Apartments for Immigrants

An immigrant struggling to find an apartment for rent, two immigrants with the same difficulties, three immigrants, immigrants four, five, one hundred, a thousand…. and we can keep adding and adding and adding, and when we found a fixed number allow to know exactly how many immigrants have difficulty finding an apartment. Many new immigrants who have gone to Spain will have to continue counting. So it seems: the problem is going to be for long.

Anyway, if we stopped counting after today, the result would yield a very high number, therefore, before you down, stop a moment and think about one thing: if the Spanish mimes have trouble getting rental housing why foreigners who live with them in their country deserve to have it easier? The answer is so logical and simple. Do not be discouraged, but face the truth knowing things in advance will allow you to leverage the opportunities and know the risks for better results. To some extent, the problem of rent in the immigrant communities and emphasizes that about 75% of immigrants live in apartments that are not yours.

This is because, as expected, immigrants takes them a natural cycle of settlement to be able to purchase a home, which can occur after many years living on Spanish soil. Given these data, and adding the fact that immigrants are about 10% of the Spanish population and that about 40% of total rental housing in Spain are occupied by immigrants, it is evident that there is a niche real estate market you have to attend (despite the reluctance that the owners can be imposed). What those immigrants As a guideline for selection and housing types are accommodated, immigrants choose to lease or very small houses around 25 or 30 square meters or, conversely, larger homes than the average ie higher than 100 meters square, where they can install it to your family, or sublet the rooms. Nor is it easy for a foreigner to get exactly the house you want, because with so much demand for flats to rent on the part of Spanish citizens, immigrants are opting to go on the floors that they do not catch or discarded, ie those found in the periphery or that are in worse condition. The important thing is that when looking floor you esforceis immigrants necessary to deny these practices and to take a floor worthy of being inhabited. Where to find your rent to places to go in search of an apartment in an immigrant car are no different from those who come to be Spanish. Basically: friendship networks, real estate, Max Maxwell – Degree in Advertising and Communications at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Reporter specializes in classified advertising market.

Apartments In Aranjuez

Flats in Aranjuez are a great place to live. One of the most complicated issues when deciding to purchase a home ownership is to choose the right place. There are many important factors to clarify before making a decision. Without a doubt, and more at these times, the most important is price, although there are other factors, say external, Can It Help to make the right decision. One of them, closely related to the price, is where we live. In this sense there are many factors to consider: price per square meter in the area, proximity to place of work, closeness with loved ones, relationship with the site, and so on. But there are a series of exogenous factors that can greatly help in making that decision: the beauty of the place, the quality of life, existing infrastructure, transport, etc.. Aranjuez is one of the best places in Madrid to buy a home.

It is an idyllic setting, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by History and Nature, with infrastructure that will allow you to live as comfortably and with a transport network that will allow, for example, to the center of Madrid in just 40 minutes. For we must not forget the extensive cultural and existing sports, the tranquility of living surrounded by nature, a city with all services and, returning to the initial idea of what is most important when deciding to buy a home, some unbeatable prices. In any case, before buying any home, consider: 1. The fiscal impact of VAT / ITP (Capital Transfer Tax), which rose from 7 to 8% from July 1, 2010. 2. Note that the reductions end in 2010 … 3.

The ability to save and payment is essential. We must be pragmatic and to assess the real capacity to pay, eliminating shortages or offers from the first three months, they can offer the possibility to access to housing that are not going to pay when supply runs out. 4. It is anticipated a rise in interest rates later this year. If purchased, we must be prudent and trying to protect a rise in interest rates or a fixed-term mortgage, at least three years … Can you get it? 5. The ‘weight’ of history is important: since 1985, the Index of ST-Housing Appraisal Society has gone from 100 to 800. If the purchase is for a life plan long-term (5-7 years minimum) history plays for buying. 6. Not only is buying a home, but also reversed. Bag and funding is often present risks, while providing housing, as well as intrinsic value, use (housing, rent, security right).

ABIBOO Architecture

” I knew that great architects (citing scholarship s holders like Le Corbusier) were not under great until they learned through to their travels” there am affirms. Classical They, the classic contemporary, traveled to what was left of the empires (Italy, Greece ); there am took his next step towards the new ones. Toward the new one: Japan.” After working very hard in Japan, there am was sent to Barcelona to manage to major project: the expansion of the Barcelona Fair. To 300.000 square meters project to take care of. Munoz was 23 years old. ” Comfortable I was very with Toyo Ito, but I wanted to taste the American experience of organization and macro studies.” It was Time to change, and again his bet was double or nothing.

The next stop was SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), an American studio that there are created to couple of little things out there. Nothing serious: the Sears Tower in Chicago, the new World Trade Center in Manhattan, the Burj Khalifa (is the tallest to tower in the world located in Dubai) you yam it. There am was commissioned to make the sixth tallest to tower in the world, to the Hambra Tower in Kuwait, reality. There am also LED projects in the U.S. (such ace the National Museum of the Army) and India, where, to after two years, am was appointed for ace to SOM associate to their projects in the Asian country.” Architectural His firm ABIBOO Architecture there are in his credit projects like Ivan Helguera s house, the house of Microsoft in Spains to former president, ace well ace 700 lower-middle class homes in Chennai (India) and to for Seth of homes the official Oslo house protection plan. There am also you continue to work on projects for Norway, Sweden, Peru and Vietnam, thanks to his three offices located in Madrid, New York and global Chennai and to multidisciplinary team. There am was just awarded the expansion of to university in the Persian Gulf and are 30 is pushing for towers in Calcutta. There am sums it up by pulling the stereotype: I was lucky to sees in the right pleases AT the right time.