reason, and disappeared from many homes so dear to the heart, pieces of furniture made of wood. Not one house is complete without a piece of furniture like a sofa, he has become an indispensable part of any living room. Sofas come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the area of the room in which it will be located and the intended use it as a generally available, complete with chairs, or individually.

Paris Building

There is nothing like his palaces, parks, fountains, sculptures and ponds. Versailles is only at the Sun King. And he is lord of Hardouin-Mansart. The royal architect, this time brilliantly coped with the task – To build beautiful, safe, fast. For the past ten years, from 1678, Hardouin-Mansart directs the work at Versailles. He rebuilt and enlarged the royal palace, built more for the current monarch's father – Louis XIII … The story itself Hardouin-Mansart called to embody in the architecture of flowering unlimited power of French kings. He knew he could.

No wonder that he was a descendant and disciple of the Francois Mansart – a very respected man, a prominent architect. The whole of France the first half of XVII century, knew of his work in the strict and seasoned classical style … Both the French – and the uncle and nephew – a lot of attention paid not only to building facades, and roof. Her role in their creations was so great that the name of the French architects has given birth to a new term – "Loft". Pleasures of the mansard life today is already a spent XX century. Today, under the name "attic" means the attic space under the cool the broken roof.

Which, as mentioned in the encyclopedia, "is used both for housing and for economic purposes." And even if the original attic of the house was not provided, it can build on, increasing the useful area of the building. Live in the attic has always been very romantic. Not for nothing are so loved by artists and poets. Loft, like a true Parisian, generously gives its residents an atmosphere of extraordinary comfort and the possibility of seclusion, much valued and a hundred years ago and now. "Well, then in Paris," – says a skeptical reader. And did you know that we have a few years ago adopted a program adjustment five-story building (or, simply, "Khrushchev"), which, among other improvements and enhancements of living space, includes the add-attic? Moreover, this program is even slowly comes to life in some suburban towns. And many affluent citizens are not averse to acquire attics wooden windows. So the question of the proper device, as you see, do not idle.