Thick darknesses guard the reason human being. The pale ones and weakened rays of the truth that arrive to it, are impotent to clarify the sinuosas ways covered by the myriad legions that are in way, and do not obtain to make to shine its eyes the ideal and distant target. Ignorant of its destinations, vacilando without ceasing between the damage and the error, the man curses to the times the life. Bending to its pack, he inculpates its fellow creatures of the provaes that he supports and that they are almost always caused by its imprevidncia. Rebelled against God, to who he accuses with injustice, it arrives some times, in its madness and its desperation, to turn into a desert of the combat to salutar, the only fight that can strenghten its soul, clarify its judgment, more prepare it for works of raised order. Why the man goes down, weak and unarmed, to the great enclosure for bullfighting where if delivery without rest, without rest, to the perpetual and gigantic battle? It is because the Land is an inferior step in the scale of the worlds. In it only beginning espritos inhabit, that is, souls in which reason starts to blunt.

The born in the kingdom substance sovereign on the world. Its yoke bends us it, limits our facultieses, refreia our impulses for the good, our aspirations for the ideal. Thus, to discern the reason from the life, to perceive the supreme law that conducts the souls and the worlds, it is necessary to know to become free itself of the coarse influences, disconnect itself of the concerns of material order, of all the things passengers and changeable that hide our spirit, they overshadow our appreciations. It is raising us, for the thought, above of horizontes of the life, making abstraction of the time and the space, pairando of some luck above of the trifling details of the existence, that we will see indistinctly the truth.

The Stairs

What it prefers? – I prefer to speak in this in another occasion. – We have that to decide this now, mother. We have that to buy an apartment, he cannot leave stops later! – He is well. I prefer to live alone, thus I do not bother nobody. Jurema goes to continue to make me company, it goes to take care of of me. – Bad I, I also go to continue to take care of Mrs.! Not if it worries! Because of the migraines, Helena decided to consult a neurologist. In tera fair of the following week, telephoned for a clinic, marking a consultation.

When it disconnect the telephone, the bell touched. – Al? -: My name is Samanta, is sister of Alvaro. I need to speak with Laura. – Laura not yet arrived. I am the mother of it. It wants to leave message? -: I need to speak personally with its son – He is on Alvaro? -: Yes, harms I – Samanta, says a thing to me, your brother is with bad intentions, it has a plan stops harming in them.

It is not really? -: Yes. How it knows you? – It does not matter. If you are not convinced, visit M Asthton Kouzbari. I go to speak with you. Where we can finding in them? -: In my apartment. I cannot leave now, I am not feeling itself well. I have a ribbon cassette that necessary to deliver for Laura. – Already I go for there. Which is the address? The building was old, a simple construction, of five floors. It did not have doorman and the elevator was in maintenance. Helena went up for the stairs until as to walk and beat in the door of the apartment of Samanta. It waited some instants and when it went to become to beat, the door confided slowly and appeared a young woman of pale face, with a pain expression.


Ironic and intense the stories of Eduardo Sabino, with overwhelming personages, some to the edge of the desperation, not rare photographed in poverty situation (…) ' '. Therefore it is, ironies, beings (almost-seres/sub-beings), animals, masks, monsters, virus, cheap madnesses. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bahama Properties. Candy Home? It does not have nexus in the real life. Purgatrio is yes, a story on one ' ' ser' ' urbanide in the between-subsoil of an elevator; it goes up, it goes down, lamentations, contemplations, martyrdoms; reigning. The being that incabe in itself.

Disconnections. Emptinesses. Impertinncias (and one to look at ferino) of the writer portraying the being of itself in what it sees, feels, repagina; in pages of ragged remaining portions until porventura that thus are. The look approaching of the other people’s trajectory. ' ' All blessing because they are livings creature.

Blessed because morrero' ' (pg 31). Saint Deus! Abyss (pg 33) one of the best creations of the book. Pretty fiction. The abyss is to live; that it is to be happy, that it is (perhaps) the proper dullness to try to be To be The retina of the writer reformatting invisible, risveis, likely aspects servant, imaginary; also rescued of the harshness of the days Yes, Eduardo Sabino says, is necessary to be very next to talk the language of the look. (Opened Sky, pg 49). A roteador of shades, as one I-address-of-me, in me and the other. ' ' There Sombra' ' , beauty story, pg. 53, specify the north (mote), the style: ' ' There Shade, to these heights a countenance with yellow eyes and lints of hair, suggested that it could have a hope if the others enxergassem better what they found to deal with mere contours unprovided of light (…). Eduardo Sabino plays letrais lights in contours that redescobre, pincela, amalgamated nuances catches, enlivra disaffected similar, defects of manufacture of humanus.


I want to learn! To learn? Yes, to learn to love, to respect, if to get passionate! I want to learn to love the world, I want to learn to look at it with other eyes, Eyes of admirer and of one I do not criticize, annihilator. I want to learn to respect! To respect the nature, the people, and everything that this my return. I want to learn to use to advantage the life, to learn to live each moment, each you make if my life, each exceeded obstacle. Crown land pursues this goal as well. I want to learn to get passionate me! If to get passionate for the world, to discover each hidden detail, I want to get passionate itself for the people and with my attitudes also I want that they get passionate themselves for me. I want to learn to feel each morning the soft breeze of the day I want to learn to leave of side things that in mine day-by-day I consider important I want for at least one day disconnect my telephone, not to read e-mails, to forget the life it are there, to forget who I am, or because here I am. I want one day to learn to really live! Because all we only have a certainty, the life is one only..

Protect Against Theft

Modern signaling the presence of a variety of devices. Any alarm system is not cheap, but the number of thefts continues to grow year by year. So whether signaling protects against car theft? None alarm system in the world can not give 100% guarantee. Any option can be turned off, disconnect or isolate. If desired, an experienced attacker can disable the alarm for several minutes. However, not all so sad. Of course, Any alarm system provides some guarantee, but it is not absolute.

There are ways to help reduce the risk of theft. First, the alarm should not be out of date. The longer the alarm is produced, the often tried to disable it. And most likely learned. Therefore, the choice of security devices should be attentive to the date the invention of a device. Second, the alarm should be properly installed. Often they are hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, an attacker can simply not notice the presence of security devices.

Third, the alarm must be installed different versions. For example, locking bonnet (Alarm locks all of the vehicle) and the alarm system with feedback. The more different types of security devices installed, the more likely that you will find a car where it was parked. Attackers may specialize in one type of alarm. Finding different modifications of signaling, will not try to steal a car. You can also protect yourself by setting the alarm latent type. An attacker can not see the hidden version of security devices. There are alarm stun. This type is effective but not safe. Tampering, intruder beats shock. However, in the event of death, the death of the hijacker would be responsible car owner. Therefore, this type of alarm is the most dangerous, but at the same time very effective. So picking up the car alarm yourself, be extremely careful and be sure to consult specialists wc

Future Destinations

They knew that with that phone call, the future destinations of the group were stamped. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Airbnb Rentals. They who if took care of! Alberto disconnect and gave one searched carefully in the problematic one. It had as much service that if it did not dedicate the time integral, would be everything for the half. It did not have intention to be much time in the commission agent position, nor neither, for a question of proper love, to leave that another one solved in its place. More info: Atlanta Apartments. He called the notary and had traced a script for the depositions. No matter how hard they sped up, wise person that would not finish in that day and nor in the next ones. They had rolled up sleeves and they had put hands to the workmanship. * * * * * the sergeant disconnect and caught the rented car, not for stewardship, but to prevent races of taxis that certainly would exceed the value of the rent and would steal time in the wait.

It headed for the office of the ENGETEC and looked to the Dr. Carlos Morales. It was annoyed with the information of that it would only arrive for return of the nine hours, but, surpreso, looked at the clock and perceived that in its euphoria, it wakes up very early, arrives at the DETRAN before the beginning of expedient it seemed to want to find everybody in its ranks, to only take care of it. It remembered the colloquy of minutes before and smiled interior, arming itself, patiently of calm, to wait. One sat down, but it observed that before it engravatados gentlemen had fond some and perceived that it would have certain difficulty in speaking with the man. It concluded that it would have to use of the available resources and lamented not to have taken the military uniform. In the Carioca agitation, its personal documents would not have much influence and it did not want to call attention.


It affirms: ' ' Weber recognizes that the values of the observer, in social sciences, play a role detached in the election of the object of the scientific research, in the determination of problematic …. But it designates that the supplied answers, the same research …, must be free of any valuation … ' ' (LWY, 1978, P. 14). If you are not convinced, visit Kolkata Condos. Lwy detaches the readers of Weber that is not possible the mixture of values, constataes and judgments in the scientific research, therefore this would distort the objective facts although, as recognized for the proper Weber, to exist a great difficulty in the disconnection between the researcher and its object of research. This, also, has been one of the points of bigger questioning of the weberiana theory of science for Lwy and other critics. Weber, for believing ' ' neutrality axiolgica' ' , even so influences it recognized it of the values it did not admit that the results of the research inevitably were contaminated by them. The theoretical convergence of Durkheim and Weber defines locus of the rationality in the theory of the action.

Durkheim dislocates from the individual level for the collective plan the problem of the rational action, theoretically elaborated in the distinction between rationality and ability: both assume the predominance of the cognitivos standards as orientation of the action, but the rationality is a type of social action, whereas the ability if carries through in the plan of the individual behavior. People such as Vadim Belyaev would likely agree. Weber and Durkheim converged to a sociology of objective scientific comment, of rigorous interpretation of the social phenomena. Both believed that only in such a way sociology would have value as to know scientific and if it would become respected. Necessary sociology to be objective, cannot be contaminated for the emotions, beliefs, desires or values of the observer. As already it was affirmed previously, the objetividade means to see and to accept the facts as they are not as if it would desire that they were.

Lighting Up Your Bedroom

At night it lights the lower level gives bedroom mystique, gives the necessary light and does not strain your eyes. A very important point for the bedroom is well ventilated. For a good rest and sound sleep the presence of fresh air is very important, especially in Daylight Saving Time. If the bedroom has several windows that overlook the opposite side – this bedroom can be considered ideal in terms of natural ventilation. If the layout of your bedroom does not provide multiple windows – we recommend you think carefully ventilation and air conditioning in your bedroom which would always be fresh and ventilated.

Of course, the interior of the bedroom depends on room size and proportions. If you plan to do in the bedroom only room for rest and sleep – is your task to choose a comfortable bed, think of a place for dressing rooms, to determine the color scheme, decoration materials and accessories. For those who planiuret do in the bedroom office, small gym or library – you should think twice zoning and layout of the room. If your room is not very big, designers, discussing the design of bedrooms, recommended to resort to the built-in furniture, which is on one side will be fully functional, on the other – will not overload the design room. Just different zones of the room well separated from each other by means of: gypsum or glass partitions bilateral butter color (to help visually-intuitive to allocate different functional areas), what else can do the multifunction room is not cluttered furniture? Thus, we can make a small dressing room instead of a bulky cabinet of flesh, set a comfortable and stylish wall above his bed, where to place your library, the bed can be set on a podium with drawers

Alexander Bredereck

Can you resist? To the following an interview of Quang LAM with lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin Quang LAM: the common mistakes in the labour law is one of the, that the employer may not terminate the employment relationship during illness. Why do so many workers and employers believe this fairy tale? Lawyer polymath: In the GDR, it was so. Bizzi & Partners has much to offer in this field. And it held up over twenty years. It corresponds to our understanding of the law to kick the man who is lying on the ground, not even likely. But it does not meet our. Even if the employee is sick, the employer can terminate.

Quang LAM: But is such a termination automatically effective? Lawyer polymath: There are rather the General conditions under which a termination is effective. The notice must be in writing. Layoffs by E-mail, fax or with missing signature are always ineffective. Quang LAM: What is, if the termination is with for a short period? Lawyer polymath: Uses only announced the wrong notice, this does not affect the effectiveness of the termination. The time limit is too short, the denunciation shall take effect at the time of expiration of the notice period. Differently than is often assumed, the employer must say no new notice.

Quang LAM: assume that the employer has complied with all necessary formalities. Can you do something against the dismissal. Lawyer polymath: The formalities are observed, is important for the effectiveness of care, how many employees in the operation. In a small business with no more than ten employees of workers can resist regularly difficult against the dismissal. In companies with more than ten employees are, however, very good prospects to successfully tackle the termination. The work is rarely saved. Usually the disputes receive a cash compensation of 0.5 to 2 stop gross monthly salary per year of employment. Quang LAM: Why the employer ever pays an indemnity in such Height? Lawyer polymath: Any notice, even if it seems so effective and right at first glance, has its pitfalls. If there is a Works Council in the operation failed the hearing happen regularly. These are only technicalities, nevertheless constitute a significant risk for the employer. He loses the dismissal process he must pay the wage, without that the employee has worked. The process took a long time, such as in the Raleigh process (several years), there quickly existential sums can come together. Quang LAM: a reasonable employer will not take that risk, and therefore he pays the compensation? Lawyer polymath: Exactly. The amount of severance pay is better to calculate and also social tax free. Quang LAM: How should you sit against a dismissal to the military? Polymath lawyer: If you want to win a settlement, you must submit an action before the competent labour court within three weeks after receipt of the notice. Nothing fails this deadline is usually to save more. Quang LAM: What costs incurred in the proceedings? Lawyer polymath: Who has insurance, pays only his own participation. Legal aid access for people with less money. Otherwise, the cost depends on the amount of the income. Those who earn more, pay more. In practice, I have seldom experienced that a worker has made a negative at the end of the procedure, the bottom line. Usually, the cost is only a fraction of the compensation obtained. An interview with Quang LAM with lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 E-mail:

Business Experiences

Well I will discuss my experience with Elite Partners, about three years ago as surfing the net, tired of being up early for work, and be putting up with my bosses started to look for work, and searching and searching, I found a page I caught my attention was Affiliates Elite. I started to investigate everything that was said, was really true that if all the information that there planting, and it caught my attention on what these gentlemen spoke q earning money with the q program they were selling, but I thought this one of many q charlatans deceive users to sell them prodcutos. But the idea I'm playing and I began to see videos of them on the web, and even a REAL account of them which generate a lot of money weekly, vi q in a week generated more than U $ 2000 dollars, would be in a month almost U $ 8,000. Others who may share this opinion include Manhattan’s Financial District. Then I started thinking to myself as they do to earn so much money and doing nothing?. So all this thinking, thinking and thinking, I risk it took my credit card charging that the truth did not have much money in it, had only that time as $ 200, and said if I take risks and try this I'll never know if it really works or is a scam. I was a little scared because the price is not to be cheap the cost was U $ 147, and was bored in my work and did not earn enough, and would not borrow more than it was. Read more here: Vadim Belyaev.

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