Read all about the Cloudbuster usage in the North of the Sahara! Flowering almond trees, truffles and grapes – let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of the desert greening in Algeria on the edge of the Sahara desert! Apples, melons, peas, spinach, Zucchini, lettuce, potatoes, onions and corn grow thanks to regular rain on the edge of the Sahara. With the help of a special device, the cloudBuster, succeeded Madjid Maja12, to create rain clouds, which are necessary for profitable green fields for a specific area in the North of Africa again and again for a few hours. In this 30-acre Paradise (Djanan”) grow cereals, fruit trees, potatoes and salad. Africa is bleeding: the civil war in Mali and Nigeria, the refugee drama of the Sahrawis from Western Sahara. From Central and West Africa, many people flock to the North. They have no perspective at the time so you are looking for a perspective in the room. Survivors of massacres are wiped out, where whole villages were child soldiers, that the killing of cannot, women, the way has become more difficult for the fountain as the way to Europe.

Half of them die on the way through the Sahara. Of those who reach the coast and when one of the gangs, snag a ticket to Europe, half in the Mediterranean Sea drowns in turn. The Maltese fishermen dare to go hardly on the sea. There are days where they have more skeletons in the networks as a fish. The lucky ones will be interned in camps.

Perhaps they may work at dumping wages black on Spanish Strawberry farms. Thus arose the idea of Madjid Maja12, to take the refugees from Africa in a newly created green belt. You want to teach, to “heal the climate”, with forest and agriculture to meet the desert. And to send them back home. A legion of Messiahs. Madjid Maja12 is called the green belt just the shaft”. In his vision, he sees a few kilometers wide green stripe, which extends transversely across North Africa. Habitat for those who want to stay. Training workshop for those who want to return to their families for the love. Bulwark for Europe. Buffer memory for the peoples of the Arab Mediterranean coast. Because if Europe closes the borders, they are must find a way, to deal with the traditionally bad ratio of population to the Africans. Otherwise threaten new distribution wars. Be started should the wave, so Madjid Maja12, with small enclaves like Djanan, at a distance of 500 kilometers. Read more about the Green paradise on the edge of the Sahara in the GreenBalance magazine enjoy impressive photos of green paradise surrounded by sand dunes! The GreenBalance magazine is a free digital magazine in PDF format. Topics of the interactive GreenBalance magazine are in addition to health and Wellnessthemen in alternative medicine for man and animal, organic lifestyle (eco-fashion, natural cosmetics,) and renewable energy sources. Links allow the Readers to deepen their knowledge interactively. Contact person: Mag. Daniela Kornek Tel.: + 43-676 – 627 69 80 E-Mail:

Setaside Buildings

An example is a bunker, another a normal building. Conception to the subsequent use of set-aside structures (example objects: see attached photos and drawing) a bunker, another is an example of a normal building. These buildings serve as architectural structure and cover one hand for a multiple power station of renewable energy for electricity and heat. These energies can be partially saved and transformed demand. The other part will be set up for special, corresponding to their natural energy-intensive production processes. These productions use only the self-generated energies. Multiple power plant is installed a PV plant for the production of electricity on the roof of the building. These can be firmly elevated in an angle and in order or to run also the Sun.

Optional: The roof is additionally equipped also with a small wind turbine for generating electricity. One is on a side of the facade to be determined according to optimal aspects (South-facing) the vertical mounting Solar thermal (tubular collectors) to heat. Optional: the multiple power station with a heat pump for the use of the geothermal energy near-surface can be completed last. The basement of the building is used preferably for the accommodation of further technical equipment of the power plant. So: Switching and control devices as well as batteries / power storage for power management. Heat pumps, domestic hot water and buffer storage / heat storage systems for thermal management. Cooling and refrigeration, storage, productions set up or built various productions with energy-intensive technologies in the above-ground storeys of the building.

Wlko as an example to the application of the well-known VERTICAL / CITY FARMING here: only with artificial lighting and artificial heat without direct connections to the external ventilation. In the subsequent selection offers: commercial vegetable production, commercial production of high-priced exotic spice, supervisory authority and authorized production of high-priced pharmaceutically interesting plants, authorised and supervisory authority breeding research gene-modified plants, the outer appearance of the sample: Bunker receives an entirely different character by the new construction and additions to the origin. That, due to the design, non-affected building surfaces offer for artistic appreciation (such as: graffiti, painting, light installation, city advertising), oriented to the overall theme and round this. A further synergy would be the possibility of an additional offer of electric fuel pump / parking to the recharge of the battery electric vehicle in the immediate vicinity of the property. There are unused for years, statically fully intact buildings in mass. Only use ideas are missing. These buildings are used for very low costs. The Bundesanstalt fur immobilienaufgaben wants to bring 150 bunker on the man in the next few years.