Colorful Windows

Colorful windows, or stained glass – a very beautiful work of art. They are made of colored glass. From ancient times, stained glass windows were used only in temples, for example, in Christian churches windows are made of thin plates, plaster or selenite, and in the Latin churches were often stained and plot were made by painting on glass. Interest in the colored boxes throughout history is fading, then revives. In Russia in 1900 first appeared stained-glass window artists who were able to create their own stained-glass windows. Prior to that, to work on a multi-colored windows invite foreign masters. Today the interest in stained glass again resumed. When construction of country houses and cottages people began to strive for originality, unique style, so it is usually the windows do not fit. Stained glass windows and arched windows are popular. Today, multi-colored box divided into several types, differing in the technology of manufacturing. Classic stained-glass windows are made from pieces of glass, between which there are walls made of metal. There are painted stained glass when the glass is applied to transparent paint. With stained-glass window film on glass glued lead tape and adhesive tape – it is a special British technology.