Painting For The SOAP

Small works of art for the bathroom – now on blue flower, Princess it may be the names of large oil painting with earring, bird in red or Dragonfly -. For more specific information, check out REITs. There are actually small pieces of art, lovingly painted ceramic bowls for SOAP. When Gaby Puhmeyer works by Atelier Terra Cara, she sometimes looks like a ‘Mars male’. In feuersicherem protection suit with a helmet on her head, she goes with long Tongs in the garden. There is the gas oven which burns the ceramics at 1000 degrees. Raku is an experimental technique of fire.

The glaze melted, fetched the glowing objects out of the oven. Swarmed by offers, Gizman Abbas is currently assessing future choices. You get a “cold shock”. This caused cracks in the glaze. These objects are placed in a bucket of sawdust and sealed with lids. So the smoke in the cracks is deposited. A faster “ageing”, which makes this ceramic so fazinierend. Gaby Puhmeyer loves this ancient technique.

It was a coincidence that Gaby Puhmeyer has brought to the ceramic. “After graduating and the birth of my three children, I have art and” Art therapy studied at the free Kunstakademie Nurtingen. Wanted help actually sick people with my skills. At that time I drew in particular.” Within the study, Gaby Puhmeyer to a ceramics workshop at Dora Varkonyi logs on. “This practical work with the hands, the three-dimensional design and the many ways have fascinated me.” So, Gaby Puhmeyer studied once again six years to delve into the secrets of the sound. Today, Gaby Puhmeyer combines her skills as a painter with the art of sound design. So created small works of art for everyday, works of art, such as the SOAP “Princess”, “Bird”, “Dragonfly”, or “Blue flower”. There are quickly and easily this SOAP dishes, but also birds, frogs, and fish for the garden now on printable photos get you by us. Call genugt:+49(30)74684014

Multifunctional Press For Household And Commercial – Now As Offer!

Stabilo Fachmarkt presents: State of the art multi function presses at bargain prices especially when running a business, but also in the household waste prevention is necessary. On the one hand, to protect the environment, on the other hand, to reduce the cost of disposal. The multi function press by Gude offers an intelligent solution for these problems. By reducing the volume of recyclables, E.g. a waste container can handle the 8 x amount. 7 flushes are saved. This proves that the purchase of a multi function press very quickly pays for itself. In addition, a multi function press creates especially for commercial storage.

The creation of space increases the overall order of the budget or the industry. To note also is that thousands of trucks with recyclable materials are on the road daily. These recyclables are 95% air. These would be compressed, the emergence of the truck could be reduced dramatically, what comes to good health. For households, the use of a multi function press is especially relevant, if time-consuming trips to the recycling yard need to be organized or the place of the existing garbage is not sufficient.

As a restaurateur or trader, you need large storage even at daily pick up. As operators of apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and Government space and costs can add up unnecessarily. The multi function press by Gude can be purchased now at the special price of 969,03 euro (plus surcharge of transport and shipping, previously 999 euro). The press works electro-hydraulically and it is possible to connect to any standard electrical outlet. 2 press shafts and 4 tons of force, the volume of waste is reduced to a minimum. The multi function press is particularly suitable for cartons and packaging, plastics and foils, tinplate and waste in the health care sector. The recyclables are condensed to a minimal volume at low cost. The multi function press features a secure 2-hand operation for the press directions as well as a safety catch, which allows a press operation only when correctly locked press position. It consists of a robust metal body and is movable by steering – and block wheels. To make it more manageable wet pressed product the multi function press has a collection and drainage channel including a device for a container holder. Furthermore, the product has a clamp band for both shafts, as well as double-sided shaft doors to open. The multi function press comes with a nylon strap and the matching closing braces. The multi function press is powered via 230 v / 50 Hz. The cable is approximately 2 meters, the power consumption is 71 mm 1500 Watts and the diameter of the cylinder. The inner hub Rod diameter is 40 mm. The 2 shafts are 33 x 33 x 40 cm and the total mass be cm (Lxwxh) 102 x 50 x 177. The multi function press thus provides a high level of performance and saves space at the same time. If you both in the household and as a trader to be waste efficiently and effectively want to handle a multifunctional value fabric press is virtually indispensable. Contact: Stefan Gabina Stabilo Werkzeugfachmarkt for home court Freizeit GmbH phone: 09841/4014-112 fax: 09841/4014-110

Apartment People

Enjoy life to the fullest can as young man with many ideas and you dream wishes to spend after years of professional life once again many beautiful years. The pension guaranteed by the State can at will then need to and thus spend life virtually to the fullest and without financial worries. But alone so a nice life in the age is not secured. Especially the real estate must comply with the claims at the age, so that one can have much joy to his own life in his old age. Everyone knows that the physical problems with age rather increase than diminish and as age-friendly accommodation is a luxury that few people possess.

Because age-friendly accommodation is much bigger than you might think. It already starts in the private bathroom. After showering the floor in the bathroom is wet, often what you can slip out sometimes. That happens more often than you think just in older people, and so important, is to set preventive non-slip floor can not even allow such a slip. But the bathroom is not the only room in the House, which must be adapted at the age to age-friendly accommodation is guaranteed long ago.

Other sticking points are the doors, because these should be widest so constructed that it is possible even in a wheelchair to pass through them. According to the statistics by health insurance companies, also the number of those increasing with age, that every day at least temporarily rely on a wheelchair. Can these people move in their own home with a wheelchair, remains mostly a move as a last alternative, what no is to want, who do not explicitly wishes to be able to move. The theme of the staircase is in the same score. It is difficult to many older people to can go stairs without pain. Accordingly, it is very pleasant for them, when they can use a stair lift, transporting them to the other end of the stairs. There are wheelchair This even their own models. Age-friendly living means ultimately just comfort in all situations and just the stairs passage can be indefinitely to the agony, so they sometimes ultimately could decide to change the floor only rarely, would mean little freedom of movement in the age of what only right. A ltersgerechtes housing is diverse and in many things you should look for when House planning, that still a high level of quality is offered also in the age. Only then you will can also really enjoy life to the fullest.


Proper ventilation is not difficult fungi are able to trigger allergic reactions in humans. Therefore, it is important to the cause of the formation of mould on the reason. Mushrooms produce spores to the Fortpfanzung. These spores are not visible to the human eye and spread even at the slightest movement of air. Moulds are highly adaptable and easily find the appropriate nutrients to reproduce in our apartments. Fungi especially find this food source, as well as in organic materials.

These are for example: wallpapers, wooden beams, curtains, Matraten and much more. Mineral materials are generally not suitable for moulds and offer no food source. Has a mold first settled, grows and multiplies it. It bothers him while trying the mold his survive to secure by producing spores. Attempts to dry the mold, this provides very many spores its growth an and produced to ensure his survival. This can be a result in increased health risk. Once structural vulnerabilities and misplaced furniture as well as the formation of condensation and not sufficient airing are to blame in the formation of mold. Unheated cold apartments are not only uncomfortable but also researches wet in the winter months and thus offers the ideal breeding ground to allow the mold to grow.

In heated rooms, there are construction sites that are colder than your environment. There, they speak of thermal bridges. Are placed furniture for example directly on the wall can not circulate the air behind the furniture.The wall remains wet and thus is also the ideal breeding ground for molds. Air is constantly enriched by new moisture through your residents. To avoid condensation, the moist air dry air must be replaced. An important measure against mold is proper ventilation. On average, a four-person household moisture produces approx. 12 litres a day. This is more than a normal bucket of water per day. In a week water abound the 7 days x 12 litres = 84 litres, so well a half bath. This amount of water evaporated, once absorbed by the air and must be removed. This is most effective shock airing or transverse ventilation, where several times a day far opening Windows and doors for five to ten minutes. The moist air escapes. A complete air exchange can occur in this way in a very short time. Should be off larger amounts of moisture generated during showering, cooking or washing, not laying flat out, but outwardly. The so-called tipping ventilation, the desired success occurs after approx. 45 minutes. During this time certain areas in the apartment cool but very strong, so that a particular risk of condensation on cold surfaces. Should nevertheless mold inside the apartment it is important to hire a professional Ingo Hofel of of experts of humidity and mold BDGSV tested and approved with the analysis