Proprietary Claim

The lawsuit – this remedy is a subjective right. In case of violation of the rights of property owner may require restoration of the violated property rights and the suppression of acts that endanger the right or violate it. In the event of default under the loan agreement the lender may ask the court to award the debtor to the enforcement of its duties in nature, as well as for damages. Person who concludes transaction under the influence of fraud, may seek recognition suing the transaction invalid. Face. Victims of a fundamental breach of contract by the other party is entitled to demand in court its termination.

The need for protection occurs in the case of a breach or threat thereof, due to the uncertainty of legal relations between the parties or their needs change. Therefore, the law says about protecting the rights violated or contested or a legally protected interest. Most often, the protection of a protected interest is carried out together with the protection of violated rights. However, the legal interest may be an independent object of protection. Thus, in the general section of marital property, the court may depart from the beginning of equity shares in their joint property on the basis of interests deserving attention of one spouse or the interests of minor children (Part 2 of Art. 39 RF IC) shall be protected interest person depicted in a work of art (Art. 514 CC RF), etc.

Types of claims Proprietary claims. Private suits. Mixed complaint. Previously guaranteed meropriyatiyIski relating to property. Filing iskPredvaritelnye claims. Explanatory iskiOsnovnye claims. Additional iskiIski relatively movable or immovable imuschestvIski arising out of civil law: The statement of claim to recover dolga.Iskovoe statement improper performance obyazatelstv.Iskovoe statement on forced termination dogovora.Iskovoe declaration of acceptance of contract nedeystvitelnym.Iskovoe application for a penalty claim for dogovoru.Prochie statements relating to civil pravom.Iski arising out of family relationships: The statement of claim on the dissolution of braka.Iskovoe statement of termination of parental rights / restoration of parental pravah.Iskovoe a statement of division of joint statement on the definition of imuschestva.Iskovoe about participation in the education of children living apart from them roditeley.Iskovoe statement on recovery alimentov.Inye writs, associated with impaired family pravootnosheniyIski arising from housing relations: The statement of claim on the recognition of the right to use residential pomescheniem.Iskovoe declaration recognizing illegal alterations. Claim statement to invalidate the transfer of premises in non-residential premises. Other statements of claim, arising out of legal housing.