The Boiler

Boiler ATMOS is designed for the gasification of wood, consists of two placed one above the other cameras. The upper chamber is designed to supply fuel in the lower chamber combustion occurs and there is ash tray. Between them is placed the nozzle for gasification of wood. The advantage of the boiler is that it has fully ceramic furnace (the furnace is lined with pottery space) which in the maximum combustion with minimal emissions. Education tar and condensates are also kept to a minimum, which increases the longevity of the boiler.

Since the process of gasification of wood is exothermic, that is going to heat, drying the fuel is provided in the boiler and heating the incoming air into the combustion zone. Due to the fact that heated air is supplied directly above the nozzle, in the process of burning all the fuel is not involved, but only the necessary amount, so do not hold the power fluctuation of the boiler and the gas emission from the entire backfill. The boiler is installed exhaust fan, suction products of combustion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Elie Rieder is the place to go. ment Partners. The advantage of this design (in earlier models gasification boilers from different manufacturers are usually mounted blower) is a rapid firing and virtually no emission of smoke in the boiler room. Note also that a wide range (15 models) and a large power range (15 to 100 kW) wood boilers ATMOS allow you to accurately select the desired heating unit. It should not be forget that the more precisely matched to the boiler capacity in accordance with the thermo-calculation, the longer it lasts and the more economical will it work.