The Kitchen

Do I need a separate kitchen or a room with a hall? The presence or absence partition between the room and the kitchen does not affect the amount of space allocated for these premises. Kitchen area is considered optimal for at least 12 m2 for 4 people living in the house. Floor area shall be not less than 24 m2 for 4 people. If the house plans to actively cooking processes on storage of canned food for the winter, the hall will be automatically converted into one large kitchen. If the kitchen area about 12 m2 and the ceiling height of about 2.5 meters, it is necessary to take into account during the long cooking process, especially during the summer, the air of the hall will also be heated and saturated with vapors from the kitchen. To avoid this, you'll need an adequate system of ventilation and . Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Therefore, we can say that the lack of walls between the kitchen and hall, almost no effect on the cost of construction.

To a large extent, this is a matter of priorities. How much should be in the house bathrooms rooms and toilets? The presence of an additional "extra" bathroom is clearly reflected in the cost of construction and subsequent internal otdelke.Ono and understand the cost of finishing and equipment of a bathroom around 6 m2 area equal to cost of finishing two rooms of about 15 m2. Therefore, this issue must be approached without fanaticism. If the home is constantly up to 4 people, then separate bath and toilet is enough to not formed part of the morning to these premises.

Lydia Reshetnikova

Global credit crunch has left its mark on the Russian mortgage market. Stricter requirements for borrowers, rising interest rates, the suspension of many mortgage programs – is the result of financial instability. By According to mortgage broker Lydia Reshetnikova, market housing loans continues to change, and change is not in favor of the borrower. On September 1, many banks are working on mortgage programs, raised Interest rates on loans. Growth was not a surprise. Generally unstable situation in the mortgage market played a role.

The impetus for the revision of rates of change in standards Serve hmla. Since September 15, hmla introduces several changes. In Specifically, the price of refinancing will be calculated on the basis of the approved rate at the time of supply of mortgage credit. Refinancing rate will be determined as the sum of the base rate and the margin for credit risk. Its size will be determined both by time and the ratio of loan to collateral, and taking into account the loan amount. In general, changes lead to a tightening of lending standards.

– In recent months there has been a decline in both mortgage transactions, and generally on real estate transactions, – tells Lydia Reshetnikov. – It is clear that the rate increase will also not promote the growth of mortgage lending. Changed and the attitude to the borrower. If before lending institutions were willing to turn a blind eye to many things, especially now held up to scrutiny. Further details can be found at Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia, an internet resource. This means that a borrower with a negative credit history is little chance of getting a mortgage. More became rigid approach to the package of documents. It's no secret that the old days, banks were willing to consider "gray income" often make false statement of earnings. Today lenders want a maximum secure.

Town Residential

Young people from the immediate vicinity loves coming here, especially during the summer holidays. During the day you can spend your time on the beach and in the evening to go to the disco. Older people will be especially pleased to an evening stroll along the coast to admire the berths in the light of night lights, walk through the historic center. Of course, good food and wine is always in abundance. With regard to territorial characteristics of Alghero, there are two major residential areas: the south central part and northern part of the city. North of Alghero is a tourist center. Expert on growth strategy may not feel the same. In recent decades, on the outskirts of the city built many new areas: Karagol, Tauler, Monte Curry and others. The plans for the building of the city, approved by local authorities, starting with the 50-ies and to this day, does not provide for parking, green recreational areas, almost no planned construction of museums and sports facilities.

Dominated by speculative entrepreneurial culture, which relied on the construction of buildings and apartments for sale, without taking into account people's needs and problems of transport. Most streets are narrow and almost all one-way traffic. Experts believe that due to lack of actual need for this tendency will prevail, so as population growth has stopped indefinitely. But the spirit of the seaside European town with its beautiful waterfront, moored yachts, narrow streets lined with ancient pamyatnyakami architecture, seascapes, the hospitality of local residents, the presence of numerous bars and restaurants make this city an unusually comfortable and attractive for those interested in real estate near the sea. Kalabona areas: the southern area of the city, consists mainly of residential buildings. Karagol: a new residential complex on the east, near the industrial zone Galboneddu.

Carmine: Located on the artery leading from the eastern city gate to the area . Karrabuffas: there was a recently at the periphery, continues to expand. Old Town: the heart of the city, has some architectural gems such as churches, towers and bastions. Along with the residential buildings are located commercial structure. Kuguttu: Located close to the city hospital, borders on the Lido and Tauler. Kunetta: elegant residential area, located in the southeast. Lido: situated in the northern part of the city, especially dynamic in the summer. Maria Pia: Located in the north of the city. Can be conventionally divided into a residential area and the sports and recreation, where many sports fields and areas of greenery. Merchede: the central part of the city, there is a park Tarragona. Nucleo San Michele: the area adjacent to the area Kalabona. Consists of buildings of recent construction, continues to expand. : considered one of the most densely populated areas of the city. Located along the street Don Minzoni. There are a lot of businesses, as well as the railway station "Santa Agostino. Pivarada: an area located near the cemetery and sewage treatment plants (which will soon be moved to more suitable location in an industrial area of San Marco). Densely populated area. San Giuliano: a residential complex located in the southeastern part of town, near the district Karrabufas. Sant 'Agostino: named in honor of the church. District public and private residential homes and commercial buildings. Skalkita: the last residential area on the southern outskirts of the city. Tauler: a new residential complex consists of apartment buildings and houses.

Avoid Mistakes

Ads are full texts of the “Buy an apartment,” “Buy an apartment!”. Perhaps you yourself do not just place such advertising. Not surprisingly, because real estate is the usual object of sale, especially for apartments and private homes. So, you have the correct amount, but no apartment. Where to start looking? How to buy an apartment, while not hitting a mess? These are the questions we will answer. First, you must decide for themselves whether the apartment is the primary fund or secondary (risk when buying the same high).

Further, determine whether you flee to the services of realtors and lawyers. Agency services are quite expensive, but it reduces the risk of buying an apartment. Robert Speyer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Where to look for an apartment? The initial step is to search the apartment. It can be found by 4 ways: 1) by real estate agencies, 2) resorting to the private real estate agent, and 3) to search through newspaper ads and e-portals, 4) asking friends and family. The choice, as you see there. The only difference in cost and reliability of sources. Agency and realtor gives more guarantees fast and successful search for an apartment. Calls on the ads – it laborious and time-consuming. Each proposal should be carefully evaluated. A appeal to the familiar yet not a guarantee of reliability. Services Agency real estate agencies to choose from increased caution. After all, it will be guarantor of your acquisition of an apartment. Recommendations of friends a little – call the agency and take the exit at.

Sergey Chernyshev

In view of the ease of such designs can be saved on the foundations “2. These technologies can not only reduce construction costs, but also to erect buildings with higher performance characteristics. Frameworks for the masses “Experiments with concrete – not only promising line of inexpensive construction. “The state should adopt a version of the housing at the most economical technology of building frames and hold up an appropriate technology policy. Robert J. Shiller follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Only skeletons allow an average saving all materials in one and a half or two times. To build without walls! So does the entire world “- said Marcel Bikbaev 3.

Abroad for many years in as load-bearing steel structures used, which replaced a monolithic construction. And if in Russia they are still actively used only during the construction of commercial buildings (warehouses, shopping centers, etc.), then in many Western countries up to 80% of residential buildings constructed on the basis of the metal frame. “Model building on the base metal, – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian subsidiary of (leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering) – provides some obvious advantages. Main – speed, which is very important in today’s world, as well as cheapening and simplification construction works as a skilled labor force becomes more expensive everywhere. ” However, the situation changes. In March this year, first time in Russia introduced the concept of a 16-storey residential building in the serial based on metal. Components of such buildings are supplied, and assembly technology (all threaded connections and require no welding) excludes the possibility of improper installation.

Selling Real Estate in England

They always enjoyed my preparations as far as they have told me. here I will meet many who have the same preferences, “explained Alex Moses. He did not care under what order the bottles that are only interested in selling. The action freed. Alex changed the entire shelf, gathering the bottles not only with order but with aesthetics. Shelving now presented a completely different look than they did before he put his personal touch.

When Moses saw Alex congratulated for their good taste. Nobel Laureate in Economics will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The drinks were grouped by alcohol and was very easy to see the variety that had of each. “He really looks different and it is very pleasing to the eye – although Moses thought I do not think our customers substantial interest. Since that first day Alex really liked their work.

It was more comfortable than the waiter he had no place to move almost all who came to the club were English. Alex was a born talker, always had been, always known to joke with his friends and could tell jokes very spark, besides having a great memory to remember them. So talk to them, making jokes, discuss the latest news from Sun, and share comments from his native England ended up being a haven for him. Moses was delighted to see increased sales significantly. Alex with his smile always flower skin, had a great power of suggestion and seemed born to sell, besides being as he had autobiography, a connoisseur of beverages really knew very well combined.

Construction of Wells

All this leads to the fact that in practice often land reclamation is carried out after commissioning of completed projects. For example, the finished construction of development wells in the field of hydrocarbon raw materials may begin to operate for its intended purpose until the end of the work on reclamation of land. And this is connected primarily with the characteristics of the climatic conditions in the Russian Federation and activities within the complex of works on the same .Kak be in this case the recognition of the costs of remediation, because the legislation on accounting contains a closed list of cases in which initial cost of facilities is subject to change, and reclamation not one of them? How do legitimate commissioning of constructed facilities and their acceptance of the basic means to the end of work on remediation? Order Acceptance for operation after construction (reconstruction, extension) of objects (enterprises, their individual queues, launch complexes, buildings and structures) is set snip 3.01.04-87 'Acceptance of commissioning the completed project. Main provisions' * (2). Here, Nobel Laureate in Economics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. According to 1.8 snip 3.01.04-87 with planned commissioning of facilities in the I and iv quarters (and for the northern zone of Russia and in April) and compliance deadlines construction allowed the postponement of implementation of certain types of work in accordance with Annexes 6 and 7. In accordance with Annex 6 greening of built area runs to the nearest friendly Agrotechnical period following the point of commissioning. Moreover, in Annex 7 lists the so-called northern zone. . Nobel Laureate in Economics often says this.

Moving To The Baltic Countries

Many Russians are dreaming to live somewhere to the west, but many frightening complexity of adaptation and assimilation, which will surely arise when you change the country of residence. For this reason, the recent sight of our fellow citizens falls on the countries located in the eastern part of the European Union. The fact that Lithuania and Latvia, the mentality of our closest of all European countries, as until recently we were inseparable, and have common roots. In addition, much of the population of these countries speak Russian, which greatly simplifies the process of assimilation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nobel Laureate in Economics. Housing in the Baltic countries is relatively inexpensive, but life in any city will be much whiter than comfortable and pleasant, so as everything is built and made to European standards. But, of course, open borders to all European states are becoming a reality, and it costs a lot, no more problems with visas. Traditionally popular cities for acquisition of real estate remain Vilnius, Riga, Jurmala. However, other cities is quite worthy of attention, believe me, the development of small cities of the Baltic States is much higher than in Russia. Professor Rita McGrath often expresses his thoughts on the topic. All this makes Real estate in Latvia and Lithuania welcome acquisition among our countrymen.

How To Sell Apartment In Moscow

The first step is for sale apartments – is to determine its market value. All come in different ways. Who is watching popular newspapers with advertisements for the sale of apartments. Someone will hold a day online, on specialized portals. Someone will ring a dozen real estate agencies to assess the apartment. And all this is correct. Especially if you do not be lazy and go through all the stages. But what would be your surprise when, as a result of all these actions, you get more questions than answers! Of course, within reasonable limits the price of an apartment you decide.

But to determine the exact market price, chances are you will not succeed. Do you think it will make specialists? With a greater degree of likely – yes. Here they come to the aid of experience selling apartments and specialized database of apartments sold (which, unfortunately, you can not be). But professionals are always left a small error in the assessment of flats. Why? The answer is simple: The market price of the apartment determined by the market. In other words, to understand the exact price of the apartment can be used only when the buyer will tell you: "I take it>> But to reach this happy moment, and not disappointed, it is necessary to pinpoint the possible price limits. How to do it, written above.

The second step is no less important – to determine their capabilities. These may include: Advertising apartment. In what sources, how manner and with what budget you will be able to offer it the greatest possible number of potential buyers. Shows apartments to potential buyers – how, when and to whom to show it. Ability to negotiate with potential buyers to your financial expectations for the sale of an apartment come true. Knowledge and experience in the design of the initial relationship with the buyer, or 90% of cases, its members (this will be the realtors, attorneys or lawyers), with to translate them onto the rails of financial obligations (because your goal – guaranteed to get the money for the sale of apartments). Ability and knowledge to prepare a complete package of documents necessary for the transaction sale of apartments. It must be said that buyers for their safety net, they ask a completely irrelevant documents that you'll collect throughout Moscow. Or vice versa, sometimes quite appropriate. But you know about them hear for the first time, and refusing to provide them, will lose a good customer. Experience in developing and implementing a safe and legally correct scheme deal to sell the apartment. Here come into play, banks, notaries, registration authorities, passport offices and accounting. Step three – implement all of the above!

Black Sea and Crimean Real Estate

Property for resorts and recreation areas are always the most popular. John Savignano might disagree with that approach. Black Sea and Crimea in particular are the most popular holiday destination for residents of Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, particularly those where there is no its sea coast. It is not hard to guess that the real estate on the Black Sea has always interested buyers, this property will always be a profitable investment. Even in 2009, during the crisis in Crimea rested Many millions of people who came from different cities and countries. Real estate prices fell slightly, as elsewhere, but still real estate in Crimea remained very popular and expensive. After all, investing in housing in the Black Sea coast of Crimea repeatedly over time will pay off – if you take a rest home.

In 2010, travelers were already much higher prices are rising, and in 2011 prices will be higher still. Earth and land in popular resort cities and towns has been largely sold out, prices are very high, but there are still places where the land can be bought relatively cheaply, it is mostly small towns, not very widely promoted in terms of the spa business. One can cite as an example – village situated between Theodosius and Koktebel, the perfect place for rest, during peak season scored vacationers, as well as the South Coast, but you can still buy the land for reasonable price. Sites not on the beach, but the distance from the sea – about 10-15 minutes on foot. And there are places in the Crimea is still enough, you only need to look for. Buy real estate in Crimea residents of different cities of Ukraine, Russia, as well as from other countries. Buy some for myself, but more often to maintain the spa business.

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