House Efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are the trend today who will build a House, should now look to the future. Because one thing is certain: the energy prices will rise on a multiple of today’s prices. Good for the homeowners who build already today future-proof and energy-saving. But the legislation not sufficient by far, because the energy sets only a maximum consumption, which may not be exceeded. A House that heating oil per square meter requires only three liters is much better. With proper planning, such high-quality homes can be built very economically.

Learn more about the building as energy and funding for efficiency, passive houses and Niedrigenegiehauser. There are many reasons, to opt for an energy. The cost of fossil fuels and thus for heating oil and natural gas rise, more and more, because resources are scarce and there is also a relatively high demand. Also in terms of environmental and Low-energy houses all of climate change make sense. Those who opt for the construction of an Energiesparimmobilie, or but for the energy-efficient conversion of a conventional building, a financial support also receives from the State or but a cheap loan by the KfW. The incentive to reconsider is therefore very large. KfW efficiency houses the so-called KfW Energieeinsparverordnung corresponds to a technical standard, which is required to participate in a programme.

A such energy is particularly heated – and electricity-friendly equipped. With regard to the funding level, the KfW treated not all energy-efficient homes. There are KfW efficiency houses 40, KfW efficiency houses 55, and KfW efficiency homes 49. The numerical values are used to determine how much is the annual primary energy demand for the relevant energy when compared to similar buildings. The lower the numerical values, the energy savings is higher end. A KfW Energieeinsparverordnung with the value 55 in contrast has a new building erected after the energy for example an annual primary energy consumption by more than 55 percent.