Property Tax

The State Duma is not the first year of drafting a law "On Property Tax". For the first time to the fore as far back as 2007, but was postponed for unknown reasons in the box, now the introduction of the law was again disturbed minds Russians. The new law replaced by a new tax on real estate, the two existing land and property. Under the new law the real estate tax will be charged with a market value of the property. Why is this done? Just the cost of apartments and houses on the property market as secondary and primary varies greatly when it comes to facilities in the city center. "Thanks," a new tax, property owners in the heart of Russian towns will pay more than now. While, in general, benefit from the tax may well get those who live far from the elite urban areas, because there the cost of housing, will be significantly lower than in the center.

Under the new law basic rate will be determined at the federal level, according to preliminary data of approximately 0.1% of property value. Assess the facilities will be employed by professional appraisers regions. According to the officials – from the introduction of the new law the total tax burden should not rise. However, at this point in the bill a lot of controversial issues. After the new tax should be paid specifically by each individual, the owner or any property. And here is not important or that oligarch old – gather for the funeral of his pension. The basis of calculation of property tax that we pay today laid the so-called inventory value of the property.