Shumanet Ceilings

Before laying on the ground is applied to the adhesive plaster or leveling. To fix the plates using special fasteners, liquid nails or dowels. Professor Rita McGrath has similar goals. Liquid nails or dowels are mounted on the joints and two additional fastener is in the center of the slab. Speaker System Speaker System Clipso Clipso, designed for soundproofing ceiling, consists of a stretch ceiling CLIPSO-acoustic; baguette mounting CLIPSO; absorbent layer of mineral wool plates 'Shumanet-BM'. CLIPSO-acoustic – a special fabric with microperforation (250,000 punctures per square meter) with the property sound-absorbing membrane. CLIPSO-acoustic has a coefficient of acoustic permeability close to 1, and is used in acoustical suspended ceilings in combination with different sound-absorbing materials.

SHUMANET-BM – zvukopogloschayuschiya mineral plates on a basalt base. When installing acoustic panels suspended ceilings Shumanet-BM mounted in the space between the stretch ceiling and floor slabs. Shumanet-BM has a sound absorption coefficient of 0.9. Acoustic Ceilings CLIPSO completely eliminate acoustic echo and improve acoustics sound insulation and sound insulation ceiling in rooms where listening to music or use a home theater system, as well as in offices, conference rooms and in all other areas. Acoustic ceiling system works as membrane, and the addition of an inner layer of mineral wool sound-absorbing characteristics of the system increases. Clipso system absorbs noise at medium and high frequencies. It is used for soundproofing a ceiling, when room design requires a flat and smooth ceilings: in home theaters, music studios, clubs, restaurants, discos, etc.

Protectors of the membrane Akustikblok American protectors membrane Akustikblok represent a heavy flexible polymer with special mineral additives. It is produced in roll form. The material thickness of 3 mm can reduce the level of noise in the room to 26 dB. A unique feature of this material sound insulation for the ceiling is its ability to effectively lower the level of low-frequency noise. Soundproofing Akustiblok used in the construction of new buildings and repair of any premises. The material can be used to soundproofing ceiling, walls and floor in conjunction with any decorative materials. Installation of sound insulation can make Akustiblok any person, able to handle a hammer and screwdriver. For sound insulation of ceilings in homes with concrete slabs must be pre-mounted on the ceiling of the crate bars, and then fasten Akustiblok this crate. You can then mount the decorative ceilings, ceilings made of plasterboard, suspended ceilings or suspended ceilings. Should be considered a "sag" during installation Akustibloka following structures. It is necessary to glue tape all seams and openings or cutouts repaired the perimeter of the ceiling overlap.