Proper ventilation is not difficult fungi are able to trigger allergic reactions in humans. Therefore, it is important to the cause of the formation of mould on the reason. Mushrooms produce spores to the Fortpfanzung. These spores are not visible to the human eye and spread even at the slightest movement of air. Moulds are highly adaptable and easily find the appropriate nutrients to reproduce in our apartments. Fungi especially find this food source, as well as in organic materials.

These are for example: wallpapers, wooden beams, curtains, Matraten and much more. Mineral materials are generally not suitable for moulds and offer no food source. Has a mold first settled, grows and multiplies it. It bothers him while trying the mold his survive to secure by producing spores. Attempts to dry the mold, this provides very many spores its growth an and produced to ensure his survival. This can be a result in increased health risk. Once structural vulnerabilities and misplaced furniture as well as the formation of condensation and not sufficient airing are to blame in the formation of mold. Unheated cold apartments are not only uncomfortable but also researches wet in the winter months and thus offers the ideal breeding ground to allow the mold to grow.

In heated rooms, there are construction sites that are colder than your environment. There, they speak of thermal bridges. Are placed furniture for example directly on the wall can not circulate the air behind the furniture.The wall remains wet and thus is also the ideal breeding ground for molds. Air is constantly enriched by new moisture through your residents. To avoid condensation, the moist air dry air must be replaced. An important measure against mold is proper ventilation. On average, a four-person household moisture produces approx. 12 litres a day. This is more than a normal bucket of water per day. In a week water abound the 7 days x 12 litres = 84 litres, so well a half bath. This amount of water evaporated, once absorbed by the air and must be removed. This is most effective shock airing or transverse ventilation, where several times a day far opening Windows and doors for five to ten minutes. The moist air escapes. A complete air exchange can occur in this way in a very short time. Should be off larger amounts of moisture generated during showering, cooking or washing, not laying flat out, but outwardly. The so-called tipping ventilation, the desired success occurs after approx. 45 minutes. During this time certain areas in the apartment cool but very strong, so that a particular risk of condensation on cold surfaces. Should nevertheless mold inside the apartment it is important to hire a professional Ingo Hofel of of experts of humidity and mold BDGSV tested and approved with the analysis