Laying Parquet

To properly lay parquet, requires special tools and equipment: grinding and polishing machines, pneumatic tools for shooting and plywood flooring and airless paint, precision circular saws, industrial vacuum cleaners, a variety of metering and meter. Some equipment you will need to purchase required, without some manage to get by. Tool for shooting plywood – equipment that is desirable to have at home. For parquet such a tool is needed. But if you want you can also use ordinary nails, but in this case parketoukladochnye work take away more time and effort. For laying flooring you will need a set of tools: plumb plate, folding rule, square, saw, sharp knife (for precise fitting), hammer, wedges, roofing paper (Polystyrene), glue, pencil, dobivochny crutch (a special tool that is used for laying parquet boards along the walls, instead we can take a crowbar), jigsaw (for cutting parquet boards, etc.), a drill with a cutting attachment (for Cut round holes for pipes). Also, you can not do without mortgage sleeves (to skip the pipes), the endurance of a high-polymer film thickness of 0.2 mm, the material to align the "rough" sex. For processing laid flooring, especially in large areas, using oil or wax you may need sanding machine.

Also very convenient for household floor polishers. Single disc sanders Single disc sanders machines can effectively be applied as an oil impregnation and paste wax. In addition, these machines can be used to clean and care for waxed or impregnated coatings. For application and impregnation sealant machine equipped with special brushes (padas) of artificial materials with nylon or polyester pile. For different stages (cleaning, deposition, polishing) used brushes of fibers of different diameters and with different pile density. To distinguish them, brushes, according to European standard, painted in different colors. Black and green (crude) go for pre-cleaning surface. To delete a particularly hard caked dirt used as a ring of tangled steel wires, allowing mechanically clean the surface.

Blue and red colors are used for applying mastic and impregnations. Pads beige and white are used for polishing surface. To care for the oil and wax can be purchased polishers. Household floor polishers are compact, they can be kept in private suburban homes, apartments, offices. Polishers designed for areas with heavy loads, have many modifications and their cost is much higher. Particular attention should be given the choice of protective coating. Manufacturers of hardwood materials offer a huge selection of different types of parquet lacquers that give a different structure of the coated surface: matte, semi-matt, glossy. There was widespread infiltration of parquet floors with special essential oils do not form a film on the wood surface. Oil can used alone or in combination with an additional wax coating. Means to care for flooring helps to prolong the life of the flooring. This may be polishing tools, wax mastic liquid oils to care for oiled floors. Parquet varnishes (lacquers to protect the flooring surface) are becoming more common. On the types and choice of varnish to cover the parquet floor, we discuss below. Types of parquet glue There are three types of adhesives: water dispersion, solvent-based, two-component (reactive). Currently, all produced adhesives meet the requirements of ecology. Adhesives, water-based enjoyed increasing success in European countries, in Russia they have not yet been sufficiently disseminated. All water-based adhesives for curing emit water vapor, and therefore harmless, do not possess pungent odor. But for each hardwood floor is not suitable adhesive, water-based. It is known that water detrimental effect on the tree, contributing to wet, warping, and sometimes rotting parquet. Some tree species normally perceive the glue to a water-based. For other preferred any other type of glue. This applies particularly to the parquet floor of certain tree species. Parquet from fruit woods (pear, apple, cherry, etc.), and and beech parquet subject vlagotemperaturnoy considerable strain. And consequently, there are restrictions on the use of water-dispersed compositions. Aqueous adhesives differ in the percentage of water. From him directly depends on the cost: the more water, the lower the price. For example, glue Kilto Standard (Finland) contains 36% water, so the flooring in beech, maple, ash, fruit trees, it is not applicable. Permissible to use this brand of glue for wood flooring from oak. Oak flooring is much more resistant to moisture. But even for him to use the glue with a high content of moisture is undesirable. Such a glue suitable for gluing plywood and glue plywood strip to the base. As part of the adhesive well-known Swedish company bona B-720" 22% water. It is more suitable for bonding parquet to the ground, nevertheless should not be allowed to use this adhesive for bonding parquet beech maple and ash, especially at small thickness of the slats (10 mm). In addition, the ratio of the width of floor plank (of any tree) to its thickness should not exceed 3-3,5. German glue stauf M2A-720" on properties similar to glue a "B-720". There is another variety of aquatic adhesive solution – two adhesives. These solutions are considered the most modern. The action of adhesives based on the use of emulsion adhesive and binding excessive moisture powdered composition. Clay bona H-790 consists of an emulsion or powder. Before use, the components are mixed. Powder binds excess water, leaving only 11%. This adhesive can be used for any type of flooring, without restrictions. Dispersion adhesives dry out completely in about 7 days. In Russia, the aqueous dispersion trains are not a great success: they may freeze during transport, then their properties are somewhat worse. Solvents, adhesives have the widest application. They harden faster dispersion – 5 days, the polishing of parquet is usually possible to start even earlier. In addition, their use in cases where there is no technical the possibility of using dispersion adhesives. For laying parquet best fit the following brands: bona 8-760, stauf WFR-4, uzin MK-73 and MK-97. They are all high quality, about the same kind and price. Quite a long time may be in the open state (15 minutes), which facilitates their use. Due to the high turnover of adhesive laid parquet can be partially tinker even after laying adjacent rows. But keep in mind that all adhesives solvents, fire risks, so work with them to be careful, away from open flames. Naturally, in any case you can not smoke in the room during the use of glue on the well-ventilated place and in tightly closed containers. Two component adhesives are also called reactive because they contain no water, no solvents, and bonding occurs due to chemical reaction, non-shrinking. Such adhesives are a number of advantages over others: they used for bonding parquet to any any reason, they are about three times stronger and freeze for a day so that you can grind on the next day. But there are also disadvantages. First of all, of the adhesives include adverse health component, so when the work is necessary to use personal protective equipment. Once the glue has hardened, it is perfectly safe. Another drawback of reactive adhesives is their high price. Reactive adhesives are typically used where the use of other types of glue inappropriate. For example, when laying a solid board, because of its large size, even in the application of adhesives solvents linear deformation is very high, moreover, requires greater bond strength. In addition, there are parquet, which is already factory-varnished. And in that case you can not use alcohol-based adhesives, the more dispersive. They can cause a dissolution, cracking paint and warped flooring. For reactive adhesives include the following: bona R770, uzin mk 92S, stauf ZK-PU.

Infrared Sauna: An Oasis For Your Apartment

Infrared heat cabins were invented by Japanese scientists in the middle of last century, and soon became immensely popular. And now they are the same, yet completely accessible. "Home Sauna" – words that admit of pleasantness, and noteworthy. Relax after a day, gain energy, strength, improve health, not leaving the apartment. Taking into account the rapid pace of modern life, these factors are significant. A infrared saunas do have a number of useful properties.

And these are just some of them: Warm the body the body to a depth of about 4 cm (conventional saunas figure is considerably less – about, 4 cm!). Acceleration of blood flow and increased activity of the immune system Improving muscle power Removing toxins Skin rejuvenation efficient calorie-burning last point is worth special attention to the chapel: infrared saunas – the specialists in this part, because a half-hour procedure can burn up to 2400 calories! Of course, the misuse of this wonderful opportunity is not: all you need to know the measure. And when you get home infrared sauna – all you can not worry: systematic reasonable procedures are available than ever before. Health and beauty thanks to infrared saunas have become your permanent companions. It is worth noting that during the procedure your body temperature briefly rises to 38.5 C, simulating a natural response to infection. And this in the bud suppresses growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. On a charge of vivacity and energy and can not speak – the sauna no equal.

Thanks to modern technology an abundance of positive characteristics of infrared saunas combined with fairly simple requirements in terms of installation and operation. For example, infrared saunas are connected to the usual network 220, and use a fairly small amount of energy. Installation, as mentioned earlier, it simple and quick. A deficit in the territory will be sufficient, and 1 square. m. In addition to this – to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing procedure, you can have 10-15 minutes after turning on the network. In other words, on the way home you can count on a rapid recovery of strength and flow of vital energy in the fact that neither has the near future! Home infrared sauna will be a real oasis of relaxation right in your apartment – and provide you with good health and wonderful spirits!

Moving Apartments

To move did not fire, just need to know how a complex and difficult service. The consistent and correct execution of each individual operation significantly reduces the time of execution move. The arrival of movers. Movers come to move in advance only if you order additional services "Disassembly of furniture." Disassembly and packing of furniture is based on the volume and complexity of the work of the 2-hdo 8 hours. Preparing to move furniture. The following operations: the removal and rearranging furniture; separation of furniture, fixing furniture fronts tape stripping of the mirrors.

removal of the shelves and fixing them. Disassembly of furniture. Partial disassembly of furniture, executed porters of "Low Coast Move" is not further be calculated and paid. When disassembling furniture assemblers its mark, while packaged and stacked for proper transportation. Packing furniture. Standard packaging includes a cardboard strip panels of furniture and fixing them with tape. This operation is included in the cost of relocation services.

At your request we can pack furniture to more expensive packaging materials. Laying things. Stacking and packing things in boxes and bags. In the box is placed utensils, books and fragile items. In the bags are usually placed things. Boxes and bags are securely fixed scotch. Removal of belongings and furniture for the car. First imposed oa furniture, kitchen and then soft and only then things and boxes. In the first place is removed from the apartment that the first cargo in a / the car. Loading machine. Loading machines with simultaneous laying and fixing things and furniture. This is the most important and crucial stage of the move, he performed under the guidance of the most experienced movers. Transportation. We strictly follow the speed limits during transportation. Speed over 60 mph at the Transport of furniture is not allowed. Unloading furniture and belongings out of the car their rise to new premises. Placement of furniture assembly furniture. Moving over. After removal of debris is acceptance of work and final settlement with our representative.

Interior Design Project Apartment

Major repairs, alterations, or any other drastic changes in the interior – a very important step. They do for a long time, require a lot of effort, time and financial costs. Therefore it is necessary once to make maximum effort, then to enjoy many years with the result. Sometimes, you want something new, beautiful and yet practical, but it is difficult to express warriors desire. Even harder to turn them into a specific layout, style, or idea. Clear only one thing – you want comfortable space for living, relaxing and socializing with friends. It is feasible and will help you a designer who will prepare the design project. What is a design project? Design project of a cottage or apartment consists of a range of services to create an interior designer.

Usually, it involves planning solution, preliminary proposal and working drawings. Their number in each case is determined individually, based on the customer's wishes. Help the designer to create Addressing the designer must remember one very important thing. None of the most talented professional will not be able to work without your participation. Try to describe in detail to him your tastes, habits and lifestyle. Agree, an interior for a noisy family with two children and his beloved dog, to be materially different from studio apartments for the young partygoers. Therefore, the better you and the designer will understand each other than More details will tell him about the needs of his family, the better the result. Planning decision Voice designer wishes to functional loading apartment.

Lease Premises

You have already picked up space for rent and are going to conclude an appropriate agreement with the landlord? What do I need to pay attention! In preparation for the conclusion of the lease premises should pay particular attention to documentation landlord: View the original and a copy of the certificate of title to the premises, is not clarified whether it is in the mortgage and not be there under arrest. If you rent a room with a view to opening the new company and you need a legal address – please check with your tax office, is not the address of your new office address of the mass registration of companies, if so, there may be some difficulty in obtaining registered address. If you are renting office space or any other destination in the sublease, make sure that there is in the presence of the main lease premises from the landlord himself, which clearly defined terms rental and no restriction or ban on letting premises in the sublease. Carefully read the terms of the contract, make any necessary corrections are important to you. Rental of premises for your business is a major undertaking. Correctly written contract of lease is one of the bases in the foundation of civilized relations between you and the landlord. If you are having difficulty in finding accommodation or preparing the lease, you can always apply to specialized agencies, such as such as llc Rikomp. Employees of this organization specializing in rentals of offices and premises for other purposes for business and always ready to consult their clients on issues such as office rent and lease of premises for other purposes, to prepare a lease agreement or provide consultation on the already prepared documents and contracts.

Downpayment Mortgage

Why do many people find it difficult to go for a mortgage, one of these reasons is the initial payment, which often ranges from 20 to 30 percent of the cost of purchased your home. Moreover, the higher you'll pay for your the initial payment, the lower will usually be your interest rate on your mortgage. But many of these 20-30% of the cost of housing can not be put right. Where they had to save those who have a salary that does not allow, or delay did not work (money, even if deep in the pillow, still want to get out and spend), or inflation or the immediate problems in life eats. You can certainly search the bank, which will be the initial fee, but then again look at the interest rates and other fees on a fee for related services.

In other cases, however, expect that the bank may give you a long-term loan as a mortgage without this contribution can only be those that have already formed an impeccable credit history many years specifically in the bank – as an indicator to them of your reliability. Again this story was supposed to take shape than loans for buying household tape. You must have been substantial loans. When the same kind of money and his bank has no mercy, and his apartment very well be, there are times when people decide on consumer credit for the amount of this initial contribution. Well, it just really has to be the most extreme option, because of consumer credit rates are significantly higher than the mortgage. And it turns out that we should pay immediately on the two loans – and a double bondage. Taking a mortgage you must currently be clear that this is a very serious step. Indeed, for many years you have quite a significant amount to withdraw from the family budget to cover all payments.

Highlights Of The Acquisition Of Housing In The Czech Republic .

At present, buying a business property abroad has become routine and commonplace, as it was impossible to think, for example, during the Soviet Union. Such investments are profitable and fairly reliable, a fact recognized the enormous number of our compatriots. In the present small article we would like to talk not so much about investments, and more specifically – New real estate in the Czech Republic. Modern, civilized country with ancient history and unique traditions. Czech Republic is quite popular with Russian, many of our fellow citizens often rest on resorts of the country.

In the popular places are often easier to hear the Russian language than Czech. And indeed, the Czech Republic has many grounds popularity: Excellent food, unique identity, historical buildings and architecture, gourmet beer. Necessary to note the unique nature of the country, there amazing at any time of year – excellent choice for leisure and amendment of health, but as demand winter trails for skiers. Now think if you have your own beautiful home in this great country? Firstly, just want to say that Real estate here is not that already cheap compared with other European countries. price trend is noticeable for many years and likely to continue in the future – is reasonably good consolidation national crown and living standards of citizens of this republic. Nevertheless, the Czech Republic: Prices of luxury properties – a justifiable representation of the existing standard of living, but not fabulous prices in post-Soviet countries. Buying a home in the Czech Republic, you ensure the safety of their own sredst.

Czech Republic: the buying and selling real estate in Prague – a profitable and promising for modern people who want to start a business in this country. In this case, a person can get long-term permission to stay in the country, and then have the opportunity to apply and for a permanent residence. It is necessary to highlight the fact that year after year more and more successful people around the world are thinking about buying a home in the Czech Republic, it confirms its potential and the potential benefits. Another important aspect may be a matter of choosing the firm through which you can buy a home in the Czech Republic and execute all necessary permits. Professionals are advised to refer exclusively to the well-known and proven companies that have proven themselves in the market.