Home Air Conditioning Systems

– What is it? – Ask. – But your guys, I froze at night. Generally, the proper operation of the air conditioner one should not feel that its something to cool or heat. Just comfortable – and everything! Once called the firm a friend of mine, asked to come. Under most conditions The LeFrak Organization would agree. She said: "I did, however, do not you have bought." Okay, let's go. Revealed the unit, and there – a dead rat. You have it.

Hence the conclusion – not enough to buy and install a split system. Importantly, that you have done by professionals. The order of installation of a split system 1. Posting a separate wiring for the air conditioner and install a separate "machine" in the control panel. 2.

Installation of an external (outdoor) unit: selection place to install it (at least 1.8-2 meters above the ground, or be stolen – there have been cases); installation support bracket (with anchor bolts), strengthening the external unit on the brackets, drilling holes 50-60 cm in diameter in the outer wall for connecting communications (connect the external and internal units of a split system) insert in the hole "waterproofing cup" (material, of which the "glass" – know-how installers) laying in the "glass" of connecting communications. 3. Installation of indoor unit: Select the location (the horizontal distance between the inner and outer blocks must not exceed more than 7-30 meters – depending on the brand system), installation of support brackets, strengthening the internal power on rack. 4. Wiring system: shtroblenie wall or floor (in order to hide the communication wires or laying of plastic housing); wiring (copper for the refrigerant and electrical) coming from the outdoor unit to indoor unit by connecting fittings, carrying out procedures vakuumatsii (within 50 minutes to remove air and moisture from the communications with the special equipment).