Birgit Frohlich

Last but not least convinces Frohlich management through dedicated consulting services, inter alia in the finance and accounting, as well as in marketing. For larger orders can be resorted also on an experienced network of additional specialists. Rule but were wondering if a company in the health care industry will complete a management contract qualities in the interim management,”explains Birgit Frohlich. Because also in the health care industry, the increasing shortage of qualified staff was painfully felt particularly at management level. So what just as a smaller company else do, if a Senior Executive? “, Birgit Frohlich brings the problems in the health care industry to the point. Even if the work ends on regular routes, are often long periods of vacancy. Then a short agreed management contract offers an optimal solution of the leadership vacuum the appropriate company from the health care industry with us. That, as Birgit Frohlich, applies especially if the loss of an Executive in the health care industry in a way suddenly and unexpectedly enter.

This should cause even the worst; also a prolonged illness at the leadership level can bring a company in the health care industry bad spend. Which are then the moments in which we called the cheerful Management GmbH on the plan be. At the beginning is always the management contract. He is precisely the tasks and areas of activity, on which my team for the client is active. Such a management contract is usually concluded between the carrier of enterprise, which is located in the health industry or in the social economy, and the cheerful Management GmbH. Coupled usually for a fixed fee often on a share of success. The boundaries between a short-term comprehensive interim management and external, shaped by continuity management including business errand run in fluent “, explained Birgit Frohlich, who points out that the problem solving called management contract in the German healthcare sector can look back on a twenty-year, highly successful tradition: because the first hospital management contract was completed in 1991 for the management of the hospitals of the city of Stuttgart.