Pandion Vista

The objective of this action: the porticoes in the Pandion Vista completely cut off from the Atrium should. Due to its reliable functionality and high adaptability to aesthetic conditions large real estate and public buildings automatic smoke aprons systems the security package includes numerous worldwide. Colt International is pacemaker for more than 50 years in terms of fire protection. The development of tailor-made fire protection concepts and the optimal coordination of the systems used on the specific architecture of the building include the expertise of the company – production and installation -. Guide rails provide stability for the Pandion Vista in Cologne was the decision to smoke screens of type Colt SmokeMaster SM5 – not without reason: it is a tested reliable and effective system, which again demonstrating Vista in the Pandion, it is ideally suited to meet the special challenges of building structures found in. A total Colt international 220 metres of smoke screens, which are distributed over five floors installed: ten installations with a total length of just under 13 or nine meters form a continuous barrier against smoke and gases in case of fire. Special attention had to repair Colt international be sure to combine the extremely long smoke screens.

For this purpose, the smoke screens were equipped with side guides, which stabilize the individual railways of aprons and minimize the horizontal displacement in cross-flow. Rollers attached to the cloth side secure the cloth into the guide rail. Security zones behind smoke screens the cloth from which the SmokeMaster smoke screens are made, consists of four millimeter thick silver-grey glass fibre fabric in satin weave with special, heat of reflective coating made of finely ground aluminum polymer. This Material corresponds to the temperature / time classification D120, that is to say, the smoke screens to endure over a period of 120 minutes a temperature of 600 degrees, without fire.

Popular Building Material

The building material is inexpensive and sustainable wood has become a popular building material in recent years. Nevertheless, there are still people who shy away from the building with wood. The doubts are unfounded but, because wood is safe and sustainable. Also sophisticated structures can be build with wood. Not only residential buildings but also special-purpose buildings such as wind turbines and industrial buildings can be realized without any problems. If you would like to know more then you should visit The Related Companies. Although built a house made of wood, it not necessarily rustic look. Even modern houses, which are kept in the Bauhaus style, for example, can be implemented easily. In case of need can be wood surfaces from the outside as well as inside plaster and are thus no longer to see”, says Marco Fendt, operator of the Immobilienblogs

Wooden houses are long lasting and can be used at least 100 years. Wood can hold but also much longer. Prime examples include timber-frame houses, which are available for many centuries and is still are in an excellent condition”, says Marco Fendt. The biggest concerns that future homeowners say, is the danger of fire. Of course, wood is a popular fuel, however, wooden houses are no longer fire risk than other objects. Finally, everything is a matter of fire protection.

In this context, it is worth noting that some wooden houses promise even more security in a strong building fire. If it burns properly, fast high temperatures, which deprive even thick steel beams to their resilience. Ceiling break often already after a short time as a result. Burning beams not so quickly give heat and thus support the building longer,”says Blogbetreiber Fendt. The value stability of wood prewar doubts are often expressed. If but today’s houses are high errihtet, we guarantee the same or even better value stability as in the case of other construction materials. The high energy efficiency is one of the advantages of a wooden house / a good insulation value. In a natural way, wood offers a good Warmedammung.Holz can be combined with other insulating materials. In passive houses is often higher than average on wood. For use as a construction material for building its sustainability speaks of wood also. Finally there is a raw material that grows naturally and is also CO2-neutral”, says Marco Fendt. In addition, it has ma NIS possibility to work in indoor areas with untreated wood and thus to keep the living quarters free of construction chemicals. Just for people with allergies, this is a good solution. Interested parties can read under construction materials/wood the – under schatzte construction material, why wood is a suitable building material for many types of houses.

Chairman Manfred Nagaraj

All AG builds 78 units of food in the University District of Essen, 04 April 2011. The ground-breaking ceremony in the inner-city University District food was in the presence of the Essen City Director Hans-Jurgen Best on April 4, 2011. Koschany developed for the largest apartment provider in the city, the AG construction of all, + room architects Nagaraj 2010 a design concept for a total of 78 energy-efficient units. PIER 78 do you mean the project in the future. It develops until end of 2012 in Central Essen’s inner city area. “I am pleased that all construction here makes the first step”, said Hans-Jurgen Best. Further details can be found at John Savignano, an internet resource.

The housing market in food was tense and most likely quickly settled in the area. Reimer and all construction CEO Dirk Miklikowski had invited all construction Chairman Manfred to the traditional kick-off event. Around 100 guests accepted the invitation and attended the first symbolic construction activities. The project was an absolute showcase project for the development of an urban wasteland to a high-quality The construction of all stressed residential location, already in advance. One was happy to be able to give a strong boost this project as a first housing investor and shareholder of the University District food development company mbH. PIER 78 is the new label of this project”, said Dirk Miklikowski in welcoming the guests.

As ships land and bring new in the city, people in these 78 units to land in the future.” At about 7500 m m is it next year give room for individual and urban living. We have designed different types of houses with living space of between 60 and 160 m square”, said Axel Koschany, architect and managing partner of Nagaraj. They are sometimes directly on a waterfront, the part they wrap well landscaped courtyards. Some have high-quality housing in the middle of the city just roof terraces and Loggias. And even for rent.” Nagaraj stands for creativity, quality and innovation. 1959 in Essen founded and today in the second Continued generation of Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer, is the strength of the Office is always back at ease and open to new challenges to address and find solutions. The experiences of around 50-strong team go far beyond the region of food to Ireland, Russia, Georgia and Dubai. For his clients, the Office is always a reliable partner: in architecture, construction management tasks and consulting services, a generalist such as specialist. Since 2005, Nagaraj maintains an Office in Dubai. 2009, the architects there opened their Office Nagaraj Middle East. The new, founded in September 2010 as an independent GmbH KZP Koschany + room project development represents another addition of the entire performance spectrum.

Hamburger Construction

Mobile alarm system SmartAlarm gold with video verification prevents theft thanks to professional construction site monitoring with the mobile video alarm system SmartAlarm gold by VPSitex was it possible 2012 three suspects with false entry passes, which were entered in the still-uninhabited apartment new building at the Hamburger grind mountain, to arrest on the day of German unity. The mobile alert system was to protect the new construction project “Hamburger Pearl” on the grind mountain during the final expansion phase against theft and vandalism, SmartAlarm gold with video verification of VPSitex installed. The flexible use of components, consisting of motion detectors and wireless cameras in indoor and outdoor applications, enabled a round-the-clock protection of the site. Still uninhabited new residential construction on the Hamburger grind mountain offered an attractive opportunity for the theft of valuable equipment, as well as bearing materials and construction machinery. For this reason it was estimated the risk of damage of the modern interior pages of the client possible vandalism and theft relatively high.

This potential threat should be minimized through an effective assurance of the construction site. Construction Manager Bjorn Dohrmann of the Builder Hochtief solutions explains: we were very far in interior design and had to find an appropriate solution for this object in order to avoid construction sites vandalism and damage to property related and consequential damages. Experience shows that construction sites, which are not sufficiently protected, are exposed to increasingly costly risks. We are confronted with this problem always.” Now the independent VPSitex alarm system could prove themselves successfully: on October 3, 2012 a video sequence to the emergency call service centre alarm was transmitted by the SmartAlarm gold plant. Because there were identified persons as a trigger, the control center immediately alerted police and security service. Three suspects were arrested. The mobile, media-independent alarm system SmartAlarm gold from VPSitex is ideal for use on construction sites, vacant homes, on fairs as well as Solar park construction site facilities and everywhere where a temporary protection against vandalism, burglary and theft is required. Read the full success story “Building site at the Hamburger grind mountain by VPSitex SmartAlarm gold with video verification successfully secured and monitored” on our Web site at VPSitex_SuccessStory_Baustellensicherung_SmartAlarm Gold_Hochtief_Hamburg.pdf to VPSitex: VPSitex is a worldwide specialist for technical backup concepts and solutions around the property.

With over 30 years of experience, customers and experts estimate the solutions of VPSitex. The range of the vacancy management about the site backup to object support. Since 2010, new innovations through the expansion in vertical markets have been added. These include, for example, technical assurance schemes for schools and public administrations, who encounter great interest due to the topicality public decision makers.

Sick Building Syndrome

The continuing absence of the ion can easily lead to lack of concentration, headache, migraine, or general fatigue in the episode. These symptoms are noticeable especially in the so-called Sick Building Syndrome. In designing of modern residential buildings, the energetic quality of the living environment should be noted far more than in the past. Builders can no longer rely on a high biological quality solely through the use of construction biologically certified building materials. “Our ancestors needed only the radiation geo active attraction zones like water veins or faults in the election of the subsoil to take into account.” explained summer. “The introduction of new building materials and construction methods, as well as the increase of radiation as a result of technical progress in the living environment, lead to a whole range of other factors, which can deprive the people valuable life energy in his own home.” Technical mode shapes, like for example hard pulsed frequencies of mobile communications are exactly in the same range as the biological signals that control our lives.

With increase in the number of frequencies by technical waves of all kinds, which radiate to every day in our Habitat, communication of human cells, organs and systems is increasingly impaired. Many important processes of life are affected. Each of the above fields of interference can be seen through its special frequency, which can constitute themselves in constant exposure permanently in the body of the person concerned. “The consequence is how take care on your life force with the results of their own bio-feedback study in the ebook” documented an increased expenditure of the cardiovascular system to maintain the balance. This is associated mostly with disturbances of the heart rhythm regulation and permanent loads can cause diseases. Higher biological space quality home and company bio feedback logs from own studies of space-vital evidence that the organism at low biological quality of housing in the regulation process consumes more energy, as is generally required. “In addition to the checking and repair of natural and technical interference fields healthy living spaces are restored, if wavelengths in the region of the infrared spectrum are created and thus improves the physical order in rooms.”, as Dipl.-ing.

Paul Sommer. This service of vital space can be used both in private residential homes, but also in corporate buildings conducive. “In addition to the General increase of vitality and well-being of the employees can themselves reduce accident and sick-leave, customer attraction and retention increase and promote the creativity, the joy and the team cohesion. In the bio feedback protocols of the new quality of life is reflected in the increase in the heart rate variability (HRV) of subjects room vital. He stands for a higher adaptability of the organism in the coping with the demands of daily life. Detailed information and study material at: or in the eBook give attention to your Vitality – a way to healthy living”.

House Efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are the trend today who will build a House, should now look to the future. Because one thing is certain: the energy prices will rise on a multiple of today’s prices. Good for the homeowners who build already today future-proof and energy-saving. But the legislation not sufficient by far, because the energy sets only a maximum consumption, which may not be exceeded. A House that heating oil per square meter requires only three liters is much better. With proper planning, such high-quality homes can be built very economically.

Learn more about the building as energy and funding for efficiency, passive houses and Niedrigenegiehauser. There are many reasons, to opt for an energy. The cost of fossil fuels and thus for heating oil and natural gas rise, more and more, because resources are scarce and there is also a relatively high demand. Also in terms of environmental and Low-energy houses all of climate change make sense. Those who opt for the construction of an Energiesparimmobilie, or but for the energy-efficient conversion of a conventional building, a financial support also receives from the State or but a cheap loan by the KfW. The incentive to reconsider is therefore very large. KfW efficiency houses the so-called KfW Energieeinsparverordnung corresponds to a technical standard, which is required to participate in a programme.

A such energy is particularly heated – and electricity-friendly equipped. With regard to the funding level, the KfW treated not all energy-efficient homes. There are KfW efficiency houses 40, KfW efficiency houses 55, and KfW efficiency homes 49. The numerical values are used to determine how much is the annual primary energy demand for the relevant energy when compared to similar buildings. The lower the numerical values, the energy savings is higher end. A KfW Energieeinsparverordnung with the value 55 in contrast has a new building erected after the energy for example an annual primary energy consumption by more than 55 percent.

The Building

An Energieeinsparverordnung is understandably more expensive than a house building according to the “EnEV” regulations. A bottom plate down-insulated, triple insulation glazing and a higher insulation of pitched of roof represent an expense that must be paid, but ultimately worth. Finally, quality has its price! Seen in the long term an Energieeinsparverordnung has considerable advantages. What you’re now investing savings in the future. Zero-energy buildings, passive houses and Plusenergiehauser a passive house requires as a further development of the low energy House substantially less energy for heating and hot water than a conventional new construction. The compact structure is characteristic of passive houses, the living rooms facing South ideally.

The sunlight can be effectively used in this manner. A passive house has an air and wind-proof building envelope that is insulated and free of thermal bridges. The cold outdoor air does not penetrate into the energy, the hot indoor air is prevented from leaving the building. Among other things an innovative three-pane glazing is responsible. The frame is insulated, so that the window to absorb solar energy, which is then stored in the walls.

A special ventilation system provides fresh air. Who owns a passive house, may waive mostly a conventional heating system. Drinking water heated by solar panels or heat pump. A more efficient energy is the zero-energy House. The external cover of the energy is completely absorbed in this case by the own energy gain, for example by a solar system. Zero energy homes have large, pointing to the South and at the same time unbeschattete window surfaces. The ratio of surface to volume conversions low. The facade, the roof, the Windows and the doors have a high insulation value. The building is largely sealed. The zero-energy House is the evolution of the passive house. In addition there are also buildings that produce more energy than they need. In this case, one speaks of a so called plus energy House. These houses are even no external power, but completely self-sufficient. A Hybridhaus hybrid homes causes no heating and energy costs. For example photovoltaic systems available are for energy production. Among other things a special geothermal technology is generating heat. Those who opt for a Hybridhaus, requires neither gas nor oil and fueling climate-neutral. The hybrid homes are highly isolated.

House Builders

House building experiences and house building tips firsthand similarly for construction companies and building seller: often the biggest effort and best methodology not enough, you need to win, so is is brought lasting effect trust the construction prospects. There are platforms away by corporations or companies close committed organizations of the publication of authentic home building experience and goal-oriented house building tips in both directions by advertising and thus financing platforms with builders orientation here. With first hand information for budding builders and suggestions to improve processes within the building company is, as the name already says a new house-building platform that generated their content from 20 years of experience with external clients satisfaction analysis. No unvarnished and builders-oriented house building experiences are virtual tips, but realistic here and house building tips from years of, extensive published Stem builders surveys. House building experiences and tips on the procedure at all stages of the cooperation of building owners and construction companies: Starting with the design, planning, organization and execution across her house.

Construction companies benefit also, straight, and just from this external, objective perspective: what can target fuhrenderes for the future sustainable success of a construction company there, obtaining as the truth about your performance profile from the perspective of those affected, and to implement their reviews directly into the corporate strategy? Yet, this approach is simple as it is effective: House building experiences from builders surveys as opportunities outside, so the builders, and thus as potential for improvement inside in the performance profiles used. So in turn they benefit everyone, the future builders such as the construction company itself. Construction companies benefit are budding builders home construction tips, as efficiently as possible in the search for the future construction partner proceed is. The externally audited and therefore ideally suited in the referral marketing builders satisfaction is particularly noteworthy in this context. recommends this construction interested parties as a benchmark for a targeted selection of the future construction partner. Builders satisfaction use the externally audited, representative satisfaction of clients, for confidence building as a most effective means of establishing confidence shows away of all other information and seductively colored iridescent House catalogs, as actually is the orientation of the builders in the respective construction companies. A real support for sustainable success, building experience and house building tips, first-hand, builders and for all those involved in building a House! Theo van the Burgt Bauherrenreport.

Old Building

Renew electrical installation in the building itself and save costs. Renovating an old House, renovating an old building is usually a much larger task than previously assumed. Often further damage noticed during the work which were previously unknown, and in addition to the increased costs mean more costs. For the uninitiated, it is advance hard to see where such damage may be concealed. Before the start of the modernization a so-called substance evaluation should be made therefore by a specialist, because those necessary measures can be set.

Permits and statics generally must be obtained during conversion and extension works approval of the Building Authority. This work to a greater extent to be taken you must follow certain standards of energy conservation in. In a renewal of the insulation is recommended at the same time making an improvement of sound insulation. Should the layout be modified about new passages to create, should be aware of the client on the statics. It must be determined precisely in advance, which walls tragendsind. Here an expert should be consulted, which can prevent expensive repair work. Generally, you may break no exterior walls because they are wearing or at least aussteifend in the vast majority of cases.

Electrical installation which is to note? If you wish to renew the electrical installation, the existing and well planned devices must collect exactly to accurately estimate the demand for materials and the amount of work. Generally consider the following tips when an electrical installation-renovation: the main distributor should be replaced by a modern counter cabinet with the appropriate safety devices. Set up enough circuits with safety, specifically in areas such as living room, bedroom or Office, so that later additional devices do not overload your system. The floor distributor should be sought through a modern circuit distribution which is at least three-row, be replaced. A FI protection switch is now mandatory, it is recommended to install on each floor. Plan enough electrical outlets, switches, and connectors for a flexible use of space. On the distribution and also sensitive appliances a surge protection should be installed. Provide outlets with a touch protection to minimize the risk of injury to young children. EWL Instakit offers electric kits for self-Assembly for the renovation of the old building, including meter registration and acceptance throughout Germany.In the construction rate calculator you can individually set your construction or renovation projects, and the exact needs for installation material appears. You can of course customize or directly place your order.