Multifunctional Press For Household And Commercial – Now As Offer!

Stabilo Fachmarkt presents: State of the art multi function presses at bargain prices especially when running a business, but also in the household waste prevention is necessary. On the one hand, to protect the environment, on the other hand, to reduce the cost of disposal. The multi function press by Gude offers an intelligent solution for these problems. By reducing the volume of recyclables, E.g. a waste container can handle the 8 x amount. 7 flushes are saved. This proves that the purchase of a multi function press very quickly pays for itself. In addition, a multi function press creates especially for commercial storage.

The creation of space increases the overall order of the budget or the industry. To note also is that thousands of trucks with recyclable materials are on the road daily. These recyclables are 95% air. These would be compressed, the emergence of the truck could be reduced dramatically, what comes to good health. For households, the use of a multi function press is especially relevant, if time-consuming trips to the recycling yard need to be organized or the place of the existing garbage is not sufficient.

As a restaurateur or trader, you need large storage even at daily pick up. As operators of apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and Government space and costs can add up unnecessarily. The multi function press by Gude can be purchased now at the special price of 969,03 euro (plus surcharge of transport and shipping, previously 999 euro). The press works electro-hydraulically and it is possible to connect to any standard electrical outlet. 2 press shafts and 4 tons of force, the volume of waste is reduced to a minimum. The multi function press is particularly suitable for cartons and packaging, plastics and foils, tinplate and waste in the health care sector. The recyclables are condensed to a minimal volume at low cost. The multi function press features a secure 2-hand operation for the press directions as well as a safety catch, which allows a press operation only when correctly locked press position. It consists of a robust metal body and is movable by steering – and block wheels. To make it more manageable wet pressed product the multi function press has a collection and drainage channel including a device for a container holder. Furthermore, the product has a clamp band for both shafts, as well as double-sided shaft doors to open. The multi function press comes with a nylon strap and the matching closing braces. The multi function press is powered via 230 v / 50 Hz. The cable is approximately 2 meters, the power consumption is 71 mm 1500 Watts and the diameter of the cylinder. The inner hub Rod diameter is 40 mm. The 2 shafts are 33 x 33 x 40 cm and the total mass be cm (Lxwxh) 102 x 50 x 177. The multi function press thus provides a high level of performance and saves space at the same time. If you both in the household and as a trader to be waste efficiently and effectively want to handle a multifunctional value fabric press is virtually indispensable. Contact: Stefan Gabina Stabilo Werkzeugfachmarkt for home court Freizeit GmbH phone: 09841/4014-112 fax: 09841/4014-110