Ventilation. You will work jigsaw and circular saw, while, in addition to sawdust, will produce fine dust as if an atomic explosion. A small tree – and the metal, by the way, the dust (and still – flour, powdered sugar, etc.) has an unexpected and unpleasant property to explode – so need ventilation. AND welding gives the smoke that without ventilation you there soon zdohnesh. Holes in the wall with the inserted fan (and closing the valve) to extract nearly enough. Turn off the fan should be accompanied by the closure valve – otherwise the mosquitoes in summer, winter, mice and rats will climb. Air inlet should be fine metal mesh – for the same reasons. Well to make such suspension a corrugated pipe that would pull the smoke from where he forms – from soldering, grinding machine, etc.

Cook for you – as luck would have) – have in the winter, so that the outdoor air is no hope but in the summer that would enjoy – the window should be, and that would have opened (and then there will want to save a couple of bucks and put a 'blind' windows). Once the window – hence, the mosquito nets. Paul. Linoleum on the floor is not suitable. Do you there will spill oil (do not argue – at least once so will spill, and even once in life you will do), slippery will be long and you'll have fun. The same garbage with the tile. And the wooden floor is better not to do fly – wood oiled and become very good fuel. Cement does not become slippery: water, gasoline and oil it will absorb in 10 minutes no fire hazard.