The Composition

The most common use in the building of one main type of finish, contributing to the unity of the composition. The combination of dissimilar finishes of panels used in the decision to improve the facades of tectonic expression of the most highly loaded structural elements of the building: open frame of the first floor, separate foundations, slabs or beams cantilever. Purely business nature of these elements emphasizes raw or rubbed smooth texture of the concrete surface, which comes in contrast with more saturated color and chiaroscuro lined or decorated wall surface. Contrasting trim facade elements are used in other composite purposes – to identify these elements and their use in rhythmic-metric dividing walls. Contrasting trim is used most often to protect stair-lift units, panels, balustrades, canopies over the entrances and other surface relief panels are used mainly for Deaf end walls in cutting-row or at waist panels for horizontal cutting. Color in the composition of the facades has been active and taken from any point of view. It serves to identify the role of buildings in building, its own plastics and the tectonics.

Contrasting color combinations nyuansnye or used for accentuation pattern cutting structural walls, painting walls and fences loggia balconies. Often used isolation of the deaf ends of houses or block sections contrast of colors, relief, texture and decorative painting. In the urban composition of such color accents are designed to identify its orientation to the basic architectural dominants in the building. In the composition of the individual home they are used to detect various static role of frontal and lateral load-bearing walls non-structural, as well as to break up large homogeneous besproemnoy surface of the socket walls.

The Blooming Poppy

Blooming Poppy – the image of unprecedented beauty, but also a symbol of undying youth and feminine charm. The ancient Greeks believed that this flower was created by a god of sleep. Soporific poppy properties were well known at the time antiquity. This flower is an attribute of Hypnos. Vinyl sticker for interior decoration sitting room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen is becoming more and more popular. Down2Earth often addresses the matter in his writings. It's simple and easy way to your home decor hands! Steal interior sticker with the image of the magnificent scarlet poppy, showy flower undoubtedly enliven the room, will make it a positive note. Mack extraordinarily beautiful and gentle. The motif of blooming poppies extremely popular in the design of clothing, bedding, curtains, upholstery, ceramic tile. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elie Rieder.

The company's designers Home Graffiti, inspired by the beauty of poppies, devoted several interior label this delicate flower. Draw applique featuring poppy bedroom, drawing not only decorate the room, but will also carry meaning. After poppy – the attribute of the god of sleep, Hypnos. Sleek design poppy perfectly fit almost any decor. Applique depicting poppies, imitating silk-screen paintings, will be a highlight of your apartment. Extraordinarily advantageous and effective scarlet poppies will look at the plain wallpaper warm bright colors – white, cream, sand colors. Sticker with a red poppy can stick to any smooth surface – painted walls, wallpaper, furniture, household appliances.

And when the sticker with red poppies you get bored, you can always peel a picture without ruining the surface. And, Of course, do not forget the little accessories – scarlet pillow on the couch or the red vase on the windowsill – and refined interior is no longer on the cover of fashion magazine, and you have at home:) Another advantage is that it labels water resistance is important if you want to decorate the kitchen or the bathroom picture. Or maybe you want to draw a poppy beautiful car? Why not! Be creative, create, because everything is in your hands. And designers Home Graffiti be happy to help. Size labels 'Scarlet Poppies' – 150h170 cm sticker can buy online – vinyl stickers store

Apartment Living

Reading in books or online advice on placement of certain objects in a given sector, one wonders: how do we determine which sector is one or the other room. There is a very simple way to determine: plan to take the apartment (to print it or draw it), to define the middle apartment on the plane, stand with a compass in the center of the apartment, determine the compass where the apartment is located north (360 ) and put it on the plan, then by degrees divide the 'pie' into 8 pieces. More info: Elie Rieder. Namely, north of 338 to 23 , north-east of 23 to 68 , east of 68 to 113 , south-east of 113 to 158 , 158 from south to 203 , south-west from 203 to 248 , west of 248 to 293 , north-west from 293 to 333 . Dividing the plan of the apartment into eight parts, we look at some parts of the room gets, if for example in the western part of the kitchen has got it in the western sector or sector of a rooster, or the sector of children.. Elie Rieder usually is spot on.

Unlike Water

Keep in mind the size of the room in which you plan to install the water heater. Apparatus sixty liters in volume and more cumbersome and not any flat wall stand barrel, the height of one meter in diameter and 50-60 cm depending on the type of heater and the desired temperature, the required energy output ranges from 400-500 in storage heaters (if you want to heat the water to 40-50 degrees) to 6 – 7 kW at flow heaters. Electricity in homes in most cases, this load can not stand, so you should just get ready to either replace the wiring in the apartment, or a separate cable for wiring exclusively for the water heater. Storage water heaters consume energy not only during the heating of water, and with the support of its temperature, which is why electricity bills you probably unpleasantly surprised. In Unlike a microwave oven, which consumes more energy, but not long term, water heater uses electricity big time and the ideal choice for power and volume of the tank will allow you to significantly save money without sacrificing comfort when using hot water. More info: Tallulah & Bird Interior Design. When you purchase a water heater should turn its attention to the material, of which the tank itself and for shielding.

Often the inner tank is made of corrosion of steel, and external – of enameled steel. This material is resistant to high temperature, non-toxic and provides thermal insulation. We need to think about water filters, out that access into the interior of the tank there, rinse it possible either. The best way to not pollute the tank – clean water. Connecting and installing water heaters – a process crucial and complex. Trust should be exclusively specialists. Not only because it skillfully to make the wiring pipes many can not afford, but also because the quality of such a facility in a professional will be much higher, and again, you will not have to blush in front of neighbors over a puddle, which they are even made to your house boiler.

The Boiler

Boiler ATMOS is designed for the gasification of wood, consists of two placed one above the other cameras. The upper chamber is designed to supply fuel in the lower chamber combustion occurs and there is ash tray. Between them is placed the nozzle for gasification of wood. The advantage of the boiler is that it has fully ceramic furnace (the furnace is lined with pottery space) which in the maximum combustion with minimal emissions. Education tar and condensates are also kept to a minimum, which increases the longevity of the boiler.

Since the process of gasification of wood is exothermic, that is going to heat, drying the fuel is provided in the boiler and heating the incoming air into the combustion zone. Due to the fact that heated air is supplied directly above the nozzle, in the process of burning all the fuel is not involved, but only the necessary amount, so do not hold the power fluctuation of the boiler and the gas emission from the entire backfill. The boiler is installed exhaust fan, suction products of combustion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Elie Rieder is the place to go. ment Partners. The advantage of this design (in earlier models gasification boilers from different manufacturers are usually mounted blower) is a rapid firing and virtually no emission of smoke in the boiler room. Note also that a wide range (15 models) and a large power range (15 to 100 kW) wood boilers ATMOS allow you to accurately select the desired heating unit. It should not be forget that the more precisely matched to the boiler capacity in accordance with the thermo-calculation, the longer it lasts and the more economical will it work.

Top Furniture Companies

To reconcile these contradicting each other characteristics, many manufacturers made seat on the principle of a sandwich, using different foam characteristics (eg, 2 layers of foam of various brands). In Depending on the values of hardness and density of foam used in furniture, are divided into Standard, soft, hard and highly elastic. Standard foam made on the basis of a single chemical component (polyols). You may find that Nobel Laureate in Economics can contribute to your knowledge. The remaining foam may be based polyol with the addition of several different components that change properties in one direction or another, compared with the standard. Each manufacturer of upholstered furniture solves the problem of comfort in their own way.

Sometimes these solutions are the basis of success of a specific furniture. Top international companies make furniture not only multi-layered, but also with various zones of rigidity (different brand of foam around the perimeter and center), a combination of foam and latex, latex and springs, etc. For the manufacture of seats and mattresses are recommended foam density of at least 30 kg / cubic. However, most manufacturers Furniture economy class (both domestic and imported) uses the standard 25 th foam density. The most popular brand of the furniture is the ST 2534 – the cheapest. Unfortunately, this brand is fast enough loses its properties.

The service life of the foam, as the seats – no more than 1.5 years. Then the foam and cease prosyadet recover its shape. Another important indicator of foam – its recoverability (Permanent deformation). Recoverability – the percentage of characterizing permanent deformation of foam after repeated exposure to a load.

Hamburger Construction

Mobile alarm system SmartAlarm gold with video verification prevents theft thanks to professional construction site monitoring with the mobile video alarm system SmartAlarm gold by VPSitex was it possible 2012 three suspects with false entry passes, which were entered in the still-uninhabited apartment new building at the Hamburger grind mountain, to arrest on the day of German unity. The mobile alert system was to protect the new construction project “Hamburger Pearl” on the grind mountain during the final expansion phase against theft and vandalism, SmartAlarm gold with video verification of VPSitex installed. The flexible use of components, consisting of motion detectors and wireless cameras in indoor and outdoor applications, enabled a round-the-clock protection of the site. Still uninhabited new residential construction on the Hamburger grind mountain offered an attractive opportunity for the theft of valuable equipment, as well as bearing materials and construction machinery. For this reason it was estimated the risk of damage of the modern interior pages of the client possible vandalism and theft relatively high.

This potential threat should be minimized through an effective assurance of the construction site. Construction Manager Bjorn Dohrmann of the Builder Hochtief solutions explains: we were very far in interior design and had to find an appropriate solution for this object in order to avoid construction sites vandalism and damage to property related and consequential damages. Experience shows that construction sites, which are not sufficiently protected, are exposed to increasingly costly risks. We are confronted with this problem always.” Now the independent VPSitex alarm system could prove themselves successfully: on October 3, 2012 a video sequence to the emergency call service centre alarm was transmitted by the SmartAlarm gold plant. Because there were identified persons as a trigger, the control center immediately alerted police and security service. Three suspects were arrested. The mobile, media-independent alarm system SmartAlarm gold from VPSitex is ideal for use on construction sites, vacant homes, on fairs as well as Solar park construction site facilities and everywhere where a temporary protection against vandalism, burglary and theft is required. Read the full success story “Building site at the Hamburger grind mountain by VPSitex SmartAlarm gold with video verification successfully secured and monitored” on our Web site at VPSitex_SuccessStory_Baustellensicherung_SmartAlarm Gold_Hochtief_Hamburg.pdf to VPSitex: VPSitex is a worldwide specialist for technical backup concepts and solutions around the property.

With over 30 years of experience, customers and experts estimate the solutions of VPSitex. The range of the vacancy management about the site backup to object support. Since 2010, new innovations through the expansion in vertical markets have been added. These include, for example, technical assurance schemes for schools and public administrations, who encounter great interest due to the topicality public decision makers.

Sick Building Syndrome

The continuing absence of the ion can easily lead to lack of concentration, headache, migraine, or general fatigue in the episode. These symptoms are noticeable especially in the so-called Sick Building Syndrome. In designing of modern residential buildings, the energetic quality of the living environment should be noted far more than in the past. Builders can no longer rely on a high biological quality solely through the use of construction biologically certified building materials. “Our ancestors needed only the radiation geo active attraction zones like water veins or faults in the election of the subsoil to take into account.” explained summer. “The introduction of new building materials and construction methods, as well as the increase of radiation as a result of technical progress in the living environment, lead to a whole range of other factors, which can deprive the people valuable life energy in his own home.” Technical mode shapes, like for example hard pulsed frequencies of mobile communications are exactly in the same range as the biological signals that control our lives.

With increase in the number of frequencies by technical waves of all kinds, which radiate to every day in our Habitat, communication of human cells, organs and systems is increasingly impaired. Many important processes of life are affected. Each of the above fields of interference can be seen through its special frequency, which can constitute themselves in constant exposure permanently in the body of the person concerned. “The consequence is how take care on your life force with the results of their own bio-feedback study in the ebook” documented an increased expenditure of the cardiovascular system to maintain the balance. This is associated mostly with disturbances of the heart rhythm regulation and permanent loads can cause diseases. Higher biological space quality home and company bio feedback logs from own studies of space-vital evidence that the organism at low biological quality of housing in the regulation process consumes more energy, as is generally required. “In addition to the checking and repair of natural and technical interference fields healthy living spaces are restored, if wavelengths in the region of the infrared spectrum are created and thus improves the physical order in rooms.”, as Dipl.-ing.

Paul Sommer. This service of vital space can be used both in private residential homes, but also in corporate buildings conducive. “In addition to the General increase of vitality and well-being of the employees can themselves reduce accident and sick-leave, customer attraction and retention increase and promote the creativity, the joy and the team cohesion. In the bio feedback protocols of the new quality of life is reflected in the increase in the heart rate variability (HRV) of subjects room vital. He stands for a higher adaptability of the organism in the coping with the demands of daily life. Detailed information and study material at: or in the eBook give attention to your Vitality – a way to healthy living”.

House Efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are the trend today who will build a House, should now look to the future. Because one thing is certain: the energy prices will rise on a multiple of today’s prices. Good for the homeowners who build already today future-proof and energy-saving. But the legislation not sufficient by far, because the energy sets only a maximum consumption, which may not be exceeded. A House that heating oil per square meter requires only three liters is much better. With proper planning, such high-quality homes can be built very economically.

Learn more about the building as energy and funding for efficiency, passive houses and Niedrigenegiehauser. There are many reasons, to opt for an energy. The cost of fossil fuels and thus for heating oil and natural gas rise, more and more, because resources are scarce and there is also a relatively high demand. Also in terms of environmental and Low-energy houses all of climate change make sense. Those who opt for the construction of an Energiesparimmobilie, or but for the energy-efficient conversion of a conventional building, a financial support also receives from the State or but a cheap loan by the KfW. The incentive to reconsider is therefore very large. KfW efficiency houses the so-called KfW Energieeinsparverordnung corresponds to a technical standard, which is required to participate in a programme.

A such energy is particularly heated – and electricity-friendly equipped. With regard to the funding level, the KfW treated not all energy-efficient homes. There are KfW efficiency houses 40, KfW efficiency houses 55, and KfW efficiency homes 49. The numerical values are used to determine how much is the annual primary energy demand for the relevant energy when compared to similar buildings. The lower the numerical values, the energy savings is higher end. A KfW Energieeinsparverordnung with the value 55 in contrast has a new building erected after the energy for example an annual primary energy consumption by more than 55 percent.

The Building

An Energieeinsparverordnung is understandably more expensive than a house building according to the “EnEV” regulations. A bottom plate down-insulated, triple insulation glazing and a higher insulation of pitched of roof represent an expense that must be paid, but ultimately worth. Finally, quality has its price! Seen in the long term an Energieeinsparverordnung has considerable advantages. What you’re now investing savings in the future. Zero-energy buildings, passive houses and Plusenergiehauser a passive house requires as a further development of the low energy House substantially less energy for heating and hot water than a conventional new construction. The compact structure is characteristic of passive houses, the living rooms facing South ideally.

The sunlight can be effectively used in this manner. A passive house has an air and wind-proof building envelope that is insulated and free of thermal bridges. The cold outdoor air does not penetrate into the energy, the hot indoor air is prevented from leaving the building. Among other things an innovative three-pane glazing is responsible. The frame is insulated, so that the window to absorb solar energy, which is then stored in the walls.

A special ventilation system provides fresh air. Who owns a passive house, may waive mostly a conventional heating system. Drinking water heated by solar panels or heat pump. A more efficient energy is the zero-energy House. The external cover of the energy is completely absorbed in this case by the own energy gain, for example by a solar system. Zero energy homes have large, pointing to the South and at the same time unbeschattete window surfaces. The ratio of surface to volume conversions low. The facade, the roof, the Windows and the doors have a high insulation value. The building is largely sealed. The zero-energy House is the evolution of the passive house. In addition there are also buildings that produce more energy than they need. In this case, one speaks of a so called plus energy House. These houses are even no external power, but completely self-sufficient. A Hybridhaus hybrid homes causes no heating and energy costs. For example photovoltaic systems available are for energy production. Among other things a special geothermal technology is generating heat. Those who opt for a Hybridhaus, requires neither gas nor oil and fueling climate-neutral. The hybrid homes are highly isolated.

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