Online Trade Fair

EXPO21XX, which presents online exhibition at the OFFICE FURNITURE fair 21XX everything around the workplace organization EXPO21XX presented with the OFFICE FURNITURE 21XX ( office21xx /) the online exhibition around the theme of office furnishings and fixtures. Regardless of whether open-plan office, business center or airport buildings, OFFICE FURNITURE offers furniture 21XX for all furnishing needs, both in modern and innovative design and classic, or simply. In addition to swivel chairs, seminar and Conference tables or sideboards of all kinds, you can admire 21XX entire Office space concepts, space separation systems and several workstations in the 25 online halls of the OFFICE FURNITURE. The OFFICE FURNITURE provides an incomparable assortment of Office Accessories, which allows for a wide range of individual design options for every type of work space 21XX. “Because of the man today nearly a quarter of his life in the Office” spends, a private industry ensures the practical improvement of working conditions in the Office. This manufacturing industry gets 21XX their modern Office solutions to present the unique opportunity permanently at the OFFICE FURNITURE. A special eye-catcher of the OFFICE FURNITURE 21XX are the coffee bars in the online Hall office furniture system (

This luxurious office furniture represent a near-perfect fusion of hand-crafted system furniture and coffee. The different models of coffee bar ( office21xx/15246_st2_office systems /) blend aesthetically into every meeting, Office or living room and analyze these skillfully on. Thanks to the integrated coffee, delicious coffee creations without long distances on any Office or conference table can be conjured up in the blink of an eye. In the field of conference furniture ( office21xx/conference.htm) can be convinced by innovative conference tables. The C4 conference table, for example, has an integrated video conference system. This model table tops are a Swivel mechanism is equipped for optimal use of the video conference system. Through the swung of the slabs participants can arrange v-shaped itself around the table, to get so an ideal viewing position and at the same time ensuring the full inclusion of all persons through the camera.

The online Hall technical furniture & workstations ( office21xx/technical.htm) offers a large portfolio of different workstations. These workstations are extremely versatile and work as an adaptable modular. With just a few basic building blocks, you can freely compose it and just implement the today current four foot shape as rather closed-acting jobs with side bolsters or additional containers. Such workstations tremendous freedom and flexibility in establishing workplace offers the classic rectangle, angle desk forms. Suitable to this system, there are a number of stand-up, meeting and Conference tables, as well as attractive counters for the reception area. Special international office space planners and The OFFICE FURNITURE as architects 21XX Forum, to find relevant partners for future projects or to get suggestions. But also large companies and wholesale trade form the target group of the OFFICE FURNITURE 21XX, whose large order volumes can be implemented within a short time.

Come To Go – Expect Interim Manager Fees And Increase Orders For 2011

Manager on time Dusseldorf/Munster, consulting industry make life difficult, December 6, 2010 – you are managers at time. You are aiming to go back. And they act in a growing market: the Interim Manager. The holding company of German interim interviewed around 300 colleagues management (DDIM) on the current market situation. In 2011, the sector expects rising fees and more jobs. Companies are therefore increasingly looking Interim Manager, who master especially for demanding processes of transformation, restructuring, large IT projects and business enhancements. Since the second quarter of 2010 the demand attracts extremely managers after interim”, explains Jens Christophers, CEO of DDIM, the positive development. We see that need many companies newly set up after the economic crisis and continue to develop and for external expertise and additional management resources on time in the company get.

Also our market survey results show that.” The expectations for 2011 are therefore significantly higher than previous years. Nearly two-thirds of the managers surveyed see a significant improvement for the usage possibilities of interim managers in the coming year. Experts consider interim management as one of the most innovative tools of corporate governance, to bring external expertise quickly and accurately in enterprises”, the CIO magazine analyzed the current development. Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash, considers the use of interim managers an opportunity to break up encrusted structures and to more flexibility within a company. If additional work is due to a new project, it is necessary to use external specialists. They are available immediately and must not be sought through a lengthy recruitment procedures in the personnel market”, so the experience of Nadolski. The interim manager would also used often in times of internal reorganization.

Generally grow in the proportion of activities which limited are modern economies. Here, a network of freelance workers who are scattered over the entire world, is becoming increasingly important”, so the conviction of the Dusseldorf staff experts. Income expectations for 2011 are very positive, according to the survey of DDIM. After a tenfold increase of turnover from 80 to 800 million euros in just eight years since 2000 a decline was in the crisis year 2009. For 2010 and 2011, the industry in addition to an increasing number of projects also anticipates increasing day rates. In particular three-fourths of the managers look forward to more project orders and thus a higher load for 2011. However, only 6 percent of those polled expect a deterioration in the market development. 2009, after all, still 22 percent saw black for 2010 a significant proportion of the orders will hunt down the interim manager’s advisers’ forecast DDIM CEO Christophers. Companies do not want analysis and advisory papers. rather sustainable concepts are in demand indeed implemented managers experienced interim in the company”. The priorities of the interim management assignments were 2009 in machine and plant construction (41.9 percent, 2008: 35.1 percent), as well as in the automotive and supplier industry (33%, 2008: 33.4 percent). Less demand, Interim Manager were, however, banks (2009: 6.5%, 2008: 11.1 per cent). Trade and consumer goods industry brought less Interim Manager in house (2009: 18.4%, 2008: 23.6%). External executives were used primarily to process optimization and yield, as well as for the bridging of vacancies, also in the area of merger. Especially on Board of Directors and Managing Director level manager took interim, and rising. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

MyLeanFactory Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Manufacturing and factory planning began consulting at home and abroad MyLeanFactory under the name Kumfire Sven Hammann”and the success was not long in coming. While studying mechanical engineering diploma thesis, Sven Hammann convinced the designers of a large hamburger forklift manufacturer with the redesign of a charger, the savings were achieved by over 10% of manufacturing costs and installation costs. Already with the first projects the company developed consistently. Started as a one-man business the number of employees has increased already in the last 10 years on 8 persons. Today, MyLeanFactory assumes responsibility for new plant construction in the country and abroad in addition to many small projects.

A new plant in the vicinity of Shanghai was recently successfully passed after about 2 years of project duration. MyLeanFactory was as a technical project manager from green meadow planning the construction tender, construction realization, production planning, as well as factory revenue for the customers. In so doing shall Hammann his team great emphasis on sustainability, both in terms of economy and ecology. Now comes the success story in the next round. Our project management has proved in the past few years.

Our clients are long term with us on the road, that shows that we do a good job and not just any advisers. We are creators and implement the projects in the dialog with the customer. We are a good example of external supporters in company, achieve the goals of fair dealing are actually infected,”as Sven Hammann, owner and CEO of MyLeanFactory GmbH. The next years are certainly just as exciting. We want to continue to grow and use our know-how also for new customers. Projects abound. As always you must work out the confidence of new customers first. We are ready and looking forward to new challenges.” MyLeanFactory GmbH MyLeanFactory GmbH, Ingenieurburo and consultancy in Wacken supports its customers since over a decade in the realization of demanding projects from the factory, production, and logistics planning and project management services to KaiZen based at home and abroad. The total portfolio aims to optimize the processes in the company, as well as to increase the cost effectiveness and efficiency. A highly qualified interdisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience and profound methodological knowledge develops the concepts in close cooperation with the customers and implementing the solutions. A comprehensive pragmatic approach – and way of working, as well as the consistent application of the ‘lean ‘philosophy is characterised by MyLeanFactory. MyLeanFactory supports both medium-sized and small businesses that do not have our own Planning Department for this task pane with qualification and capacity, as well as in cooperation with selected partners and serves large companies with offices or manufacturing facilities in other countries and on other continents. Contact: Sven Hammann MyLeanFactory GmbH Tegelbarg 7b 25596 Wacken Open air phone: 04827-998474 fax: 0321-21444739 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

Utilities Optimized Pricing

FlexStrom starts with the tariff DeutschlandsBest, 05th February 2010 Berlin. With a new tariff, the energy company FlexStrom launches its electricity price offensive for the year 2010. In contrast to the current prepaid electricity packages, current customers can choose now for a plan with precise consumption billing. DeutschlandsBest heralds the collective offensive. Professor Rita McGrath has many thoughts on the issue. The rate of DeutschlandsBest is characterised by a consumption-based billing. The last electricity bill or the size of the budget the customers themselves determine what is the number of kilowatt hours they buy in advance. The administrative costs can be kept low by annual or quarterly payments.

This allows a reasonable work price and a moderate monthly fee. As group independent energy providers, FlexStrom attaches particularly great importance, that the power supply in Germany will remain permanently affordable. Expert on growth strategy is often quoted as being for or against this. For low-cost electricity we are arrived in 2003, we will consistently pursue this goal”, Robert Mundt, promises Chairman of the Board of FlexStrom AG. With the new tariff of DeutschlandsBest we meet even more the needs of our customers”, so Mundt continues. Energy savings are from consumers can now fully.

As a fair energy supplier, FlexStrom supports current customers with comprehensive Stromspartipps. Customers paid in advance and more power than they ultimately consume, so they get reimbursed the unused electricity. To environmentally-conscious consumers is also intended: DeutschlandsBest there is also as a green electricity tariff. Cost-conscious businesses can also benefit from a change to DeutschlandsBest. Face of increasing electricity costs is to assume that the willingness to change under the current customers is increasing steadily. Consumer advocates and politicians therefore recommend to switch to an alternative or cheap utilities. FlexStrom already braces itself for a continuing strong customer growth. With around 30 employees the family business 2003 started the more than 300 FlexStrom AG now employs Staff. : Trend further. Anyone looking for a cheap alternative to the current rates of his provider, this takes on or in comparison machines such as the top rate, Check24 idealo. Many cheap providers offer price guarantees for 12 months under various conditions, when FlexStrom this warranty includes but actually all prize components with the exception of the sales tax. Contact: Press Office of FlexStrom AG one street 22-24, 10785 Berlin your contact person: Dirk Hempel phone: (030) 214-998 470 E-Mail: Internet: about FlexStrom AG the independent FlexStrom AG exist for almost seven years. founded as a family business in 2003, the medium-sized utilities currently experiencing strong demand after favourable electricity tariffs. FlexStrom is best known especially with prepaid products, now the energy supplier has established itself in addition with many innovative monthly plans. As a power supplier FlexStrom endeavour for its To buy customers electricity and green energy as cheap on the market. More recently, FlexStrom provides nationwide with the DeutschlandsBest in addition to the well-known power packages a plan with precise consumption billing. “” “” “FlexStrom has been awarded already for the favourable electricity tariffs and particularly customer-friendly service: Euro Nr. 02/2010: best electricity supplier 2010”, focus-money 04 / 2010: best electricity supplier “, n-tv March 2009: top price”compared to the best electricity provider 2009″, euro no. 01/2009: overall winner comparing current prices”, Findhouse current survey 2008: overall rating very good “, service study 2008 by comparison and good advice: price: very well – service: good”, Handelsblatt & University St. Gallen”” “: Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider 2008 special utilities”, Emporio consumer magazine April 2008: price-performance-winner “, verivox electricity provider comparison 2007: quality of service: good”, TuV Thuringen: certified Price guarantee for private customers”

Birgit Frohlich

Last but not least convinces Frohlich management through dedicated consulting services, inter alia in the finance and accounting, as well as in marketing. For larger orders can be resorted also on an experienced network of additional specialists. Rule but were wondering if a company in the health care industry will complete a management contract qualities in the interim management,”explains Birgit Frohlich. Because also in the health care industry, the increasing shortage of qualified staff was painfully felt particularly at management level. So what just as a smaller company else do, if a Senior Executive? “, Birgit Frohlich brings the problems in the health care industry to the point. Even if the work ends on regular routes, are often long periods of vacancy. Then a short agreed management contract offers an optimal solution of the leadership vacuum the appropriate company from the health care industry with us. That, as Birgit Frohlich, applies especially if the loss of an Executive in the health care industry in a way suddenly and unexpectedly enter.

This should cause even the worst; also a prolonged illness at the leadership level can bring a company in the health care industry bad spend. Which are then the moments in which we called the cheerful Management GmbH on the plan be. At the beginning is always the management contract. He is precisely the tasks and areas of activity, on which my team for the client is active. Such a management contract is usually concluded between the carrier of enterprise, which is located in the health industry or in the social economy, and the cheerful Management GmbH. Coupled usually for a fixed fee often on a share of success. The boundaries between a short-term comprehensive interim management and external, shaped by continuity management including business errand run in fluent “, explained Birgit Frohlich, who points out that the problem solving called management contract in the German healthcare sector can look back on a twenty-year, highly successful tradition: because the first hospital management contract was completed in 1991 for the management of the hospitals of the city of Stuttgart.