Federal Ministry

Exhibition “Energy plus building” at the RENEXPO 2012 emphasis Austria in Austria since the year 1999 as part of House of the future with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, innovation and technology (BMVIT) to the energy efficiency of buildings-research the and the use of renewable energy sources. Since 2008 the project is committed House of the future plus to the target, to create technological conditions that make building from consumers to producers of energy. Innovative building dekonzepten such as the so-called House of the future plus, or differently named, the future belongs to the energy plus building – therefore considered the 4. International trade fair and Congress for renewable energy & energy efficiency RENEXPO Austria this reinforced in exhibition and Congress of 29.11 to 01.12.2012 in the fair of Salzburg. Enormous potential for innovation is in the area of energy efficiency of buildings. In the last few years back in Austria increased “energy plus” Building”or so called House of the future plus ‘ solutions in focus, making the House to the power station: they produce more energy than its people consume.” The energy required for heating or hot water is in the or even produced at the House, mostly by solar systems. Building can provide then other buildings with excess energy, which are dependent on a supply.

In the course of the renovation of the TU Vienna is currently as a sub project of the core project “Plus energy Office plus energy office building of the future” in Austria built the biggest plus-energy office building. The plus-energy concept is achieved by far beyond the passive house standard optimization, in particular power consumption and Austria’s largest building-integrated photovoltaic system. The object stands out among others by an efficient building envelope, an intelligent energy management system, highest lighting optimization, core venting, thermal coupling and high heat capacity of the individual rooms, a Building integrated solar shading, the heating/cooling of the rooms over component activation, a highly efficient cooling system, as well as the server waste heat recycling.