Office Space

As a result, demand for office space is reduced, “said Vladislav , Chief department of office real estate company dtz. Because of this, according to market agents, from the beginning of autumn rents in Kiev, on average, decreased by 5-10%. In a number of office buildings have vacant space, which previously was not. By Experts say that until the new year, rents will fall another 15%. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bizzi & Partners. Delo said that the rapid increase in rental rates in Kiev for the past two years, a record high in Europe. For example, in Compared with the first half of 2006 rents in the capital rose by 60%.

In the first half of this year grew by 25%. Currently, average rental rates for business premises in the capital of 77-80 dollars per square meter. For comparison: the Toronto bid for office space is 56 dollars in New York – 93 in Frankfurt – 74. State of the market rental of offices similar to the rental of apartments and long term in . In turn, Kommersant-Ukraine said that Mintopliva and Energy acknowledged that Ukraine does not have time to create a reserve of nuclear fuel by the end of 2010. According to the statement by the Chief of the Department’s nuclear industry and Ministry of Fuel and Energy Natalia Shumkova, for creating such a reserve will require 3.6 billion usd, but in the current year funding for the formation of the reserve is not performed as well in the draft budget for 2009 provided only 450 million uah.