Apartment Renovations

In deciding whether to help design the project. It is a specific set of documents by which any construction company or technically competent team of builders can bring designs to life. 1. Obmerochny drawing (for a detailed floor plan before the commencement of operations). 2. Planning decisions and identification of functional areas, then there is a future plan and a breakdown of the room into zones, here is the arrangement of furniture and other interior.

Before starting to work, must be properly divided into rooms and areas available at your disposal space. It must take into account a lot of nuances, such as age, preference and lifestyle each family member. For example, imagine a flat owners – a married couple with a baby. It is necessary to plan everything before any repairs are flat. The head of the family works hard and mostly on the computer. However, it is not forget about the rest, and on weekends the family loves to host guests. In this case allows the footage can be split to offer an apartment for four rooms: bedroom, child's room, living room combined with kitchen, and study. The joint kitchen and living room will easily and quickly organize large banquet table, and the presence of the cabinet will allow the head of household to work without being distracted by extraneous things like TV, and if he zasiditsya late, it does not hurt to rest his wife and child.

Baby room in our example, also must be given of course a lot of attention. Because children at an early age like to play on the floor, the material of which it is made, must be clean, warm and easy to wash. Also for the development of the child in the room needed a sports area, which can be easily removed when the child grows up. And if he goes to school, it is necessary will take care of his job – it must be comfortable and well lit. 3.Reshenie light on the organization of the environment.