Black Sea and Crimean Real Estate

Property for resorts and recreation areas are always the most popular. John Savignano might disagree with that approach. Black Sea and Crimea in particular are the most popular holiday destination for residents of Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, particularly those where there is no its sea coast. It is not hard to guess that the real estate on the Black Sea has always interested buyers, this property will always be a profitable investment. Even in 2009, during the crisis in Crimea rested Many millions of people who came from different cities and countries. Real estate prices fell slightly, as elsewhere, but still real estate in Crimea remained very popular and expensive. After all, investing in housing in the Black Sea coast of Crimea repeatedly over time will pay off – if you take a rest home.

In 2010, travelers were already much higher prices are rising, and in 2011 prices will be higher still. Earth and land in popular resort cities and towns has been largely sold out, prices are very high, but there are still places where the land can be bought relatively cheaply, it is mostly small towns, not very widely promoted in terms of the spa business. One can cite as an example – village situated between Theodosius and Koktebel, the perfect place for rest, during peak season scored vacationers, as well as the South Coast, but you can still buy the land for reasonable price. Sites not on the beach, but the distance from the sea – about 10-15 minutes on foot. And there are places in the Crimea is still enough, you only need to look for. Buy real estate in Crimea residents of different cities of Ukraine, Russia, as well as from other countries. Buy some for myself, but more often to maintain the spa business.