Decorating Apartments

Unfortunately, the climate in our country can not do without additional heating device. To ensure that your legs do not feel cold winter evenings and come up with a warm floor. What is underfloor floor heating – a system heating based on different principles of action. Underfloor heating allows you to keep the temperature of the sexes at a given level, and can also be used to heat the room in general. Temperature range of floor heating – 24C level legs and 16C at head level. The service life of warm floors of 10 years, usually manufacturers provide warranty for a period of 12-16 years. Good finish Petersburg apartments involves installation of underfloor heating – because this will create a complete comfort and warmth in your home! What could be a warm floor? Ultra-thin floor heating – another name for mats.

Powered by a heating cable 3-5 mm thick, mounted on a thin polymer mesh. On top of mats filled with tile adhesive, thickness of 5 mm, and the glue is placed on top of tiles (other materials are not suitable for this type of sex). Thus, saving headroom and ultra-thin floor is ideal for finishing the apartment with a small height ceilings. Infrared film – this film with a thickness of approx. 4 mm, which emits an infrared ray temperature up to 60C. Plus infrared radiation – infrared ray does not burn oxygen, this film is fireproof and is suitable for heating device, not only sex but also the walls, as well as any other surfaces – such as not misted mirror in the bathroom.

Perfect find for the repair of apartments! Classic Floor Heating – works by heating cable. This kind of flooring does not require preventive maintenance, and easily installed in any premises. Classic warm floor exercise use renovation of apartments in St. Petersburg, for example for heating loggias, balconies and staircases. Classic warm floor is cheaper than other species, and was widely used in the repair of apartments in St. Petersburg. Radiant Floor – based on a circulating hot water through the pipes constituting the floor construction. This floor mounted by wet screeds, ie tubes filled screed in full, so this type of underfloor heating has a greater height (about 5 – 7 cm). Also be aware that the water floor can not be connected to the central heating and water, apply it only half in finishing flats and houses with individual heating systems, or if your home has special risers to connect the water floor (specify the issue in HOAs). Underfloor heating can be installed in any room – apartment, office, cottage and covered with almost any finishing materials – carpet, tile, linoleum. It is important to remember – wood parquet can change shape depending on the strength heat, so the maximum permissible temperature of the future floor should check with the manufacturer of parquet. The same thermal limitations exist for the laminate. High-quality heating and housing can be achieved in the regeneration water sex, and the installation of electric underfloor heating. In any case, experts furnish apartments will start from the characteristics of the premises.