The Fixing

This property of stretch Ceiling pvc film was the reason for limiting the power embedded lights and temperature in the room, and also formed the basis for the installation of stretch ceilings made of this material. When cooled to room the temperature of the suspended ceiling restores elastic properties. pvc film stretched ceiling is not water tight and can withstand pressure of 100 Pa. Coefficient of light absorption can be different: 30% for the glossy panels up to 95% for so-called "velvet" ceilings. pvc film for stretch ceiling applies to hard-combustible materials, but it is not frost and at temperatures below 0 C it becomes hard and brittle, and at a temperature below -40 C begins to break down. One of the drawbacks of small suspended ceilings can be called a vulnerability to sharp objects. Therefore, wash stretch ceiling is only recommended for a soft sponge or cloth.

The second major material to create suspended ceilings, is a polyester fabric. This knitted polyester canvas impregnated with thermosetting polyurethane composition. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Through this cloth impregnated with a highly resilient and stable in size than the pvc film is a stretch ceiling. The thickness of the polyester fabric 0, 25mm, weight 200g/m2. Tissue produces a standard width of 4 meters, which allows you to set from her suspended ceilings in homes without seams – so called seamless stretch ceilings. If you want to make a broader canvas, sew them, so as not to weld tissue. Stretch ceilings are made of cloth is absolutely waterproof. It is durable – it is virtually impossible to cut (If not specifically try to) or break them.

Stretch ceilings are made of cloth stand in contrast to the ceilings of pvc, low temperatures (-30). Therefore, they can be installed on balconies and in unheated suburban homes. Tightening ceiling of the polyester fabric is white. Such a ceiling is no choice of textures and wide gammyvetov. However, it can print any image. Colors stretched ceiling fabric vary by staining after installation. Of the Russian developments should be noted suspended ceiling made of cloth impregnated with fire-resistant. Such a suspended ceiling has no welds and can be set independently, manually, using the fixing cord. Quite a few times to tighten knots on the baguette on the perimeter of the room, and painting the ceiling like the ceiling of the traditional pvc film. Typically, suspended ceilings are manufactured in plants pre- made in each individual room measurements and can be installed only professionals specialized firm certified to perform this type of work by the manufacturer ceiling. In this case, there will be no any kind was rubbish, but the process is nearly three times faster (and sometimes even a few hours) than, for example, installing a suspended ceiling, not to mention the traditional plastering and whitewashing – they spent 10 times more time! Thus, modern suspended ceilings harmless, beautiful, meet fire safety requirements. Stretch ceiling in natloyaschee time one of the fastest, most convenient and practical way to finish pomeschny.

Buildings And Gardens

Triplex protect from entering the premises by breaking the glass with cobblestones or a hammer. Residents Kutuzov Avenue or Garden Ring, where buildings have thick walls, it is better not stingy, and install modern windows Fiberglass in two lines of glass, as were the old windows. Our experience shows that if the external windows are glazed with a single chamber with minimal construction triplexes 7 mm (3.1.3-14-4), and the inner box with the usual monogastric (4-16-4), the passing of the car window will be as noisy as floating in an aquarium goldfish. Filed under: John Savignano. Do not forget to ask for window installers zapenit winter foam because it is denser than summer, respectively, has better sound insulation. Plastic slopes, will not be superfluous. In this setup, the windows, you have instead of a window sill 60 cm, 30 cm to the window sill, but it a good fit flower pots. The only thing that This superb soundproofing achieved only when the windows closed! Do not succumb to the advertising "noise-reducing" valve type , on certificates they provide 30 dB as the windows closed, the practice shows that this far from the truth. Noice reduction ventilation is provided, only the built-in special "quiet" fans with distributing the rooms. On these matters, please contact, the experts on ventilation and air conditioning. Soundproofing glass significantly improves the gases such as krypton and sulfur hexafluoride, but make windows for the apartments are not real, if only you buy and bring the container with the gas producer glass.

Door Repairs

Sooner or later, everything comes into disrepair, interior flats, windows, plumbing rusts. And you start to think about the repairs, until you think it's time to make major repairs. What here to tell overhaul surely for all associated with a huge work, dust and dirt, scurrying back and forth by the workers. Thank God we quickly priodaleli this difficult line. We are left with a small, pokleit wallpaper, replace windows and doors and an entrance door. Old doors were about thirty years and is long time it was written off. Robert J. Shiller often addresses the matter in his writings. We decided not to save, and in accordance with the tones and colors of our apartment, picked up the beautiful and stylish.

More disputes in our family called search and choice of the front door. My wife wanted and demanded a strong door, mother-in-law would not big and stylish. I also like modern in all respects with the built-in electronic door lock and an electronic eye. As a result, repairs were finished, and with door, we have not decided. Not yet got into a Moscow store.

Shop door, I would have even called him "Doors World", they are everywhere, to not turn his head. Around the door, the shop might remind maze. The abundance of our ran his eyes. Came up to us pretty girl consultant, who listened to our arguments, smiled and asked her to wait five minutes. She returned quickly with a smile and said: "We have a proposal which will lead your family to a consensus, and your apartment get a new front door. " And indeed, the door was a smart, stylish, durable and modern. What else is needed Here we certainly have fallen all the questions. The next day she have pleased the eyes of others, as a result of the conflict was over. It remains only to say thanks to humanity and progress!

Home Heating with Radiators

Electric radiators are cooled with an intermediate variant of the traditional electric radiators water and steam heating. The principle of such radiators based on the natural circulation of coolant. In a sealed enclosure is heat transfer fluid (usually mineral oil), which fills the entire working volume of the instrument, except the upper part of the compensating thermal expansion of liquid. Around at the bottom of the heater there is a heated layer, which has a lower density than the rest of the liquid, so the "pop" up. Upward flow of fluid is midway between the housing wall heating radiator, and the walls fall down a cold liquid, gave them their heat. The coolant can also change the physical state and is a two.

The heater is placed at the same time in the liquid phase, which occupies a relatively small fraction of the volume and current stage of intense evaporation. The steam fills the rest of the volume and condenses on the walls of the body heating radiator, giving them heat of vaporization. The condensate flows down the walls of the heater. Electric radiators-phase coolant also differ in body design, that may be sectional and panel. Housing evaporation-condensation of electric radiators are usually . Other classification characteristics of electric radiators are design (floor, wall, mobile), control and monitoring system (Thermolimiter, switch, power regulator, temperature controller), and the availability of additional devices.

Types and basic parameters Domestic oil-filled electric radiators are as follows. 1. Type: pma. Name: Electric heating radiator with automatic temperature control air in the room. Rated power, kW: 0,5; 0.8, 1.0, 1.25. / 1,6; 2.0 Rated voltage, V: 127; 220 / 220 2. Type: rmb. Name: Electric heating radiator with a power regulator. Rated power, kW: 0,5; 0,8; 1,0 1,25. / 1,6; 2.0 Rated voltage, V: 127; 220 / 220 3. Type: pmc Name: Electric heating radiator with a power switch. Rated power, kW: 0,5; 0,8; 1,0 1,25. / 1,6; 2.0 Rated voltage, V: 127; 220 / 220 4. Type: rmt Name: Electric heating radiator with Thermolimiter. Nominal , kW: 0,5; 0.8 / 1.0 Rated voltage, V: 127; 220 /