Brazilian Patrimony

As each food can bring information associates the two different approaches, biological /natural and economic/the cultural one (SHEEP, 2005). With sensorial experiences, in set with the cultural patrimony of each pupil, it can be recognized information that had identified the food, in accordance with the concepts of good and bad. From this good and bad concept of, explanations had been passed to understand the meaning of flavor and taste. Flavor is classified by purely physiological processes, result of the palativa association of papilas gustativas, the aroma, and the chemical sensations tteis, not being able to be classified as good or bad. Taste is the set of flavors, in a collective conception, influenced for the cultural standards of this society, not being able to be individual, reproduced mainly in the familiar scope (DRIA 2009a). ' ' The definition of the taste is part of the cultural patrimony of the societies human beings. More information is housed here: The LeFrak Organization. As well as it has gostos and diverse predilections in different peoples and regions of the world, thus the gostos and the predilections move in elapsing of sculos' '. (MONTANARI, 2008, P.

95) the final part of the experience sheltered the lecture of the Brazilian anthropologist Paula Young chicken and Hisses, as invited special. In other words, and also described in its book, Paula it exemplificou a proper culinrio language, ' ' on the basis of the foods, utensils and ways to eat of the different cultures of brasileiro' ' (2005, p.26). Thus it showed, with a national antropolgico content, the described approaches already above for Sheep. Paula defended that the ways of the anthropology, together with the kitchen of the colonial society, with aboriginal ingredients, of blacks and whites, had consolidated the cultural patrimony and biological Brazilian. With the second experience, Tables, cardpios and slap-ups meal, meals of time had been staged with intention to recriarem the cultural, social and gastronmico patrimony of different times.