The Fixing

This property of stretch Ceiling pvc film was the reason for limiting the power embedded lights and temperature in the room, and also formed the basis for the installation of stretch ceilings made of this material. When cooled to room the temperature of the suspended ceiling restores elastic properties. pvc film stretched ceiling is not water tight and can withstand pressure of 100 Pa. Coefficient of light absorption can be different: 30% for the glossy panels up to 95% for so-called "velvet" ceilings. pvc film for stretch ceiling applies to hard-combustible materials, but it is not frost and at temperatures below 0 C it becomes hard and brittle, and at a temperature below -40 C begins to break down. One of the drawbacks of small suspended ceilings can be called a vulnerability to sharp objects. Therefore, wash stretch ceiling is only recommended for a soft sponge or cloth.

The second major material to create suspended ceilings, is a polyester fabric. This knitted polyester canvas impregnated with thermosetting polyurethane composition. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Through this cloth impregnated with a highly resilient and stable in size than the pvc film is a stretch ceiling. The thickness of the polyester fabric 0, 25mm, weight 200g/m2. Tissue produces a standard width of 4 meters, which allows you to set from her suspended ceilings in homes without seams – so called seamless stretch ceilings. If you want to make a broader canvas, sew them, so as not to weld tissue. Stretch ceilings are made of cloth is absolutely waterproof. It is durable – it is virtually impossible to cut (If not specifically try to) or break them.

Stretch ceilings are made of cloth stand in contrast to the ceilings of pvc, low temperatures (-30). Therefore, they can be installed on balconies and in unheated suburban homes. Tightening ceiling of the polyester fabric is white. Such a ceiling is no choice of textures and wide gammyvetov. However, it can print any image. Colors stretched ceiling fabric vary by staining after installation. Of the Russian developments should be noted suspended ceiling made of cloth impregnated with fire-resistant. Such a suspended ceiling has no welds and can be set independently, manually, using the fixing cord. Quite a few times to tighten knots on the baguette on the perimeter of the room, and painting the ceiling like the ceiling of the traditional pvc film. Typically, suspended ceilings are manufactured in plants pre- made in each individual room measurements and can be installed only professionals specialized firm certified to perform this type of work by the manufacturer ceiling. In this case, there will be no any kind was rubbish, but the process is nearly three times faster (and sometimes even a few hours) than, for example, installing a suspended ceiling, not to mention the traditional plastering and whitewashing – they spent 10 times more time! Thus, modern suspended ceilings harmless, beautiful, meet fire safety requirements. Stretch ceiling in natloyaschee time one of the fastest, most convenient and practical way to finish pomeschny.