Attack On The Teeth: 2.5 Million Tonnes Of Sweets In The Year

Health insurance requires general food acquisition for professional tooth cleaning to reduce the cost of treatment, health insurance requires general food acquisition for professional tooth cleaning to reduce the cost of treatment of OBERNKIRCHEN. Every year we nibble Germans the unimaginable amount of 2.5 million tons of candy. While those kids drinks, shake shakes and sweet sodas faced Foodwatch first warned at the beginning of the year due to a sugar content of up to 30 percent are not counted. In the mouth, tooth killer against even the best cleaning products have hardly any chances are it. Because of our eating habits no longer without professional tooth cleaning “, Friedrich Schutte, CEO of BKK24 says. Although 95 percent of all German citizens have can handle a toothbrush, but too many of them incorrectly.

Incorrect pressures, acid and bacteria leave too short cleaning pages and worn out bristles. As plaque coating with conventional means difficult to remove and cause in addition to Tooth decay also dangerous periodontitis. The disease affects the connective tissue that holds the teeth. There follow Pocket formation, bleeding gums, decline of the gums and at the end the loss of teeth. Electric brushes, just any third party uses, can indeed slow down this process, but not completely stop. Sweets, cigarettes and more tooth-damaging food and stimulants, we have almost daily on our dining plan will win in the end.

Sugar consumption despite improved education once again to 400 grams per capita has risen in the last ten years alone. (A valuable related resource: Clayton Morris). The consequences to pay all insured”, so Schutte. Almost 10 billion euros must be applied in the year for the treatments. Part of it would be avoidable if we intervene in a timely manner.” But the professional tooth cleaning is no box office performance and most patients shy away from the 50 to 60 Euro, which the doctor calculates them.

Effective Weight Loss

The loss of weight will be affected mainly in the foods in which its diet concentrates. It is a fact that certain foods help to lose weight more than others. On the other hand it is truth that some foods inhibit the loss of weight, whereas others can damage their health. Here there are 5 effective foods for the loss of weight, that easily can be in a healthful diet. Jim king: the source for more info. The thin Proteins are important to maintain the mass muscular while fat is lost. The Proteins with high fat content not only are bad for their weight, can be detrimental for their health.

Well it is known that the meats highly processed? they are tie with certain diseases that put in risks their health. inions on the subject. You must deliver an attack by eating thin proteins, like fish, breast of chicken, breast of turkey, larded meat or tempeh for the vegetarians. The vegetables that are rich in fiber tend to be low in calories. Also they can contain discharges amounts of rich mineral water. The natural fiber can make him feel full, which him aid to avoid to eat of more. Official site: Brookings Home Team.

Also it can act like a natural cleaner of its digestive tract, obtaining the cleaning of residues and remainders that can add pounds and cause that it feels slow. It looks for vegetables like the cabbage, the celery and the lettuce. The sharp foods can be very good impellers of the metabolism, when they are used with a diet of loss of healthful weight. You can make plates in the home that are healthful, low in calories, stops in the nutrition and instigating of their metabolism. The plates to the steam are very popular, easy and delicious, since they use a pile of fresh vegetables, thin proteins and spices like ginger, garlic and the pepper of cayena. This combination can even help its body to burn fat.