Old Building

Renew electrical installation in the building itself and save costs. Renovating an old House, renovating an old building is usually a much larger task than previously assumed. Often further damage noticed during the work which were previously unknown, and in addition to the increased costs mean more costs. For the uninitiated, it is advance hard to see where such damage may be concealed. Before the start of the modernization a so-called substance evaluation should be made therefore by a specialist, because those necessary measures can be set.

Permits and statics generally must be obtained during conversion and extension works approval of the Building Authority. This work to a greater extent to be taken you must follow certain standards of energy conservation in. In a renewal of the insulation is recommended at the same time making an improvement of sound insulation. Should the layout be modified about new passages to create, should be aware of the client on the statics. It must be determined precisely in advance, which walls tragendsind. Here an expert should be consulted, which can prevent expensive repair work. Generally, you may break no exterior walls because they are wearing or at least aussteifend in the vast majority of cases.

Electrical installation which is to note? If you wish to renew the electrical installation, the existing and well planned devices must collect exactly to accurately estimate the demand for materials and the amount of work. Generally consider the following tips when an electrical installation-renovation: the main distributor should be replaced by a modern counter cabinet with the appropriate safety devices. Set up enough circuits with safety, specifically in areas such as living room, bedroom or Office, so that later additional devices do not overload your system. The floor distributor should be sought through a modern circuit distribution which is at least three-row, be replaced. A FI protection switch is now mandatory, it is recommended to install on each floor. Plan enough electrical outlets, switches, and connectors for a flexible use of space. On the distribution and also sensitive appliances a surge protection should be installed. Provide outlets with a touch protection to minimize the risk of injury to young children. EWL Instakit offers electric kits for self-Assembly for the renovation of the old building, including meter registration and acceptance throughout Germany.In the construction rate calculator you can individually set your construction or renovation projects, and the exact needs for installation material appears. You can of course customize or directly place your order.