How To Sell Apartment In Moscow

The first step is for sale apartments – is to determine its market value. All come in different ways. Who is watching popular newspapers with advertisements for the sale of apartments. Someone will hold a day online, on specialized portals. Someone will ring a dozen real estate agencies to assess the apartment. And all this is correct. Especially if you do not be lazy and go through all the stages. But what would be your surprise when, as a result of all these actions, you get more questions than answers! Of course, within reasonable limits the price of an apartment you decide.

But to determine the exact market price, chances are you will not succeed. Do you think it will make specialists? With a greater degree of likely – yes. Here they come to the aid of experience selling apartments and specialized database of apartments sold (which, unfortunately, you can not be). But professionals are always left a small error in the assessment of flats. Why? The answer is simple: The market price of the apartment determined by the market. In other words, to understand the exact price of the apartment can be used only when the buyer will tell you: "I take it>> But to reach this happy moment, and not disappointed, it is necessary to pinpoint the possible price limits. How to do it, written above.

The second step is no less important – to determine their capabilities. These may include: Advertising apartment. In what sources, how manner and with what budget you will be able to offer it the greatest possible number of potential buyers. Shows apartments to potential buyers – how, when and to whom to show it. Ability to negotiate with potential buyers to your financial expectations for the sale of an apartment come true. Knowledge and experience in the design of the initial relationship with the buyer, or 90% of cases, its members (this will be the realtors, attorneys or lawyers), with to translate them onto the rails of financial obligations (because your goal – guaranteed to get the money for the sale of apartments). Ability and knowledge to prepare a complete package of documents necessary for the transaction sale of apartments. It must be said that buyers for their safety net, they ask a completely irrelevant documents that you'll collect throughout Moscow. Or vice versa, sometimes quite appropriate. But you know about them hear for the first time, and refusing to provide them, will lose a good customer. Experience in developing and implementing a safe and legally correct scheme deal to sell the apartment. Here come into play, banks, notaries, registration authorities, passport offices and accounting. Step three – implement all of the above!