St. Petersburg Construction

Beginning in 1999, after passing under construction at the St. Petersburg plant "Gazapparat" developed annually and produced new models of domestic gas instantaneous water heaters. Each new product – a step forward based on best practices of previous models. Especially worth to mention one of the latest innovations – the gas water heater NEVA Lux (Neva Lux) 5514. This model is now the absolute leader in sales and there is a good reasons: Constant hydraulic flame modulation makes the gas column NEVA Lux (Neva Lux) 5514 best in its category. Its customers can forget about the sharp temperature drops heated water. Only one control knob.

More is not required, because this model features an automatic electronic ignition. It is this function puts it on par with more expensive European models of gas water heaters. Ignition burner is automatically turned off immediately after switching the main burner. This significantly increases its service life. Special combustion chamber. Some of the water coming into the geyser cools the combustion chamber. It technological innovation to the increasing life saving apparatus and the cost of servicing the heater.

Ecology, clean air, safety is not just empty words for this column. In a gas water heater NEVA Lux (Neva Lux) 5514 emissions of CO (carbon monoxide) is less than 10 times the required standards of GOST. The phone has all the modern safety systems. This is true in regard to recent developments in the use of domestic gas. Last difference. This is the geyser was awarded the most popular of modern housing. Many consumers are happy to replace the familiar white device, the more contemporary silver matte body. Besides the color is note that the new body is made of metal. In contrast to the enameled shells, it is less afraid of chips, is better suited to corrosion. Geyser NEVA Lux (Neva Lux) 5514 – a modern, popular and safe water heater creates comfort in any home. Detailed description of the column and specifications:

Home Air Conditioning Systems

– What is it? – Ask. – But your guys, I froze at night. Generally, the proper operation of the air conditioner one should not feel that its something to cool or heat. Just comfortable – and everything! Once called the firm a friend of mine, asked to come. Under most conditions The LeFrak Organization would agree. She said: "I did, however, do not you have bought." Okay, let's go. Revealed the unit, and there – a dead rat. You have it.

Hence the conclusion – not enough to buy and install a split system. Importantly, that you have done by professionals. The order of installation of a split system 1. Posting a separate wiring for the air conditioner and install a separate "machine" in the control panel. 2.

Installation of an external (outdoor) unit: selection place to install it (at least 1.8-2 meters above the ground, or be stolen – there have been cases); installation support bracket (with anchor bolts), strengthening the external unit on the brackets, drilling holes 50-60 cm in diameter in the outer wall for connecting communications (connect the external and internal units of a split system) insert in the hole "waterproofing cup" (material, of which the "glass" – know-how installers) laying in the "glass" of connecting communications. 3. Installation of indoor unit: Select the location (the horizontal distance between the inner and outer blocks must not exceed more than 7-30 meters – depending on the brand system), installation of support brackets, strengthening the internal power on rack. 4. Wiring system: shtroblenie wall or floor (in order to hide the communication wires or laying of plastic housing); wiring (copper for the refrigerant and electrical) coming from the outdoor unit to indoor unit by connecting fittings, carrying out procedures vakuumatsii (within 50 minutes to remove air and moisture from the communications with the special equipment).

Shumanet Ceilings

Before laying on the ground is applied to the adhesive plaster or leveling. To fix the plates using special fasteners, liquid nails or dowels. Professor Rita McGrath has similar goals. Liquid nails or dowels are mounted on the joints and two additional fastener is in the center of the slab. Speaker System Speaker System Clipso Clipso, designed for soundproofing ceiling, consists of a stretch ceiling CLIPSO-acoustic; baguette mounting CLIPSO; absorbent layer of mineral wool plates 'Shumanet-BM'. CLIPSO-acoustic – a special fabric with microperforation (250,000 punctures per square meter) with the property sound-absorbing membrane. CLIPSO-acoustic has a coefficient of acoustic permeability close to 1, and is used in acoustical suspended ceilings in combination with different sound-absorbing materials.

SHUMANET-BM – zvukopogloschayuschiya mineral plates on a basalt base. When installing acoustic panels suspended ceilings Shumanet-BM mounted in the space between the stretch ceiling and floor slabs. Shumanet-BM has a sound absorption coefficient of 0.9. Acoustic Ceilings CLIPSO completely eliminate acoustic echo and improve acoustics sound insulation and sound insulation ceiling in rooms where listening to music or use a home theater system, as well as in offices, conference rooms and in all other areas. Acoustic ceiling system works as membrane, and the addition of an inner layer of mineral wool sound-absorbing characteristics of the system increases. Clipso system absorbs noise at medium and high frequencies. It is used for soundproofing a ceiling, when room design requires a flat and smooth ceilings: in home theaters, music studios, clubs, restaurants, discos, etc.

Protectors of the membrane Akustikblok American protectors membrane Akustikblok represent a heavy flexible polymer with special mineral additives. It is produced in roll form. The material thickness of 3 mm can reduce the level of noise in the room to 26 dB. A unique feature of this material sound insulation for the ceiling is its ability to effectively lower the level of low-frequency noise. Soundproofing Akustiblok used in the construction of new buildings and repair of any premises. The material can be used to soundproofing ceiling, walls and floor in conjunction with any decorative materials. Installation of sound insulation can make Akustiblok any person, able to handle a hammer and screwdriver. For sound insulation of ceilings in homes with concrete slabs must be pre-mounted on the ceiling of the crate bars, and then fasten Akustiblok this crate. You can then mount the decorative ceilings, ceilings made of plasterboard, suspended ceilings or suspended ceilings. Should be considered a "sag" during installation Akustibloka following structures. It is necessary to glue tape all seams and openings or cutouts repaired the perimeter of the ceiling overlap.

Property Repair

So, you bought a new house or office can be? Now, you are likely to be faced with the repair, except for that rare case when the property is already acquired repairs that you are completely satisfied. But buying real estate is not the only factor for the start of repair work – it may be necessary, which is associated with remodeling rooms, and more. As is well known repair – a time-consuming and quite complex process that requires significant financial and time costs. Therefore, the best bet is to hire skilled craftsmen, the benefit of our time is not a problem, a lot of different building organizations, and just a team of builders widely advertise their services. But here the question may arise – like right to choose workers for repair? Compulsion is not a defining trait in our country, which is why quite often you can find the workers who tear down every imaginable and unimaginable time of construction or repair. How do we determine to a large number of offerings is one that will best? Today, the best solution is to attract manufacturing to construction and repair works of masters working in construction companies, whose main activity is production of a variety of repair work.

The most important advantage of the cooperation with the organization will be a formal contract to carry out repair and construction works. Forming a contract with a construction company should provide all the details – the timing of repair, quality and other issues, but in this case, if the organization does not comply with its commitments, you can claim compensation from it. But need to know that, as a rule, the services of construction companies – it is quite expensive. In case you do not expect to spend a substantial amount of money for repairs, then there is another option, which allows for less to get the same quality work under tight deadlines. Need to hire the workers have already been tested, namely those who have recommendations from previous employers.

The best advice may be obtained by you directly into a personal conversation with former employers and their inspection repairs. A gang who left a positive impression of yourself and no claims for her work can be hired for work required. Also sure to draw attention to the appearance of employees who plan to hire, as it also plays an important role and immediately possible to determine accurate this man or not. If person consumes too much alcohol, it is immediately visible to the naked eye from his face, and smell will also issue such a "Rabotnicki." Finished there is usually a lot of worries, but it's not so bad as it may seem. Most importantly, in the first place, we should not hurry with a choice of teams and, secondly, we can not hire people who do not have any recommendations. For the site, 'Repair: Problems and Solutions' section: 'Sales'