Issimo Home

Luxury bedding Issimo – the perfect gift. Elegant linens Issimo least expensive decorated. Here you can see how the clothes made out Issimo. Bedding is sold in a dense pack of glossy cardboard. The design is executed in corporate style. In each set as a gift a small piece of soap. The color solution is performed in three types: white, red, black (for the expensive models).

Today in the range produced by the company Issimo Home bedding, linens have all the basic popular types of tissues. However, in the collections of Issimo Home, you can find bed linen and from a fairly unusual, exclusive fabrics. In this review, we will tell you about all kinds of fabrics used in the manufacture of linen, marketed under the brand Issimo Home. Let's start. Satine. Satin – glossy and dense fabric is made of twisted cotton yarn double weave. It is very pleasant to the touch, it durable linen and maintains a large number of washings (about 200-300), and only after a long time the material starts to fade a little.

Satin bed linen is a "golden mean", because of its quality was only slightly inferior to silk. It is cheaper than silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. One major advantage of tissue in that it practically does not crumple. Satin dyed yarns. The range of bed linen is Issimo sets of satin fabric with dyed string textures to create a bespoke fabric. In addition, the dyed thread is used for the application of jacquard pattern on the fabric.