Sick Building Syndrome

The continuing absence of the ion can easily lead to lack of concentration, headache, migraine, or general fatigue in the episode. These symptoms are noticeable especially in the so-called Sick Building Syndrome. In designing of modern residential buildings, the energetic quality of the living environment should be noted far more than in the past. Builders can no longer rely on a high biological quality solely through the use of construction biologically certified building materials. “Our ancestors needed only the radiation geo active attraction zones like water veins or faults in the election of the subsoil to take into account.” explained summer. “The introduction of new building materials and construction methods, as well as the increase of radiation as a result of technical progress in the living environment, lead to a whole range of other factors, which can deprive the people valuable life energy in his own home.” Technical mode shapes, like for example hard pulsed frequencies of mobile communications are exactly in the same range as the biological signals that control our lives.

With increase in the number of frequencies by technical waves of all kinds, which radiate to every day in our Habitat, communication of human cells, organs and systems is increasingly impaired. Many important processes of life are affected. Each of the above fields of interference can be seen through its special frequency, which can constitute themselves in constant exposure permanently in the body of the person concerned. “The consequence is how take care on your life force with the results of their own bio-feedback study in the ebook” documented an increased expenditure of the cardiovascular system to maintain the balance. This is associated mostly with disturbances of the heart rhythm regulation and permanent loads can cause diseases. Higher biological space quality home and company bio feedback logs from own studies of space-vital evidence that the organism at low biological quality of housing in the regulation process consumes more energy, as is generally required. “In addition to the checking and repair of natural and technical interference fields healthy living spaces are restored, if wavelengths in the region of the infrared spectrum are created and thus improves the physical order in rooms.”, as Dipl.-ing.

Paul Sommer. This service of vital space can be used both in private residential homes, but also in corporate buildings conducive. “In addition to the General increase of vitality and well-being of the employees can themselves reduce accident and sick-leave, customer attraction and retention increase and promote the creativity, the joy and the team cohesion. In the bio feedback protocols of the new quality of life is reflected in the increase in the heart rate variability (HRV) of subjects room vital. He stands for a higher adaptability of the organism in the coping with the demands of daily life. Detailed information and study material at: or in the eBook give attention to your Vitality – a way to healthy living”.