Apartment Living

Reading in books or online advice on placement of certain objects in a given sector, one wonders: how do we determine which sector is one or the other room. There is a very simple way to determine: plan to take the apartment (to print it or draw it), to define the middle apartment on the plane, stand with a compass in the center of the apartment, determine the compass where the apartment is located north (360 ) and put it on the plan, then by degrees divide the 'pie' into 8 pieces. More info: Elie Rieder. Namely, north of 338 to 23 , north-east of 23 to 68 , east of 68 to 113 , south-east of 113 to 158 , 158 from south to 203 , south-west from 203 to 248 , west of 248 to 293 , north-west from 293 to 333 . Dividing the plan of the apartment into eight parts, we look at some parts of the room gets, if for example in the western part of the kitchen has got it in the western sector or sector of a rooster, or the sector of children.. Elie Rieder usually is spot on.