Apartments In Aranjuez

Flats in Aranjuez are a great place to live. One of the most complicated issues when deciding to purchase a home ownership is to choose the right place. There are many important factors to clarify before making a decision. Without a doubt, and more at these times, the most important is price, although there are other factors, say external, Can It Help to make the right decision. One of them, closely related to the price, is where we live. In this sense there are many factors to consider: price per square meter in the area, proximity to place of work, closeness with loved ones, relationship with the site, and so on. But there are a series of exogenous factors that can greatly help in making that decision: the beauty of the place, the quality of life, existing infrastructure, transport, etc.. Aranjuez is one of the best places in Madrid to buy a home.

It is an idyllic setting, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by History and Nature, with infrastructure that will allow you to live as comfortably and with a transport network that will allow, for example, to the center of Madrid in just 40 minutes. For we must not forget the extensive cultural and existing sports, the tranquility of living surrounded by nature, a city with all services and, returning to the initial idea of what is most important when deciding to buy a home, some unbeatable prices. In any case, before buying any home, consider: 1. The fiscal impact of VAT / ITP (Capital Transfer Tax), which rose from 7 to 8% from July 1, 2010. 2. Note that the reductions end in 2010 … 3.

The ability to save and payment is essential. We must be pragmatic and to assess the real capacity to pay, eliminating shortages or offers from the first three months, they can offer the possibility to access to housing that are not going to pay when supply runs out. 4. It is anticipated a rise in interest rates later this year. If purchased, we must be prudent and trying to protect a rise in interest rates or a fixed-term mortgage, at least three years … Can you get it? 5. The ‘weight’ of history is important: since 1985, the Index of ST-Housing Appraisal Society has gone from 100 to 800. If the purchase is for a life plan long-term (5-7 years minimum) history plays for buying. 6. Not only is buying a home, but also reversed. Bag and funding is often present risks, while providing housing, as well as intrinsic value, use (housing, rent, security right).