Housing Construction

For any construction of the most serious attention must be electric. And the wiring in the house during its construction or repair requires serious attention in two ways. If you plan so that the wiring in house made of wood should be laid directly on a wall or ceiling, you can use several methods. If the wiring is made of conventional cables directly on the wall or ceiling, it must be: Lay at the basis of non-flammable. For example, on a strip of asbestos board, etc. It is also necessary that this ground was in favor of the edge of the cable is not less than 1 cm; Plot conventional wires and cables in non-combustible cable channels; Lay cables in the usual non-combustible pipes and gofrotrubah, run wire and cables on insulators. If you plan so that the wiring in a house made of wood should be hidden in the tree or under a false wall and ceilings, one of the parties is the fuel (for example, in the void between the wood surface and the gypsum board), then you will only use metal pipes and metal distribution boxes, having localized properties. Any electrical wiring in the house, which passes through the wooden structure, should be carried out in a metal pipe.

Electrical wiring in the house is laid with several types of fittings: flush and open wiring, in common parlance they are called cut-and overhead. For hardware, the same rules that apply to electrical wiring. If the outdoor furniture of noncombustible material, it can be installed directly on the tree. If the wiring is laid with the use of outdoor furniture made from flammable material, it is necessary to use non-combustible materials for the strip between the tree and accessories. And finally, we recall: "The diameter of contact holes in eur socket strip more than the domestic ones. If the wiring in the house has , remember that to include in such usual outlets plugs insecure! "